The Project House Construction – Week 12

November 22nd, 2013

I cannot believe it’s been a whole month since I updated last! So much has happened in the last 4 weeks. It’s been hard to update because a lot has been internal work – electric, HVAC, etc. And so all the pictures (or lack there of) are just more framed walls. But this last week and a half, we’ve made some really great (visible) strides.

Okay let me start where I left off… All the interior walls and ceilings were framed, and the exterior including roof was all sheeted. With the roof now on, the HVAC and plumbing could be finished. The subs got in and out really fast and got everything buttoned up and ready for the 4-way inspection and then drywall.


All of our laundry dryer vents were these recessed boxes that will keep the vent hose from taking up any extra depth in the room.


While all of that was happening, the windows got delivered! Yay!





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The Project House Construction – Week 4

September 23rd, 2013

Construction exploded this week. I can’t believe it’s only been a week… and we even had a one day delay because of a late wood delivery. Are you ready for this…

At the end of week 3, this is what we had:


And at the end of Week 4, this is what we have:

theprojectgirl_frame10That is only 3 days of framing! 1 day of concrete pouring, 1 day of sitting around because of the wood delay,  2 days of weekend, and 3 days of framing.  This is happening so fast. it’s amazingly fun to watch the progress. The framing quality is excellent too – Mr. Project is super picky about all workmanship. We love our framers, such a nice crew, and very good at their jobs.

Here’s some progress photos starting with our concrete pour. Seems uneventful right… wrong! We had a huge rain burst (including hail) hit about 20 minutes after I took this picture. I don’t know how they did it, but the cement guys managed to smooth it out and make it work. Then the garage was poured shortly after the rain came, and another storm blew through. We stopped by again after the second storm and the garage slab was all pocked from the rain, but they managed to smooth it, and now it looks perfect. It was a nail-biting kind of day. I’m so glad it worked out in the end!


Two days later (one of which nothing got done), we went to the house at 9 am to meet with our foreman and beheld this beautiful site:


We couldn’t believe how much work they had done in just 2 hours! We also couldn’t pull ourselves away from the build and stayed to watch them put up our big steel beam (we’re going to have it exposed).


And eventually they also got up the sheeting and the trim board that goes around the joists.


And here they are dropping the joists in – these guys are crazy just walking on walls.

The next morning we stopped by around 9:30 and they had the floor all finished, and had started raising walls on the main floor.


By the end of the second day about half of the walls were framed up including my kitchen wall of windows!


And by the end of the third day, all of the exterior walls on the main floor of the house were up. And the best part is that it’s monday, so they’ll have 4 more days this week to get booking on this baby!


Here’s those windows closer up. Love the view of the golf course and mountains in the background so much!


And here is my pantry! Because of some interesting things with the trusses, we get a 12′ ceiling in the pantry (thats a lot of shelving!). So I get to also have a beautiful big window with a transom over it. I’m just going to love being in this room.


And here’s the last thing they are framing… the Garage & Mr. Project’s workshop. I’m most excited to see how this looks at the end of day tomorrow!


Here’s the front all framed and sheeted.


I really couldn’t have imagined it would be this far a week ago. It’s really starting to feel real, although I don’t quite believe it’s our house yet. I’m loving the whole process, and our builder is simply amazing, we couldn’t ask for a better experience. If it keeps moving this fast, I may have to update more often for the next few weeks!




The Project House Construction – Week 3

September 15th, 2013

It’s been 2 weeks since my last update. Progress moves a bit slow in the concrete phase, so I didn’t have much to update on week 2. But TONS has happen all of a sudden at the end of this week.

In my Week 1 update, we had gotten to the footings being poured. after 3 weeks, we’re almost ready to start framing. Here’s how the past 2 weeks have gone.

They came and put up wall forms over the back footings.


They decided to do the pour in two parts, so a pump came and filled up the first half of the forms.


They let it cure for 24+ hours and then removed the forms and set up the other half of the forms.


And then they came and poured the other half. This all seemed to take forever.


But the results were pretty amazing. We have foundation walls!


Next the rough plumbing and underground HVAC were installed.


And someone came and put tar on the outside to keep water from seeping through the concrete.


This is the rear side of the house where Mr. Project’s Office will be. We like to refer to it as the fortress because it’s concrete on all sides (it’s under the rear porch). I just love those 3 windows – it’s going to be a really cool room.


Then a dumptruck came and they dumped 31 loads of dirt into the garage foundation to fill it up and prep it for the concrete floor. Thats a lot of dirt!!


I brought Ollie back that day (once the garage was all filled in) and let him play in the big piles of dirt while we watched the digger do some back-filling around the house. He had the time of his life.


The next morning we stopped by not really expecting anything to be happening, and we saw the track hoe grading out the backyard/sideyard! It was my favorite day at the site so far because I could really envision the outdoor spaces and it felt like a home was starting to come together. 



Looking back towards the rear of the garage – not sure what we’re going to do with all that exposed cement!


They also started filling in the basement floor with a tiny gravel called Squeegee in preparation for the basement floor to be poured.


Here’s a view from the back of the house looking into the basement.


So that’s where we are at as of Friday the 13th. This coming week should be really exciting. They’ll get the sewer hooked up, and window wells installed and then be able to backfill and grade the front yard. Then the basement and garage floor will be poured and hopefully framing will begin.

I can’t believe it’s really going to start looking like a house!! After that last day of work on it, I’m starting to get excited and realize that this is *OUR* house they are building and not just someone else’s that we are watching the progress on. Of course that means the pressure is on to make sure that all the details are finalized and that the cabinets are being built (Mr. Project is building all the cabinets, built-ins and organizers in the house).

The hardest part of this process so far has been making split-second decisions. You can’t hold up the build, so you just have to decide and hope that you’re making the best decision. We’re also having some trouble with our trusses and getting our ceiling heights to work in the rear of the house even though we thought we hammered all that out a few weeks ago! Things like that can kind of throw you for a loop, but we’re just taking it one day at a time and doing the best we can. Our builder - Bangerter Homes has been amazing to work with both in the design phase and the build phase. I couldn’t recommend them enough. Our foreman is incredibly hard working, always on the site when he’s needed, and willing to make both big and small changes to make us happy.

I’ll be posting updates weekly unless there are slow weeks here and there – then I’ll combine weeks. I also need to finish up some design choices and get design boards posted. Here are the rooms I still need to design:

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

Master Closet

Boys Room


My Office

Mr. Project’s Office

Family Room

I better get cracking! We’re about to be going top speed with this build!