So Sophie Giveaway winners

February 18th, 2012


Thanks everyone who entered! We have two lucky winners – Amanda & Rhonda! I’ll contact you for your address so I can get those shipped out next week! I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s Day!

amanda says:
02/14/2012 at 12:21 PM

LOVE those colors!!!

Rhonda says:
02/17/2012 at 12:10 PM

Love this line of fabric; thanks for chance to enter.

Material Girl

January 25th, 2012

Don’t mind me, but you will be seeing some Christmas in this post.  :)

One of my Christmas presents was a little organizer, typically intended for use in a shop or garage.

But my mom had a grand idea.  She thought it would be great for me to store some of my crafting ‘stuff’ in it.

And she’s right!

Check it out.

Space galore!

I liked it and all.  Great storage for buttons/brads/clips/etc.

But….. it still seened too shop/garagish for me.

So I jazzed it up using some of Jen’s fabulous fabrics.

I believe the fabric I selected is from the Lost & Found line.

Really, making over this organizer was easy!

I cut a strip of material so it would would fit around 3 sides of the organizer.

I then applied Mod Podge to the organizer. {1 side at a time until it was dry}

After I got the material attached to the 3 sides, I tried to trim any loose threads.

In the end, I decided to add more Mod Podge to the edges to make sure it won’t fray.

Had I thought ahead, I would have used some stitch-witch and folded the rough ends under.

Mental note for next time!

Just wait!

I have one more craft involving this material.  :)

How about a custom mouse pad?

Yup.  I made one of these for myself for the office, as well as one for my mom.

You can find the original idea for this HERE, via Pinterest….of course!  :)

What fun crafts or projects have you done where you use material in a way that isn’t typical?

A Vanity Fair Valentine

January 23rd, 2012

I totally missed the whole sharing of holiday cards this past year so I was determined to make up for it in the form of a sweet Valentine. Most of the cards I received were from family and close friends so I decided that a photo card of my boys would be just the trick. Jen has some lovely digital collections available from Design House Digital and I grabbed the Vanity Fair: Persimmon and Aubergine and Nostalgia collections and decided upon a few images that would work with my photo. I like to go with the standard 4×6 photograph size so each Valentine will only cost pennies to produce.

In my digital editing program, (I use Photoshop) I cropped my image but still making sure I kept the dimension to the original size of the photo from my camera, 3000×4000 pixels. This way I know when I upload the flattened image to a digital photo processing site there won’t be any unusual cropping surprises. (At the ages my boys are now, it was difficult to get a great picture so I had to count my blessing that I got an almost decent image of both of them!) I then layered the two tape accessories from Vanity Fair Aubergine in the bottom right corner and then the Love button from Nostalgia on top of that for a quick message. I felt that I needed to bring the brown from the background down as well, so I recolored the border stamp from the Persimmon Vanity Fair and brought that in as a layer behind the button. Just be sure to leave enough “border” around your main images and design to allow for any cropping during the photo process. I flattened the file and after a bunch have been printed I will have my boys write their names and we’ll send them out before Valentine’s Day!

With just a few beautiful digital elements available at Design House Digital and simple skills in photo editing, you can create put a smile on someone’s face when you send them a special hand designed photo card! The most difficult part is getting a good photo!