A Vanity Fair Valentine

January 23rd, 2012

I totally missed the whole sharing of holiday cards this past year so I was determined to make up for it in the form of a sweet Valentine. Most of the cards I received were from family and close friends so I decided that a photo card of my boys would be just the trick. Jen has some lovely digital collections available from Design House Digital and I grabbed the Vanity Fair: Persimmon and Aubergine and Nostalgia collections and decided upon a few images that would work with my photo. I like to go with the standard 4×6 photograph size so each Valentine will only cost pennies to produce.

In my digital editing program, (I use Photoshop) I cropped my image but still making sure I kept the dimension to the original size of the photo from my camera, 3000×4000 pixels. This way I know when I upload the flattened image to a digital photo processing site there won’t be any unusual cropping surprises. (At the ages my boys are now, it was difficult to get a great picture so I had to count my blessing that I got an almost decent image of both of them!) I then layered the two tape accessories from Vanity Fair Aubergine in the bottom right corner and then the Love button from Nostalgia on top of that for a quick message. I felt that I needed to bring the brown from the background down as well, so I recolored the border stamp from the Persimmon Vanity Fair and brought that in as a layer behind the button. Just be sure to leave enough “border” around your main images and design to allow for any cropping during the photo process. I flattened the file and after a bunch have been printed I will have my boys write their names and we’ll send them out before Valentine’s Day!

With just a few beautiful digital elements available at Design House Digital and simple skills in photo editing, you can create put a smile on someone’s face when you send them a special hand designed photo card! The most difficult part is getting a good photo!

Easy DIY Christmas Stockings

December 7th, 2011

I have been wanting to make new Christmas stockings for a while and the other day I found the easiest tutorial here at Fabricworm. (And while you are at Fabricworm.com check out Jen’s latest line So Sophie.) I used my scraps from my Holiday Binder plus a fatquarter of Holly Jolly and made two new stockings. My husband and his friends love them.

This tutorial is the easiest I have found yet. I made two stockings in less than an hour. They are totally addicting and I plan on making many more before Christmas is over. Since they are such a hit with the guys, I will be making more for my husband to give out to his friends full of baked goods.  This is also an easy way to wrap gifts instead of using all the wasteful paper.

I realize this is not the best picture but you get the idea of my house decor. Holly Jolly looks fabulous with the wildlife theme we have.

Activity Book with Holly Jolly Fabrics

December 5th, 2011

Karen from The Bald Dragonfly here, hoping that you are having fun checking things off your holiday to-do lists! I had a bit of fun making this Children’s Activity Book using Riley Blake’s Holly Jolly fabric by Jen Allyson for my little nephew. This will be his first Christmas and he’s at the inquisitive age, I think this little book will keep him busy. There’s many bright and bold patterns in the Holly Jolly collection, so grab your favorite and cut to size (you’ll need two blocks of each pattern.)

The next step is to plan and execute your pages as they will need to be completed first. After the pages are done, the actual assembly is quite simple! I’m by no means an expert sewer so you know that the execution level on this really is easy.

Leave a portion of each “page” unsewn, as the next step in the process is to turn things the right way and stitch closed again. I took another easy route and did a stitch about an 1/8 of an inch from the outside of the book as a border. Lay the book flat and do a straight stitch right down the middle of all pages and your binding is complete.

Let’s take a look at a few of the pages…

So there you have it, a nice, soft activity book full of things to do, see, touch–all related to the holidays and set off with bright, fun fabric!