Lucky 12×12 scrapbook page: Lost & Found 2

March 13th, 2012

i scrapbooked one of my favorite pictures of my family…and titled my page “so happy, so lucky” since it’s almost st. patrick’s day! i used this fun green, glittery quatrefoil paper from the lost & found 2 collection: rosy “everything.”

i picked out a few green papers from that same collection…i love to use color that goes with a theme/holiday…you don’t necessarily have to use something with shamrocks or little leprechauns to scrapbook something about st. patrick’s day!

i cut out a piece from this paper, so that i could use the back side of it, i loved the printed words and the green swirls…if you see that part of your paper will be hidden any way, might as well cut it up so that you can utilize more of your paper! i do this a lot, especially if it’s double sided patterned paper and i only happen to have one sheet! and even though i loved the coral orange text on the paper, i decided to cover it up to go for a green monochromatic page.

here’s where i added a scrap square piece i cut out…added a banner stamp and a green brad!

i used the banner stamp…just a corner of it…i liked the “3″ on it…for my three kids.

ran a tag through my printer for some journaling, added a few stamps at the bottom.

my sewing machine wasn’t liking my adhesive runner that i used…i just left it instead of trying to match up the holes again, embrace imperfection, right?

products used:

lost & found 2 rosy “everything” dry goods 12×12 paper

lost & found 2 rosy “everything” 6×6 papers

lost & found 2 rosy “everything” ”princess” & “breeze”stamps

lost & found 2 rosy “best of friends” pearls

lost & found 2 “favorite” trims

heidi swapp alphabet stamps


Hybrid – iPad2 styled Recipe Stand and Cards

December 2nd, 2011

Hello dear readers it’s Angie Hinksman here and a very Happy Holiday Season to you!  Today I’m going to share with you a little hybrid project, inspired by what is probably the most is talked about product this Christmas; the iPad2.  I love the simplicity of the design of the iPad and I think that the included stand is pure GENIUS!  Now, while my little Recipe Stand won’t help you surf the net, it’s certain to brighten up any kitchen table!  You’ll need very few supplies (no need for specialist binding materials  here, just paper, card and some basic crafting supplies.

To create the Recipe Stand and 6 recipe cards, you will need the following supplies:

  • Recipe journaling templates – you can download the pdf file here
  • Some plain co-ordinating paper or cardstock for printing the journaling cards.  I’ve used some simple ’letterhead’ stationery for mine.
  • Selection of 12 x 12 inch patterned scrapbook papers – I’ve used papers from Jen’s beautiful Stella & Rosecollection.  You’ll need 2 for the stand and 1 sheet will 6 recipe cards.  Cut your paper to the following measurements:
    • 1 piece:  8.5 x 12 inches (just keep the off-cut handy, we’ll use this later)
    • 1 piece: 6 x 12 inches (again we’ll use the off-cut later)
    • 1 piece:  cut out 6 at 4 x  6 inches
    • Chipboard or very thick card.  If you can’t get hold of plain chipboard, the back of an old note book will work perfectly! I’ve used the back of one of my scrap-pads.  Cut your card to the following measurements;
      • 2 pieces: 4.5 x 6.5 inches
      • 1 piece: 2.5 x  6.5 inches
      • 2 pieces: ¾  x  6.5 inches
      • A ruler
      • Cutting tools (such as a Stanley knife or rotary cutter and scissors)
      • Adhesive (I’m using a glue stick and some double-sided tape)
      • Cutting matt
      • Rolling pin (this helps the glue stick well)

Instructions for the recipe cards:

Print your recipe journal pieces onto your paper and cut out.  Glue these to the front and back of your 4 x 6 inch pieces of scrap paper.  I’ve rounded the edges of mine, to keep with the iPad feel of the project!    

Instructions for the Recipe Stand:

Place your 4.5 x 6.5 and 2.5 x 6.5 inch pieces of chipboard on your 8.5 x 12 inch scrap paper as illustrated.  Align the top and bottom pieces with the edges of the paper.  Place the middle pieces approx. ½ inch below the top piece.  You want to have a bigger gap at the bottom (this will help your recipe stand close well).  Use a pencil to mark where your placed this pieces, then glue them down.  Use your rolling pin over the top then turn the whole thing over and use your rolling pin again. This will make sure your glue has good contact.  Leave to dry for a few minutes then glue the sides down as shown.

Once dry, glue the 6 x 12 inch piece of scrap paper on top, as shown and leave to dry.

Glue the 2 ¾ x 6.5 inch pieces of card together as illustrated.  Once dry, glue and cover with a piece of your left over scrap paper.  Leave to dry.  Once this is dry, glue to the bottom of the main piece(the bottom has the small piece of cardboard).  Leave this whole piece to dry thoroughly (I left mine for about an hour).


On the inside of the stand, cut a piece of your left-over scrap papers in a strip: 2.5 inches x 12.  Place this at the bottom of the stand so that it meets the edge of the ¾ inch piece.  You’ll need to trim this down so it fits your stand.  Using either a thin layer of glue or double-sided tape, glue this down.  This will create pockets to keep your recipe cards in.

Once your stand is completely dry you will be able to fold it as shown.   As you can see, the ¾ inch piece helps  the Stand stay in place!  Cut another little scrap of paper in a triangle shape to act as a photo corner to display your cards(mine is about an inch and half wide). Glue into place. 

Finally place your finished cards in your pockets and enjoy!   I think this would make a great gift andit  is light and small enough to post to far-away family and friends.  Why not invite some ‘recipe-loving’ friends over, give them each a recipe stand, filled with cards and have a recipe swap party.  Now wouldn’t that be fun? 

Have a great day :)



Hybrid – Coupon Organizer + Free template

October 12th, 2011

Well hello there!  My name is Angie Hinksman and it’s my turn to share some crafty goodness here at The Project Girl’s Blog.  Thank you so much Jen for having me !  For my first post I thought I’d share with you my ideas for creating a simple way of keeping track of those discount coupons and vouchers.  I’ll show you how to make a two printable Coupon Organizers.

There are two ways you can create these Coupon Organizers.  If you have either photoshop or photoshop elements and are experienced with working with layered templates, I have included layered psd files that you can use to clip your digi-papers into and print out.  I have also included pdf versions that you can use as templates for your traditional scrapbooking papers; either by printing them onto white card and then using as traditional templates or you can print these straight onto your scrapbooking paper.  You can download these templates here.

You will need the following supplies:

  • Your printed Coupon Organizer Documents, printed onto white card – The larger organizer; 1 center/main part and 2 accordion sides. For the small organizer, just one all-in-one document. I’ve used Jen’s Nostalgia 2 papers, available at Design House Digital.
  • For the large Organizer, 1 piece of 12×12 inch card stock (for the dividers and lining)
  • For the small organizer 1 piece of card stock (I’ve used 1 piece of A4 white cardstock)
  • Glue or double sided sticky tape
  • Velcro or magnetic tape (to keep your organizers closed)
  • Scissors, Craft knife or rotary cutter
  • Rolling pin to help your glue stick good and tight!
  • Embossing tool, Ruler or Blunt butter Knife (to score folded edges)

I have set up the psd files so that you can easily ‘clip’ your digi-paper straight into the.  Once you have prepared your digi prints you can just print the finished documents onto white cardstock.  Alternatively you can print the pdf versions onto traditional scrapbook paper by first trimming your paper to fit a standard A4 sized page.

Now you are ready to assemble your Coupon Organizer. First, cut out all of your pieces.  Using the center, patterned piece as a guide, cut out another center piece from your cardstock. This will be the lining of your organizer. Cut the remaining card stock into 3 6 x 3 ¼  inch pieces. These will be the ‘dividers’.

Next fold the ‘accordion sides’ as illustrated in the images below.  I’ve included a ‘Black & White’ version to help illustrate this.

Next, glue the sides of 2 accordion pieces to the sides of the main piece as shown below.  Leave this to dry and then glue the lining to the other side.

Once the whole thing is completely dry (I’d give it an hour or so), fold up your organizer as shown and  add the either your Velcro or magnetic tape, as shown. Finally add your dividers.  You can secure the sides with a little glue at the accordion edges  if you like but it’s really not necessary!

The smaller organizer is even quicker. Simply printout the all-in-on sheet, assemble in a similar way to the large organizer (folding at the dotted lines). Cut out 3 5×2 ¾ inch rectangles from your white cardstock. No need to line this one just fold, glue, insert your dividers and your good to go!

And there you have two easy ways to keep track of those oh-so-useful vouchers and coupons!

Have a great day !