Front Door Fab Color

December 22nd, 2013

I love bright, bold color, AND I love white and black and all the neutral grays, greiges, taupes, and everything in between. Because I love so many different color palates, it’s so hard for me to choose color for important things… like the front door.

Mr. Project and I designed the front door with a farmhouse feel to it. Bringing in the X motif that we’ve sprinkled throughout the house in various built-ins. It turned out perfect, and I absolutely love it.

But now it’s almost time to pick a color. Scary!! The whole house is going to be painted white, so that’s easy – any color goes with white.

Whenever I have to pick, well, anything, I look at a million images to help me narrow down what I love and don’t love.  Here are my favorite front door fab color inspiration photos (via houzz).

A very classic and timeless black door.

Navy is on trend this year. Like black, but more friendly and hip:
Especially if you have dogs hanging around.
And close to Navy, but definitely more of a personality color – teal (my leading favorite right now.)
This peacock green version of teal is my to-die-for color. Do you think i can pull it off?

The Project House – Construction Week 16

December 20th, 2013

Okay folks, things are getting REAL over here. After moving so slowly for the past 4 or so weeks, this past week has been kind of nuts. I’ve only seen Mr. Project a handful of hours, and I’m frantically shopping for final hardware, light fixtures, etc. Every hour seems like only a handful of minutes as we go full speed ahead on our last 4-6 weeks of the build.

I am now updating weekly as there will be tons to document each week. So here is the week 15 update. I’ll list all the links for the past updates at the end of this post if you want to see our progress over the last 4 months.

At the end of week 15, drywallers were feverishly finishing mudding the walls and texturing the ceilings. The siding guys were getting pretty fast but still had a few unfinished areas.

I mentioned the pine soffits in the open gables, and I was able to get a close-up shot this week:


These are all tongue and groove pine planks. They will be stained dark and weather sealed. This is one of my favorite features on the exterior. I just love how unique (for our area), and how much character and richness it will bring the front porch and the rear deck.

theprojectgirl_exterior_frontI love this side view, you can see the metal roofing, the pine soffits, and the garage features from here.


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The Project House – Construction Week 15

December 13th, 2013

It’s been a boring 3 weeks since my last update. The house feels like it’s been going at a snails pace – during this time, most of the work has been done on the outside.

Siding continued…


Board and batten over the garage door and in the breezeway that you can kind of see here:


The shingle roof and standing-seam metal roof made some serious progress.theprojectgirl_exterior2I’d say that’s getting pretty close to done on the front!



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