Girl Quilt-Lost & Found Fabric

January 13th, 2012

Playing with fabrics is possibly my newest addiction. Collecting pretty fabric is first…then sewing! I made this quilt for my daughter using most all the red + pink fabric from the Lost & Found collection. My favorite part of quilting is selecting fabric patterns and colors! I may not be a good quilter…but I’d say I’m a pro at colors, no fakin’ it here!


 If you’ve never sewn anything, or quilted, the first step would usually be to decide what you are making. In my opinion…I go off color first. Find your inspiration, what stands out and then think of what you could make with it.  I couldn’t have found a more perfect collection to start with! I’ve been looking for a couple years too. I knew I wanted pink, red, and brown to match my other daughter’s quilt. But I just couldn’t find anything until recently…thanks to Jen! Sometimes you just have to wait for something that perfect! Next decide on your pattern. I used Camille’s Shortcake pattern, super cute, and reminds me of a scrapbook page. The most time consuming part for me is arranging the fabrics. This is where I’m super picky and indecisive…because I’m a perfectionist that way, I can’t help it! Here’s where I couldn’t decide to use the red floral fabric or not. They sent me the wrong one…however it was very similiar to what I did want.

Okay…made up my mind!

 Start cutting and piecing fabric together. I had to be extra careful and make sure all the script in the and the damask fabric were all the same direction. That may not matter to some…but to me it would drive me crazy! Depends on the quilter.

 This red and pink stripe fabric is my favorite!

 I layed it out on her bed to get the full effect…I can already see where I would have switched a few fabrics around…so hard for me to embrace imperfection!

And that’s it! You can either quilt it yourself, or send it off to a professional! I simply don’t have patience for that.  If you do, wow I’m impressed! Once I get it back, I just have to add the ric rack and then bind the quilt. I can’t wait to see it all done and quilted!  If you’ve never sewn something before…but would like to…I encourage you to just start. Most would say to start on something small…I say go big! It’s much easier to sew a quilt, even if it’s a baby quilt than say…a hot pad! {or maybe that’s just me still having nightmares from sewing stuff in Teen Living back in high school.} You can always take it apart…a seam ripper can be your best friend!


October 18th, 2011

I pieced the back of Oliver’s quilt last night! This is huge progress since the front was pieced by my sister more than 6 months ago. Now I just need to figure out how to quilt it. I’m so stinking excited that I actually got this far though. So far my learning-how-to-quilt projects have been small and lame. This is pretty darn cool!

Oh and my little boy is growing up so fast 🙁 Please someone stop time!

Adventures in Quilting

August 20th, 2011

^^ That is my little quilting helper! Unfortunately piecing 3 squares at one sitting is about his limit.

Spurred on by my new resolution to finally learn how to quilt AND an upcoming meeting of my local modern quilters guild I actually jumped feet first into quilting. I decided to do a SUPER DUPER simple quilt to get me started and found this easy-to-follow quilting tutorial online. Of course I felt the need to complicate it a bit by making more than 2x the squares so I can have a great big PICNIC quilt! And what better fabric for a picnic quilt than my Quite Contrary by Riley Blake that just feels so bright and summery.  So last night I cut the fabric from the bolts, and this morning, I cut my squares and then cut them into slices and even got a few squares pieced! Here is me cutting with my helper who is not so entertained by this whole process.

See! I couldn’t even get him to smile for the camera! Not amused mom.

Anyway, since this tutorial was easy enough, I have thus far sewn 6 squares:

And a closeup:

And of course I would probably be done sewing the squares by now if I could get this baby to nap! There is also that pesky problem of not being able to find the Iron… details details. Either way, I am super excited to have begun my very first quilt! I’ll keep you posted!