Metallic Butterfly Magnets

May 31st, 2015

theprojectgirl-butterfly-chalkboardI’m having so much fun with my MINC foiling machine. I created some adorable metallic butterfly magnets and it was seriously so fast and easy.



Minc Foil Applicator

Minc 3D Butterflies

light pink foil

mint foil

hot pink foil

rose gold foil

green foil

3/8″ small magnets

Ad tech glue gun

The Minc 3D butterflies come pre-cut, you just have to punch them out, and then run them through the MINC machine with the color of foil that you like.

After they’ve run through the machine, you pull away the foil sheet, and everywhere that was black on the butterflies is now fabulously metallic. For this project, I used the light pink hot pink, rose gold, mint, and green foils. theprojectgirl-foil-minc

The foil transferred so well on these, they look like they are made of metal not paper.  For the magnet part, I just got some small round magnets, and used my handy Adtech HiTemp glue gun. I gently folded the wings up, and then glued the flat part of the butterfly body to the magnet.

All the little butterflies turned out so so cute!


I recently bought this GIANT magnetic chalkboard from Chalk Couture (they custom painted it for me too!), and knew the butterfly magnets would be perfect for it. So I wrote a little spring quote, and then added all my butterfly magnets too it. theprojectgirl-butterfly-chalkboard-full

Look how cute they turned out, and so so so metallic. I love the bright and fun colors of all the MINC foils. theprojectgirl-butterfly-chalkboard

All these supplies should be available at your local Jo-ann and Hobby Lobby as well as a variety of online stores.  And I have to say that I was super impressed at how well the foil transferred onto these butterflies using the MINC machine. I have a regular laminator and have done some foil transfer stuff before, but these turned out phenomenally using the MINC.
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Custom Metallic Foil Planner Dashboard

April 30th, 2015


I’m totally getting into this planner trend thats happening right now, so I wanted to show you how easy it is to create a custom dashboard. If you’re not familiar with a dashboard, it’s a laminated page in your planner that has sticky-notes, tags, stickers, etc that you can grab quickly to embellish your pages.

I used the Minc Foil Applicator ($149.99 msrp) and light pink foil ($9.99 msrp) to make my dashboard look amazing. Here’s a quick step-by-step. To use the foil process, you need a print from a LASER printer (ink-jet won’t work). I love my laser printer, if you don’t have one, you can go to a local copy shop and print out designs on their laser printers.

For this dashboard, I designed this file (click here to download). It’s an A5 size and fits perfectly in my A5 planner.

For the backside of the dashboard, I used a sheet of paper from the Minc paper collection. I cut one sheet to the A5 size, and then one sheet the same width and 1/3 of the height to create a pocket.

I ran all those pieces through the Minc by putting them through the machine with the foil on the #3 setting. DSC_6922

After the pieces get heated in the machine, the foil pulls right away from the paper leaving foil where the toner is! I love how sweet this light pink foil is.

I took all the pieces and stacked them, the “Get it girl” page facing out, then the other sheet and pocket facing the opposite direction. Once they were all stacked I laminated them together using a laminating sleeve.


You can feed a laminating sleeve through your Minc machine or use a laminator. DSC_6936

Once my sheets were laminated, I cut around the paper (be sure to leave some of the laminate around the edges to keep everything together, then I marked the holes using a sheet from my planner and hole-punched the dashboard. DSC_6942

Look how cute the pink foil is!


And here is the backside. To get the pocket to open, I used an xacto knife to slice through the laminate where the pocket meets the backer paper. DSC_6953

You can use the pocket for anything really. I threw in some journal cards and some paper clips.

And the front of the dashboard I placed sticky-notes, enamel shapes, and flair. I love how cute everything looks placed on the dashboard, and I really really love the foil edge!DSC_6969This is my first time using the Minc, I love how compact it is so I can store it with all my craft stuff. The heating element in it actually covers the full 12″ areas so that you get even heating and foil transfer. And of course I love all the colors of foil you can get. I seriously cannot wait to create so many more projects using it. What projects can you think of to create with the Minc Foil Applicator?

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Lumberjack Birthday Party

April 4th, 2015


My  Ollie turned 4 this year. 4!!! I seriously can’t even believe it. He wanted a lumberjack themed party to match his lumberjack bedroom and that seemed like a great idea to me! I made this birthday flag for the front door using my Cricut Explore to cut some buffalo check flannel (backed with heat n’ bond) and then ironing it onto a piece of burlap runner that I cut to size and sewed a pocket at the top for a dowel to go through. This was super quick and easy but one of my favorite projects for the party. It’s now hanging on Ollie’s bedroom door.


For the party we decided to host a pancake breakfast.


Mr. Project cooked up a flap-jack storm, sausages & bacon. I served up some pastries, fruit, syrups, juice and milk. As usual, we made way too much food. But it was all yummy and I love the red lunch trays that I borrowed from a friend.


Apparently I only make iced cookies for parties. I was thinking about ordering some off of etsy, but I waited too long. I had my hearts set on having them, so I stayed up late the night before the party and made these super cute cookies including a buffalo check buffalo!




I’m all about taking a regular bakery cake and making it feel like a themed cake (see my monster cake). For this cake I ordered a 3-layer 8″ cake with chocolate frosting and no decorations. To make the wood grain look, I used the wrong end of a paint brush and dragged it through the icing. The whole thing took less than 10 minutes and cost $15. I topped it with these extra-tall red candles.

theprojectgirl-lumberjackparty-log-cakeTo keep the kids entertained, we had a few crafty activities. The kids built log cabins from lincoln logs.  

They also sawed logs (cut swiss cake rolls)…


And made beards with craft foam that I cut on my Cricut Explore.


We sent everyone home with mini mason jar mugs filled with red cinnamon bears. The stickers on top say “We’re so PLAID you could come” with a buffalo check background.


I took all these photos before the party started so I could just enjoy everyone’s company. I did manage to get just a few of Ollie as he ran about so excited about his celebration starting.


He’s so big and handsome and capable, I just can’t believe how quickly he is growing up. Happy Birthday Ollie!