Spice jar organization – custom drawer

August 7th, 2012

Okay, so it’s been awhile since I’ve posted…. way too long! I’ve been basking in my early-pregnancy zombiness which includes sleeping, napping, resting, and trying to get some work done. And oh yeah… keep my toddler from killing himself (mostly through convincing him that he wants to “snuggle mama” and lay next to me while we watch Sprout ). I am starting to feel a bit more productive and we’ve started on another big phase of house projects before the baby comes. I also have lots of new work projects that have been taking up 90% of my actual productive time, so the blog has become super low priority. But I miss it like crazy, so hopefully I can really follow through and get this machine up and running again!

So onto a quick project that I finished yesterday… Spice Jars! So when Mr. Project built the kitchen cabinets, we planned on having two drawers for spices and a drawer for liquids/oils next to the stove.  The top two are for spices and the bottom for oils. 

For the spice jars we found these empty glass jars from The Container Store. We figured that 24 of these jars would fit perfectly in each drawer.

Mr. Project measured everything and cut a 1/4″ board that fit inside the drawer and drilled circle holes in it for each of the jars to fit. This is a super simple modification that anyone could do to their drawers. The finished drawer insert and jars look like this:

The board sits about 2 inches up via scrap wood that he nailed underneath in the back and front of the board. The board is also removable for cleaning. I thought I had  a picture of the drawer with no spices, but I couldn’t find it! Oh well, you can imagine what it looks like without the jars.

For a few months we’ve been living with these temporary tags taped on the top of each jar identifying the contents. But now that we’re working on projects again, I ordered some 1.5″ round stickers and designed some cute labels that match the kitchen.

And printed them on the label paper.

And finally put them on the spice jars!

So now we have a useful and impressive spice drawer! And best of all, nothing can get lost in there!

I have tons of other projects to share as well as updates on our little family, so come back and visit soon!

2012 Printable Calendar *Free Download Motivated Monday

February 27th, 2012

I’ve been promising folks that I would have an updated 2012 printable calendar, so here ya go! The design is updated from the 2010 and 2011 versions, hopefully that is okay! Have a wonderful and productive monday!

Click on the image below to begin download of PDF file

The Project Girl Printable 2012 Calendar Free Download

Click on the image above to download a PDF version of my printable 2012 calendar. The downloadable PDFs in this article (and across my entire site) are free for personal use only. If you would like to blog about this free download, please accompany any images from my site with a credit and link back to this article. As a courtesy please do not link directly to a downloadable file but rather to this page. At this time, no customizations of this or any of my forms are available. Forms are a free download AS IS. Also since you’ve made it this far, please subscribe to my RSS feed and facebook page so you can find me again! And don’t forget to tell your friends!

Capsule Menu Planning

January 30th, 2012

Last summer, I had a client (I was a real estate agent in my pre-mommy life) with three kids under the age of six. Their family of five was living in a 1,200-sqare-foot condo, and although the quarters seemed tight, their household worked like a well-oiled machine. Every drawer had a label; every task had a responsible party. There were dry-erase and magnet boards all over the place detailing dinners for the next month and which child was in charge of things as simple as saying a prayer before dinner.

I snapped photos of their dry-erase boards during an open house and sent them to my husband with “LOL” as the message. Little did I know that I would be implementing some of the same systems a year later! (Mommyhood has a way of doing that to you!)

So when I recently discovered The Project Girl’s free downloadable menu planner and grocery list forms (via Violet Lulu – thank you!), I was ecstatic. I’ve been struggling with keeping our pantry stocked and our refrigerator full (without filling the compost with wasted produce I never got around to using), and I love finding ways to save money and be more efficient. Plus, the forms are super cute and look great printed and posted on the fridge (or in a binder!).

But…I wanted to take it a step further. A couple steps further, actually.

You’ve heard of the capsule wardrobe, right? Well, I’ve created a capsule menu planner. First, I took The Project Girl’s free downloadable menu planning forms and made them editable using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Now, I don’t have to print them out to fill in the blanks. I can simply work on my plans using the computer and print them when I’m done. The beauty of this system is that I can save them as PDFs and re-use them later by updating the dates and needed grocery items. (The Project Girl’s free downloadable menu planning forms are at the end of the post.)

But wait…it gets better. I took my haphazardly organized (if organized at all) recipe binder and organized it into a capsule menu planner.

First, I gave it a cute cover. I mean, what’s the point of doing something if it’s not cute?!

Next, I put my menu plan for this week into a sheet protector and inserted it into the front of the binder. I use the one that has dinners only on it (version two at the end of this post) since my husband and I do breakfast and lunch separately (usually leftovers or sandwiches).

Here’s a detail view of my menu planner for the week:

After the menu planner page, I moved all my recipes for the week to the front of the binder right after the menu plan. That way, I don’t have to go looking for them each day. (There’s another great reason for this that I’ll share in my follow-up post!)

I also added a sheet protector to hold coupons. On my menu planner page, I put a (c) next to the grocery items for which I want a reminder that I have a coupon. (Now, if only my daughter would stop squealing and distracting me at the checkout like she did today – therefore totally making me forget to use my coupons! Grrrrr…)

When you head to the grocery store, you can either take your own binder or just pull out the menu planner page and your coupons. I took my whole binder today, but my little girl kept throwing it on the ground. Next time, I’ll just stick my list in my pocket!

You could even add tabs for different types of dishes and to keep your current dishes (the ones you’ve picked for the week) in front of your binder. I like to put desserts and staple items like bread (I bake my sandwich bread fresh every two weeks) at the end of my binder.

The whole process of planning my menu for this week took about half an hour, but the awesome thing is that I can recycle this menu plan in future weeks. All I’ll have to do is re-open the PDF on my computer and edit the grocery list based on what I already have in my pantry/fridge at that time. Just be sure to save your PDFs in a certain folder on your computer, and use filenames that will be easy to connect to your printed menu (like the date of the menu).

OH, did I mention that this system saves me money? And not just from using the coupons (or forgetting to use them like I did today). That’s right – instead of wandering the aisles aimlessly, buying too many perishables, making impulse shopping decisions and/or buying duplicate items that I already have in my pantry, I got only exactly what I needed and could use within the week. My final bill was about 25% less than my normal amount for one week.

Sound awesome? I know, right?! You can download your editable forms by clicking on the images below. Version one includes spaces for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Version two, the one I use, just has a “meals” section which I use for dinners only.

So there you have it – a fun and easy way to get yourself more organized every week. Are you loving it? Yes?! Great – because I have another great way to make meal preparation super easy and quick. (But you don’t have to sacrifice making gourmet, restaurant-quality meals for your family). Sound awesome? Check out my follow up post on ruthie pearl – Be Your Own Sous Chef. Be sure to say hello when you stop by! :)

How do YOU plan to use The Project Girl’s free downloadable menu planning forms?