Digital Scrapbooking Shop Launch

June 19th, 2014



After 2 years away from the digital scrapbooking scene, I’ve decided to JUMP back in! With my littlest now being 19 months old, I have a little bit more time to work on digital scrapbooking kits and designs. I’ve been missing the community and feedback of the digital world, as well as all my designer friends. So I’m back and opening up my new shop at Pixels & Co. 

There’s going to be a HUGE launch on Wednesday June 24th with some great new products and I’m bringing back some of the classic best sellers as well. I’ll be posting more about that as it happens, but for now, I wanted to introduce my brand new JenAllyson Digital Creative Team! I couldn’t have put together such a stellar team without a lot of help from my good friend Katherine Hansen who is also leading the team for me. Without further ado, let me introduce the team:

Natacha Elia


Natacha Elia is a happy scrapper in the South of France. She’s got hooked into digital scrapping in 20009 when we was simply looking for some embellishment to add to a greeting photo card. Natacha started to participate in several forums and enjoyed learning new techniques; she creates just for fun and finds the forums a great way to  discover many talented designers and scrappers. Natacha is especially fond of the clean and simple style, and is a member of a French scrapbooking forum that specializes in this style.

Natacha’s forum name, Solysombra, represents her love of light and shadows (her forum name is Spanish). She scraps to catch a beautiful moment, a precious place, or a lovely expression; she likes to see symbols on her pages, and often refers to a quote, a poem, or a song. Natacha cherishes scrapbooking because it gives her the opportunity to express her feelings, and create pretty things.”

As you will see in Natacha’s pages, she’s a lucky Mum of two healthy children, a huge boy of eight and a small girl of three. She shares her life with a loving, patient man, who likes gardening. One of the family’s hobbies is geo-caching; they enjoy walks and treasure hunting.

From Natacha, “I’m honored to be creating for Jen, and I’m thrilled to join her creative team. I will share with joy my pages inspired by Jen Allyson Digital Designs, and hope it will inspire you to explore and discover more of her creations.”


Catherine Olsen


You can find Catherine Wagner in most digital scrapbooking forums as crazycat1126.  Catherine lives in California with her husband; they’ve been married for seven years – no kiddos yet. Catherine works full-time as an administrative assistant for a small commercial property owner/manager.  She’s lucky to have a lot of downtime at her job, so she can sneak in some scrapping there – and it’s completely okay with the boss!  (How awesome is that?!)  Catherine discovered digital scrapbooking last summer and finds it hard to believe it’s been almost a year now. She’s addicted – and loving it!


Carolyn Amson


Carolyn Amson started digital scrapbooking nearly nine years ago to be able to tell stories about her to her daughters. For Carolyn, the “me” was hidden for many years, but is no more. Scrapping is her voice. Sometimes it is the voice of joy, other times of frustration and sadness. Typically, Carolyn’s pages start with photos as she is a passionate photographer.

Carolyn’s life revolves around her daughters, her partner, her rescue greyhounds, and photographing beach sunrises and sunsets. In Carolyn’s words, “Life is good!”


Samantha Bellerose


Samantha Bellerose is originally from Melbourne on the East coast of Australia, but she is currently residing in Perth, 3,000 km away on the West coast.  It was a big move and everything happened in about a month (in November 2013), from making the decision to arriving there! It wasn’t a move under the happiest of circumstances, in that the family moved so Samantha’s husband and children could spend more time with their Pepe, who has Myeloma. Fortunately, they were there to support him through intense chemo and have many more years to spend with him as he is in remission.

When Samantha was younger, she wanted to be a dancer in musicals and pursued this dream and had some success before meeting her husband, which was when her priorities changed. The two decided they wanted to get working visas and live in London and travel and see Europe, after which they thought it would be cool to live in Canada,  spend a winter in Whistler, and then travel through North America before returning to Australia. When they did arrive home – three years later – Samantha realized she could no longer kick her leg so high it would hit my nose. So, Samantha did what others do in their later 20′s – went to University to get a degree. Four years later, Samantha was a primary school teacher and, after taking maternity leave to have two beautiful children, has been teaching ever since.

Samantha found digital scrapbooking mid-2013 while scrolling through Pinterest. A link took Samantha to Pixels and Company, she subscribed to the newsletter and downloaded the free kit, opening up a very old, unused version of Photoshop (CS2, Samantha thinks). From there, Samantha taught herself how to do digital scrapbooking. On that day, Samantha fell in love and became totally addicted to the world of digital scrapping and, as a bonus, fairly blind to other jobs such as housework and cleaning. Her poor husband is getting used to an empty bed late at night and Samantha is totally see the benefits of an unkempt house now, especially when she is archiving so many memories for her children to look back on in the future.


Katherine Hansen


Katherine Hansen, or Kat as she is known on most digital scrapbooking message boards, has been crafting, in one form or another, since a very young age.  Around the age of seven of eight, her mother and grandmother taught her to knit. She also learned embroidery, tapestry, and even tatting (Katherine wishes she could remember tatting again for the oh-so-beautiful lace it would make). As a teenager, Katherine discovered a love for drawing, even setting up her own business, From a Photograph, drawing pets of family and friends. Her favorite mediums were pencil and charcoal. Strangely, though, she never could get the hang of painting …

Katherine started her foray into scrapbooking with traditional albums, mostly as a way for her and her husband to share with their soon-to-be-adopted son a snapshot of the daily life they’d hope he would enjoy with them. She wanted him to remember the transition from an orphanage to having a home and a family, so even the littlest things were huge milestones for him. There were no baby photos, no first steps, no first words (he was adopted at eight years old), but there were many new things, nonetheless. Katherine came across digital quite by accident, shopping at a store for traditional supplies. They had a tab on the page called “Digital”. A self-confessed computer geek, this was all she needed: a computer and software and voila! Digital scrapbooking. She’s never looked back.

Katherine loves recording a good story, be it a happy memory or even a not-so-happy one; she believes in keeping memories of the good, the bad, and yes, even the ugly as these all shape who she is as a person. I mean, who else would immortalize getting head-to-toe hives in a scrapbook layout? Katherine would – and did.

Katherine’s scrapbook style morphs from modern and graphic, to highly clustered, to minimalist, to … well, just about anything. Her son and dog tend to be the most scrapped subjects; vacations overseas also feature pretty highly (Katherine is from Australia). Katherine also dabbles in [digital] Artist Trading Cards and art journaling.


Be sure to mark your calendar for a great launch on June 24th! And to keep up on all the goings on, follow me on social media:

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Baby Shower Printable Mega Pack

June 17th, 2014

 I’m so excited to finally announce this amazing design project that I’ve been working on these past few months (it’s so hard not to instagram projects as I’m working on them). Myself and 15 other talented designers/bloggers have been working together to create an amazing collection of Baby Shower Printables. 16-themes, and 440 pages of printable party goodness in one big mega printable bundle! Everything and anything you could need to create the perfect baby shower (or 16 perfect baby showers!).

The Bundle includes:

14 Different Baby Shower Theme Printable Packs

AND a Pregnancy Announcement printable pack

AND a Gender Reveal Party printable pack!

That’s 16 Baby Shower Printable Packs in ONE!!!

Yep, that’s right! 16 popular bloggers & designers created 16 of the most DARLING themed baby shower printable packs to help you pull off the most ADORABLE baby showers you’ve ever seen!

This baby seriously has EVERYTHING you could EVER want or need to throw the perfect BABY SHOWER that every new mother deserves!

  • 14 Different and COMPLETE printable baby shower themes? ALL INCLUDED!
  • 1 Pregnancy Announcement Pack? Got you covered!
  • 1 Gender Reveal Announcement Pack AKA Boy or Girl? You are set!
  • Matching Invitations AND Thank You Cards? You know it!
  • Banners and decor? Check!
  • Cupcake toppers and table tents? Just Print!
  • A non-cheesy baby shower game? Completely planned!
  • Matching party favors? Just a click away from DONE!
  • AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!! {See EVERYTHING below!}

All together – it’s a collection of over 440 PAGES that aren’t offered ANYWHERE else… only in this exclusive Baby Shower Printable Bundle!

Pinterest Picture 4 (no price)

  GET IT NOW by clicking the “add to cart” button below.


**These are digital printables that will be emailed to the Paypal email address you use to pay.

**All purchases of this amazing digital bundle are final. Please read the below list to see exactly what is in it.

 If you think you may need it later, but aren’t ready to buy, then be sure to PIN any of these pictures (and make sure that the links go back to this blog post, not just the blog so you can find this post again).

For my portion of the bundle, I created a soft and sweet gender-neutral theme called “You were MINT to be”.


My printable set has things like cupcake picks, a banner, water bottle labels, straw flags, place cards…

mint-party-all-smalltwo party games…

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Halloween Decor 2012 + DIY Chalkboard Type Art How To

October 1st, 2012

Well I kind of went crazy this year… I know I haven’t posted about this yet, but a few months ago we tore out our old fireplace surround and Mr. Project built a whole new set of built-ins plus a new mantel. We also had some snazzy new tile installed as well. So this year I had almost 3 times as much mantel space to decorate, so I focused my efforts on a big Halloween mantel display. I’ll post about the mantel later.

I reused all my decorations from last year, and added a bunch of new jars and some new artwork to the space. I also finished two projects that I tried to get to last year – a chalkboard art piece and an urn with branches and ravens.

My banner from last year stored really really well and was quick and easy to re-hang. If you’re interested in building a similar banner, it might be easier now because these Lost & Found Halloween papers have been manufactured by My Mind’s Eye and are available for purchase at most any scrapbooking retailer.

Here is the overall pic:

I tried to mostly incorporate my existing shelf decor though I did remove a few things here and there. I’ve still got a little bit of filler to add, but I like to pick up clearance items after Halloween, so you’ll have to wait till next year to see it more fluffed up. Here are a few detail shots:

(I have already been informed that I spelled Werewolf wrong)

You can see my Doctor sign and my apothecary shop sign. I designed and printed these and placed them in frames that were already on top of the shelves. I’ll probably have these printables available to purchase in my Digital Shop sometime this week along with my new apothecary labels (the labels from last year are already available).

I also took some of my Lost & Found Halloween papers (with orange glitter) and cut them to fit in some of the smaller frames I had already in the bookshelves. I just placed the images over the glass, so they’ll be really easy to remove and store for next year.  I found some old western ephemera type photos online and printed them to fit portrait sized frames to give a little spooky feel to the space.

And then this year I finally got around to my chalk art piece. Last year I bought the chalkboard (with the lace edging printed on it)from Grandin Road. I loved it and wanted to do something cool, but just ran out of time and energy. This year, since all my decorations were pretty much done, I spent the time to create some chalk word art.

It looks so fun in the space, and hopefully will last years to come!! Here’s a quick tutorial on how I did it.

This is the board to begin with (notice the creepy baby hand prints on the bottom lol):

I designed the type and layout on my computer (using illustrator), and then printed it out. The finished size is 18×32 – I printed on three 12×18 sized papers and then taped them together.

Once I knew it all fit and looked good, I did a very elementary transfer by rubbing graphite pencil lead on the back of my printout. Some sort of opaque projector would work really great, but I don’t have one of those and I figured that this would just be the easiest way to transfer my image over and prepare it for the chalk. You’ll want to tape this in place with the correct side showing (not this ugly side).

Here you can see I’ve done some of the chalk work, but more importantly you can see the graphite transfer. So if you don’t remember from elementary school, you place the design right-side up and then just hand trace with a pencil (or other hard instrument – pen, embossing tool , etc. ) and the graphite that you rubbed on the back will transfer over to the chalkboard anywhere you trace.

I did mine in sections. I’d trace and then pull back my printout and do the chalk work. I used a white chalk marker instead of chalk, and was really pleased with it. I tested some chalk sticks and since they were brand new, they just didn’t go on the surface very well, also it could be the quality of the chalkboard etc. But either way I was really happy with how the chalk marker worked. I had tons of control and it does not smudge at all once it’s dry. So I didn’t have to worry about any mistakes after I was done with a section. It will come off with water though, so watch your kids and their sippy cups! I’m going to pick up some spray fixative to hopefully keep it looking good for many years to come.

I used a ruler to do my straight lines – worked like a charm!

And here is the final outcome! I would say start to finish (not including the design work), it took me about 5 hours to do. Really not that bad, and no hand cramps afterwards. I did only use one marker, but I kept thinking it was going to die after the first section, so definitely stock up if you are doing a big design.  Oh and it was way easier to draw cursive then block lettering, so if you’re doing the design, use a lot of cursive type!

Happy Halloween!