Utah Valley Parade of Homes 2013

June 7th, 2013

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We took to the streets today to check out our 4 top picks of the Utah Valley Parade of Homes 2013. I’m posting some quick iphone snapshots of my favorite rooms & features – if you are in the area though, you should definitely make the effort to go see some of these beautiful homes. I also have to say that I must have been so in awe of house #14 that I forgot to take any pics. However I loved so many things about #14 and would totally recommend you go see it. The big playroom and tandom bathroom (two showers, two toilets & an urinal) were my favorites. It’s also gorgeous on the outside and has an amazing view. Okay onto the eye-candy…

My favorite ROOM (Home #5) – kids craft/laundry room

IMG_2990 IMG_2985

House #14 also had an awesome little kids craft room off the kitchen/family room area – for some reason I forgot to take a snapshot, but it was a really great space.

Right outside this room (still house #5) is a mud room, with all these lockers, and my favorite part – an awesome PURSE shelf. Now that’s what I’m talking about!!






House #5 also had this adorable kitchen/family room area. You all know I love craftsman style room dividers! Such a great way to keep a floor plan open and defined at the same time. All the decor is by Four Chairs Furniture. I love all the bright colors.
IMG_2979Here’s a view of the kitchen with windows. I also love kitchens with lots of windows instead of tons of upper cabinets.


IMG_2981And my favorite part of this kitchen was the ceiling – a gorgeous V-groove ceiling really made the room feel unique.


IMG_2977And they had quite a bit of paneling – I liked this square paneled wall:



House #7 was my favorite EXTERIOR on a house:


I’ve actually been stalking this house for the past two weeks and was thrilled when I found out it was on the parade. Lots of cute details in this house, including lots of fun trimmed out areas. Also if you peek at the bottom of this picture, you can see the cute penny tile in the entry with their house number.


They also had lots of different paneling in the rooms:

IMG_2970Love that this one is a shelf:



And this was rough-sawn wood all painted. Could be an awesome pallet project!



And of course, any house wouldn’t be complete without a 2-story basketball court!  (There was also one in house #4)


House #7 also had quite a collection of Restoration Hardware lighting. It was great to see the lights “out in the wild” because it’s hard to get a feel for the scale and detail work just looking on the RH website.



I believe this light is from West Elm:


House #15 was our favorite ALL-AROUND house. It had lots of great built-ins, amazing custom doors, and beautiful tile.


I love this ceiling detail in the master bedroom:

And my favorite room there was the master closet with the stacking washer/dryer:


House #4 was definitely the most DETAILED house. You can tell that no expense was spared, and every room had a purpose and thought put into all the different details. Here are some of my favorite things from this house.

Hidden pantry door:


Under the deck basement deck:


Gorgeous ceiling detail in master:


Cute play area in basement:


Diagonal v-groove coffered ceiling:

Super wide (12″??) V-groove wall in guest room:


Book tree! Totally going to have Mr. Project recreate this one:


And my favorite little space was a little kids nook upstairs – complete with build-in chalkboard and art display board. Love the v-groove paneling for that too.



Well that was our adventures at the Utah Valley Parade of Homes! We had a fun little afternoon date, and got some good inspiration for our upcoming build. Anyone else planning on checking out the Parade this month?

Project House Kitchen Inspiration & Style Guide

June 4th, 2013
The past few weeks of house planning have been so stressful! We submitted to the architectural committee and were pretty nervous for a bit not knowing if we would have to start all over on the exterior design. But the plans came back with the all clear and we are good to go! So we’ve moved on to finalizing all the last little details and passing along the plans to engineering. Now that we know this is all going to work out, I’ve got to get all the rooms planned and finishes picked out pretty quickly. I’ve been gathering lots of inspiration on houzz.com, and searching for budget products for the past few months, so it’s really just a matter of making that final decision (easier said than done, right?)!
We’re focusing on a “modern farmhouse” kind of style, with a bold black & white palate with lots of warm wood accents. Here are my material and product choices for the kitchen:
Subway Tile - BuildDirect
Hansgrohe Stark Faucet – Amazon
Blanco Composite Sink - Amazon
Utility Latch – Amazon
Aubry Pulls - Restoration Hardware
Recessed Pulls - VanDyke’s
Rustic Bar Stool - West Elm
Moving onto the actual kitchen, here is the layout:
And here are my elevations of the kitchen(made in Adobe Illustrator):
cooktopAfter having no uppers on the window side of my old kitchen, I loved the look way too much to go back to the standard of having upper cabinets. So I put lots of windows in this room, and kept the visual space open and airy. In this view, you see the range & range hood, and the door into the pantry. There will actually be an island in front of this wall of cabinets.
These cabinets will be painted Black Satin (Benjamin Moore). They’ll have the white quartz countertop, and white 3×6 subway tiles (BuildDirect) covering the entire wall. I’m thinking about painting the pantry door a fun color like chartreuse (citron BM), pale emerald (Lehigh green BM), or bright aqua (peacock blue BM).
And speaking of the island, we wanted it to be a unique piece and have a furniture feel, but because there is a sink and dishwasher we were pretty limited to the design. So we decided to make the seating side of the island look like a farmhouse table – made of rough-sawn oak – and the sink side of the island look more like a cabinet. Here’s Mr. Project’s initial sketch:
This is what we ended up going with – a wider sink side with the table intersecting the island. I’m really excited to see how this thing shakes out!
The cabinets on the sink side of the island and the fridge side of the kitchen will all be a pale green-gray (Benjamin Moore’s Gray Cashmere). The open shelves on this side will be white (swiss coffee) and they’ll be backed with a v-groove paneling also painted white. 
The far wall of the kitchen (to the left of the stove wall)  will be the dining area. All windows (yay) with banquette seating, a dining table and  chairs. The subway tile is continued around the windows for some continuity and a little farmhouse charm.
On the opposite wall of the stove, the dining area has two more windows, and the banquette seating wraps. The empty space is looking into the family room, and the slatted area is a double-sided fireplace.
And since that was all a little bland to look at, here’s some eye candy that will help you visualize. This kitchen has no upper cabinets and tons of windows. Lovei t of course. And the white subway tile is just classic. The ceiling has v-groove paneling on it. Love that look.
Here is a long kitchen with a windowed banquette. I love all the pillows and comfy seats. Again simple subway tile for a backsplash.
I absolutely love this kitchen, it’s a great example of a modernized farmhouse. The subway tile, no upper cabinets, butcher block countertop, and lots of windows. Love the industrial touches as well. The gray color is what I’m going for with my Cashmere Gray cabinets.
This picture shows how I want my refrigerator side to look. Gray cabinets with white open shelving:
And these black cabinets are just so gorgeous, I hope mine turn out just as smooth and beautiful as these. With Mr. Project building them, I’m sure they will be!
So that is the plan for the kitchen, I think it’s going to look striking and beautiful. I can’t wait to get started and actually see it come together into a gorgeous space. Hopefully you made it this far, if you did, I’d love to hear what you think!

*A special thanks to BuildDirect for sponsoring this post. BuildDirect.com has killer prices on high quality tile and since I’m a huge home source budget shopper, I’m more than happy to refer you to them for all your tile and flooring needs. The 3×6 subway tile they sell is perfect and so shiny (it also comes in a 4×12 size!), and the best part is that they’ll ship you a free sample so you can see it for yourself before ordering. Check them out if you are working on a home project of your own!


**This post contains affiliate links. To see my full disclosure statement, visit my sponsor page.


Pantry Inspiration and Plans – Canyon View Project House

April 8th, 2013
Okay things have gotten real over here with our new house. We’re going to break ground in a few weeks and until then we’re RUSHING to get the house designed so that everything is to our exacting specifications before we even start. We had to compromise on a lot of rooms/things in the house, but one thing that we both wanted was a large pantry.
I’ve been collecting pantry ideas and am so thrilled to be able to design my very own pantry. Here is some of my awesome inspiration:
Who doesn’t want a hidden entry into a pantry:
And this pantry design was the first inspiration that I had to create a butler’s type pantry with a countertop for appliances etc.
What an awesome place for your microwave! And more open shelving – love it!
Fun barn doors leading to a very open pantry really does make it like a second kitchen.
And if you’re looking for a more elegant butler’s style pantry. I love the idea of wallpaper or patterned tile. Or possibly planked wood.
And why not do it in a fabulous color??
Baskets, shelves, cabinets and coffee!
Might as well throw in a ladder!
This one is just perfection! I think mine will look closest to this room – though I think the color will be a more bluer version of this green – so a desaturated aqua/teal.
Aren’t those all mouth-watering pantries??? I get giddy just thinking about having something similar in my house. The space that we saved for a pantry is about 16′x8′ and is right off the kitchen area so that it can be used as a second kitchen. We’ll have a sink, dishwasher, fridge, and microwave in there. I’m also including a “mom’s desk” or “command central” for all the bills, mail, homework, tasks etc. The pantry also opens into the hallway right next to the garage, so it’s a good central exit/entrance.
I’ve put together my preliminary elevation ideas (using Adobe Illustrator), I’m sure these will change a bit before the final product. Check em out:
Sink View:
You can see the profile of the shelves on the right, And then there will be a small apron sink (24″), and a single dishwasher drawer to the left. I’m so beyond excited to have a window in the pantry.
Fridge View:
A few things to note on this side – The door from the kitchen will be a pocket door – so no swing issues. I’m thinking a cute little cup cabinet next to the sink – I had an inspiration photo of this but can’t find it. Left of the door is a built-in microwave (counter height), and plate dowels above the microwave. A row of glass-door cabinets above all of that for serving ware storage. We’ll also have a full-sized fridge in here, and next to that a big metal or chalkboard message board. (the wall here is flush with the fridge because of a coat closet that is in the hallway.
Desk View:
This is where my big open shelves come into play. So excited about those (I just adore open shelving). I’ll have some pull-out baskets for onions & potatoes, and then my awesome command central with lots of mail slots, and a pin board for chores etc. We’ll also have a charging station for phones and electronics here, and a printer.
I thew in a little color just to play around with some of the ideas floating in my head. I saw this awesome black/navy hutch, and thought the color was perfect for my desk area:
And the rest of the cabinets I was thinking a desaturated blue/green color and a wood or butcher block countertop. Here’s my illustration with some color dropped in:
So that’s our pantry plan for now. I would have to say that this is the room I’m most excited about in the whole house. I can’t wait for it to be done just so I can dance around in it!  What do you think? What would you put in a butler’s pantry if you were designing it?