Master Closet Plans & Linen Niche

October 14th, 2013

Because the house is moving forward so quickly, I’ve been working feverishly to design all the closets, built-ins, and storage niches. One of the best parts of being married to a carpenter is having awesome custom closets. The layout in our master closet is kind of tricky. At the last minute we decided to add a washer/dryer hook up, so that makes for some odd spaces. I spent some time the other night figuring out how to maximize the space, and here’s my semi-final master closet layout:

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 10.04.33 PM

I wanted to go with an “executive depth” for the clothes hanging cabinets. So that they hold the full depth of the clothes providing more of a built-in look. I looked at about a million closets online, but my favorite were by Sawdust Girl. Her master closet is a sight to behold, and exactly the kind of ambiance I’d like to have in my closet. Here’s her pretty closet:


Following her general direction/style, I designed this side of the closet with 1 cabinet for long coats/dresses, 3 cabinets for shirts/pants, and 1 cabinet for shoes/baskets/sweaters. To leave some room to access the washer/dryer, and accompanying laundry cabinet, I put hooks on the wall for hoodies, purses, and anything else we’d like to quickly hang.

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 10.04.04 PM

On the opposite side of the closet there is the doorway to the bathroom so there is only room for 4 cabinets. I designed it the same as the other side but with one less shirt hanging cabinet.

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 9.54.47 PM

Then finally, the side of the closet where the washer/dryer is in a recessed part of the wall. Mr. Project will build a cabinet that will house laundry supplies and most likely cleaning supplies for the bathroom, and things like toilet paper etc. It will be the “utility” part of the closet.
Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 10.16.57 PM
So thats the general idea for our master closet. I know things will change up a bit when building the final product, and working through layout issues etc. But for now it’s an awesome start, and i just can’t wait to actually use the space!!

On to the linen niche! When we were designing the house, our drafter kept throwing in linen closets. But I didn’t want just a little closet with a door or two that would inevitably hide a bunch of junk just shoved in there. I wanted a beautiful built-in cabinet with glass doors.

Below you can see the linen niche in the hallway (you can also see the master closet layout below that).

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 11.41.52 PM

And here is my design for the space:

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 11.50.59 PMPlenty of cupboard and drawer space on the bottom, and then above, open cabinets for decorations and folded towels flanked on each side by a counter-to-ceiling cabinet with 2 small drawers and a glass door where there will be more folded linens and probably patterned baskets.

The countertop will be a solid walnut slab of wood, and the cabinets will be painted white. I’m really excited for the idea of having a beautiful built-in cabinet in the in the hallway to house linens and accessories.

The Project House Construction – Week 6

October 6th, 2013

My week 4 update ended with the main floor framing being completed, and the garage framing started.

We are still waiting for our Trusses to come in (hopefully this week), however, The front and rear gable are all stick framed in:



And the garage is now framed up as well.


From the inside of the garage you can see Mr. Project’s shop (kind of hidden back in the breezeway)


Also all of the internal walls are all framed out. This is a view of the main hallway.


A view into the family room and kitchen. If you look close you can see PLUMBING sticking out of the ground.


Pretty much all of the plumbing is done. now, just have to put it through the roof once all the trusses are on.


The plumbers even got all the bathtubs in – here’s our master soaker tub and they did a dry fit with our beautiful bath faucet (that we got for a killer deal).


And my pretty view out the windows above the tub:


Here’s the kid’s bathroom bath installed as well. It’s so fun to see actual stuff in the house!


The entry space looking towards the front porch (which they should pour tomorrow).


A cool shot of Mr. Project’s Office – all the studs are supporting the ceiling while they pour the concrete over the top. We call this the Sketch Bunker.

This week we also got our window wells for the front part of the basement. We only have 3 windows that are buried!


Thats pretty much the progress on the house itself. Tomorrow should bring concrete pouring of the deck/porch areas, and HVAC starting in the basement spaces.  We’ve measured for all of our cabinets and built-ins, so I’ve got a lot of final planning to do on the design front. The build is going so fast, we’re both so nervous about getting everything done/bought/picked out etc. in time! Lighting and paint colors are what stress me out the most.

Speaking of designing though, Mr. Project is hard at work building the cabinets for the pantry space. Here’s the sink part of the pantry with a pull out garbage, and 4 cute little drawers. We decided to do a V-groove style door on all the doors in the pantry. I wanted the space to feel a little bit more country than the rest of the house.


Here’s the rest of the grooved drawer fronts waiting to be put on:


And here’s the rest of the base cabinets waiting for drawer fronts:


I’ve always wanted these fancy pull-out baskets. They are perfect for storing produce, and extra perfect for a pantry space.


I’m still trying to decide what color to paint the pantry cabinets… Right now I’m back and forth between a golden yellow and an aqua blue.

Here’s some yellow inspiration photos:

 And some blue cabinets:
Or maybe I should just go crazy and do this awesome jade green:
What color would you paint your pantry if it had cabinets and open shelving?

Barn doors – to paint or not to paint… that is the question

September 24th, 2013

In preparation for our framers, I combed over our floor plan to make any last minute internal framing changes. Initially we had the playroom downstairs with just an opening instead of a door – I want to be able to hear whats happening down there – and sometimes kids get rowdy with doors. Anyway we decided to go ahead and frame it for a door and then thought barn doors would be a fun solution for when we do want to close the space off (guests staying in the room, or kids grounded from the toys!). We’ll make sure they aren’t easy to move – so a grownup has to close and open them. I still wanted a large opening, so we framed for a 60″ space. This leaves me space on each side for barn door – something like this:

west elm barn doors

(via west elm)

I personally love the pop of color that you can get from a feature like a barn door, This citron is gorgeous:

tracery interiors(via southern living)

But a subtle gray is beautiful too:

(Seattle General Contractors)

And I always say that aqua/turquoise is the answer to any question… These doors can be both playful and elegant, right?
meyer davis studio inc blue barn doors indoor interior(via meyer davis studio)

Or a lighter more beachy blue looks super fresh and homey.

(Viridian Homes)
And here is an even brighter version, which I definitely LOVE. I’d say something like this is a front runner for me:
(via slate design)
I like the boldness of the red, but don’t think I could go that bright!
(Echelon Custom Homes)

Now this is an old fire door (what I wouldn’t do to get my hands on one of those!), but it could be somewhat replicated by finding an old chippy door – or going crazy with a sander.  I love the wall in the back with the traditional green chalkboard. I can’t get away with that in our main living space… but maybe on the other side of the doors inside the playroom. Where does one even find old-timey green chalkboard paint??

via country living(via country living)

And since I’m completely in love with black painted things right now, I know a set of gorgeous black doors would really pop in the space. I’m doing all of my interior doors black though – so it’s a bit redundant. Still love it in this photo though.

(Melinda Faranetta)
And then there are all those other colors – these melon doors are so sweet, and who knows a perfectly chosen shade of orange or emerald might be just what the room needs!
But…. the house is going to be somewhat rustic – a lot of reclaimed wood. I know Mr. Project would prefer wood doors. This one is great – just simple vertical planks with supports. A barn door like this would look amazing on any wall of the house.
(Fiorella Design)
This one is framed out, and the wood is oiled to bring out all those rich hues.
(Nampa Doors)
This one is just super simple – we could use our pallet wood for it. I love how the thicknesses of the wood changes from one row to the next and how smaller pieces are patched in etc. This is probably my favorite.  Very industrial looking.
 (The Ranch Mine)
Or for something a bit more refined and stable-esque, these ones are just the right mix of rustic and elegant.
Bonin Architects & Associates)
So which doors do you prefer? I definitely prefer a bright fun painted door, but the rustic/industrial doors also get me pretty excited. I’m going to have a really hard time choosing!