Mary Poppins Blogger Party

November 7th, 2013

Mary Poppins Dessert Table Backdrop - Design Dazzle

I’m so excited to finally share all of the pictures and details of our fabulous Mary Poppins blogger party! If you’ll recall, 12 utah bloggers had a giveaway where 10 blog readers and a guest were invited to attend a fun party at Toni’s home (Design Dazzle). We had an amazing day filled with perfect weather, gracious guests, wonderful hosts, delicious food and amazing sponsors & vendors! We hope you enjoy browsing through the beautiful pictures of the event taken by Lyndsey at Lyndsey Fagerlund Photography.

Mary Poppins Invitation - Design Dazzle

The darling invitations were sent out to our guests. Chalkboard art, daisies, cherries and, of course, Mary Poppins was the theme of our party! Invitations and printables by Design Dazzle.

Welcome to Cherry Tree Lane! - Design Dazzle

Welcome to Cherry Tree Lane!

Mary Poppins Feed The Birds Sign - Design Dazzle

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Master Bathroom Style Guide – Elegant Farmhouse

October 28th, 2013

It’s taken me a long time to finalize my design plans for the master bathroom. I’ve waffled between a rustic style (lots of wood), a warm look (gold tones in hardware), and an elegant style (crystals, marble, and lots of white). I realized that all of the images I kept coming back to were really elegant white bathrooms. So I just decided to go for it and have a really elegant space. The nice thing about this white bathroom is that it is directly adjacent to the master bedroom which is going to be a very dark navy-toned gray color (French Beret by Benjamin Moore). So it will be a striking contrast from the dark master to the light master bath.

Okay so some quick inspiration first… This bathroom is from the UV Parade of homes this year. The home was built by Millhaven Homes, and designed by the amazing Caitlin Creer. Some components are the same – white walls, elegant sconces, marble floors/shower. I wanted the cabinetry to contrast a little so I chose a pale gray, and went with solid white quartz countertops instead of marble.


(more images of this home)

Here is the layout of our master bathroom/closet:


Right as you walk in (lower left), there is a make-up vanity with a chandelier over it. Here is my elevation:



I’m going to go with a desaturated navy for the vanity color. I’m trying to decide between BM’s Hale Navy and Baby Seal Black… This placement was inspired by the Life In Grace Master bathroom. I love the concept of seeing a pretty area instead of seeing all the utility spaces of the bathroom. Also allows for a bit more privacy when no one in your house ever closes doors!


As you turn the corner you’ll see a double vanity. I designed a furniture-style vanity that will be the pale gray:


Then across from that is the bathtub etc. You get the idea. So imagine those images with lots of white, shiny silver and sparkling crystals.

Here’s my style guide (source links at bottom of the post).


Some of these items we found as local and online close-out type places and the Restoration Hardware outlet in Vacaville, CA. We got some really great deals, and have already saved several thousands by doing some bargain shopping. I’ve been also shopping online sales for knobs/pulls and lighting to save even more. The marble flooring/shower surround and mosaic shower floor is from BuildDirect. They are my go-to for bargain-priced flooring. I haven’t found anywhere else with 12×24 marble tiles that comes close to their pricing.

So what do you think? Do you like the bright white bling bathroom? Or would you prefer something more subtle, warm, or rustic?

Oh I just remembered this image – I’ve been loving the paneling in this bathroom:

I’m trying to decide if I should give Mr. Project even more stress and tell him I’d like our master bathroom to be paneled out like this. I think it would be a nice way to frame out the mirror without doing a “frame” and give the sconces some framing etc. There really isn’t a lot of open wall space to do… It could look amazing and bring in a more farmhouse feel. What do you think?


Obrien Wall Sconce – Visual Comfort

Marble 12×24 tile – BuildDirect

Marble 1″ hexagon tile – BuildDirect

Single Hole Faucet – Hansgrohe

White Quartz Countertop – Hanstone

Square Undermount Sink – Kohler

Canley Crystal Pendant – Horchow

Antique Tub Faucet – Kohler

Hydro Systems Lacey Soaker Tub – Mountainland Design Closeout Section

Tresham Toilet – Kohler

Grafton Hardware – Restoration Hardware

Manor Court Chandelier – Restoration Hardware Kids

Glass Knob – Restoration Hardware



Master Closet Plans & Linen Niche

October 14th, 2013

Because the house is moving forward so quickly, I’ve been working feverishly to design all the closets, built-ins, and storage niches. One of the best parts of being married to a carpenter is having awesome custom closets. The layout in our master closet is kind of tricky. At the last minute we decided to add a washer/dryer hook up, so that makes for some odd spaces. I spent some time the other night figuring out how to maximize the space, and here’s my semi-final master closet layout:

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 10.04.33 PM

I wanted to go with an “executive depth” for the clothes hanging cabinets. So that they hold the full depth of the clothes providing more of a built-in look. I looked at about a million closets online, but my favorite were by Sawdust Girl. Her master closet is a sight to behold, and exactly the kind of ambiance I’d like to have in my closet. Here’s her pretty closet:


Following her general direction/style, I designed this side of the closet with 1 cabinet for long coats/dresses, 3 cabinets for shirts/pants, and 1 cabinet for shoes/baskets/sweaters. To leave some room to access the washer/dryer, and accompanying laundry cabinet, I put hooks on the wall for hoodies, purses, and anything else we’d like to quickly hang.

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 10.04.04 PM

On the opposite side of the closet there is the doorway to the bathroom so there is only room for 4 cabinets. I designed it the same as the other side but with one less shirt hanging cabinet.

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 9.54.47 PM

Then finally, the side of the closet where the washer/dryer is in a recessed part of the wall. Mr. Project will build a cabinet that will house laundry supplies and most likely cleaning supplies for the bathroom, and things like toilet paper etc. It will be the “utility” part of the closet.
Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 10.16.57 PM
So thats the general idea for our master closet. I know things will change up a bit when building the final product, and working through layout issues etc. But for now it’s an awesome start, and i just can’t wait to actually use the space!!

On to the linen niche! When we were designing the house, our drafter kept throwing in linen closets. But I didn’t want just a little closet with a door or two that would inevitably hide a bunch of junk just shoved in there. I wanted a beautiful built-in cabinet with glass doors.

Below you can see the linen niche in the hallway (you can also see the master closet layout below that).

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 11.41.52 PM

And here is my design for the space:

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 11.50.59 PMPlenty of cupboard and drawer space on the bottom, and then above, open cabinets for decorations and folded towels flanked on each side by a counter-to-ceiling cabinet with 2 small drawers and a glass door where there will be more folded linens and probably patterned baskets.

The countertop will be a solid walnut slab of wood, and the cabinets will be painted white. I’m really excited for the idea of having a beautiful built-in cabinet in the in the hallway to house linens and accessories.