Silver, Gold, & Mercury Glass Christmas Decor

November 18th, 2014

silver, gold, mercury glass christmas decor

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In addition to home decor (my favorite place to get lighting), Joss & Main sells fabulous holiday decor. These gold, silver, and mercury glass items are some of my favorites right now. One thing to note about Joss & Main is that their sales end after a few days, and the products don’t necessarily return to their shop. So you really have to grab it while you can!

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Christmas Tree Decorating Tips – Dream Tree Challenge

November 14th, 2014

2 weeks ago I unveiled my 2014 Michaels Dream Tree, and today I’m going to share some of my tips for decorating Christmas trees. Here’s my finished tree in all it’s glittery glory: 


So how did I get there?

TIP 1: Use Mixed Greenery Garlands

When dealing with a fake tree you need some greenery variation to bring added depth, color, and texture to your tree. My preferred method is to pick up some mixed greenery garlands and weave them through the branches of the tree.

michaels dream tree challenge

Here you can see the bare tree on the left, and then on the right I’ve tucked the garland in and around branches positioning the branches and pine cones (part of the garland) so that they stand out, but also appear natural. I ended up weaving 4 garlands through the tree.

michaels dream tree challenge

Here’s a close up of how the garland branches integrate with the tree.

michaels dream tree challenge

Here you can see the top of the tree. I started my first garland at the top and made it so that several of the garland branches were positioned vertically and extended the height of the tree by a few inches. It also makes the top just a little bit more full.

michaels dream tree challenge

TIP 2: Use picks to add visual size

Once the garland is integrated, I move onto picks. I love love love using picks to decorate trees. They ad some sparkle, fullness, and interest. At Michaels, they have picks in several different areas of the store. My favorite picks are in the floral department. I only use a few of theses because they are larger.

michaels dream tree challenge

I found these gorgeous frosted sage-looking bush picks in another area of the store. I ended up cutting some of the stems off to make them go a little bit further in the tree.

michaels dream tree challenge

And my favorite picks of all are the little glitter picks. The color on these were perfect, a warm white gold color. I also love how in the tree they look like clusters of mini glitted pine cones. Glitter picks are always a good way to bring some bling and texture to your tree.

michaels dream tree challenge

After all the picks are placed just so, I tucked some wide cream ribbon in and around some of the branches. Then I moved onto ornaments.

TIP 3: Use ornaments with a variety of textures

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Michaels Holiday Pinterest Party – Glittered candle jar

November 13th, 2014


This Saturday, November 15th, Michaels is hosting a nationwide Holiday Pinterest Party! So mark your calendar and plan on stopping by your local Michaels store for some fun pinteresty fun. At the event customers will be given a list of Pinterest-inspired holiday projects and choose one that is right for their home or for a gift. You’ll even be given an exclusive coupon to use when purchasing products at the event and then have access to use the classroom to complete your project!

This glittered candle jar is one of the projects that will be featured. The image on the left is the original inspiration, and the one on the right is my version:


Here’s all the supplies I used:

Candle Jar

Gold Glitter

Petal Pink Glitter

White Gold Glitter

Tourmaline Glitter



Mod Podge

Foam Brush


I thought this project would be the perfect excuse to create a custom mix of glitter a la Aunt Peaches. I used a mixture of large gold & fushia glitter and added some fine copper, hot pink, and white gold glitter. theprojectgirl-mixed-glitter


Then brushed on some mod podge and rolled it around in the mixed glitter.theprojectgirl-mixed-glueThen I tied on the bow and a charm and there you have it, a super cute glittery gift!


Don’t forget to go to your local Michaels craft store THIS SATURDAY to create your own pinterest-inspired project!