Red, Aqua, and Glitter Gift Wrap

December 3rd, 2014

red aqua and glittery gift wrap ideas - look at those cute twine tassels!!

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theprojectgirl-christmas-giftwrap-collageWood Veneer, Red Baskets, Trees, Sequin Ribbon, Glitter Paper & Ribbon all from Michaels (get coupon here).


Let it Snow Glitter Banner – Christmas Tree Decor

November 30th, 2014

michaels dream tree challenge

I created those adorable Let it Snow banners for my Michaels Dream Tree this year. I’ve had quite a few people ask about how I made them so I put together this quick tutorial. They are really easy to make if you have the new Cricut Explore which cuts glitter cardstock like it’s well, regular card stock.


Cricut Explore

White paper –  12″x18″

Large Cricut Mat

Cricut Deep Cut Blade

Glitter Cardstock

Ad tech Permanent Glue Runner

Step 1: Use Cricut and Large Cricut Mat to cut banners. Mine are 3.75×17.5. You can also cut these by hand because they are such a simple shape.


I get 3 banners from one sheet of 12×18 paper. theprojectgirl-letitsnow-banner-bannercut

Step 2: Lay out your phrase in Cricut Design Space to fit on your mat size. You can cut any of your own fonts. Just make sure they are sized to fit your banner. My phrase is 14″ long.

Step 3 Cut glitter card stock. I use my deep-cut blade, but I’ve never tried it any other way, so you may be able to use a regular blade. theprojectgirl-letitsnow-banner-glittert

The glitter card stock cuts perfectly every single time, even in the tiny detail areas. theprojectgirl-letitsnow-banner-cut

Step 4 Apply glue to the back of the phrase. I use the Ad tech Permanent Glue runner because I like how the adhesive just adheres to where the paper is. theprojectgirl-letitsnow-banner-glue

Step 5 Stick the phrase on the paper banners!


And then just decorate your tree!



Christmas Vintage Glitter Star Banner

November 29th, 2014


This week as I was putting up more Christmas decorations, I wanted to make a super sweet vintage banner for this adorable advent house. Lately I’ve been so busy with work and projects that I just wanted something I could cut and glue and be done with pretty quickly.


Patterned Paper (from Michaels)

Glitter Cardstock

Pinking Sheers

Ad tech Permanent Glue Runner

Large Circle Hole Punch

Cream Crepe Paper

Ad tech Hi-Temp Glue Gun

Glittered Star

Beige Seam Binding

1. Cut banner flags out of a 12×12 sheet of paper. These are approximately 4″ wide by 6″ tall.


2. Use pinking sheers to cut strips of glitter paper 3/8″ tall. Make sure one edge is a straight edge.  theprojectgirl-vintage-glitter-banner-glitter

3. Cut glitter strip to size and use a Glue Runner to adhere the glitter strip to the flags.

theprojectgirl-vintage-glitter-banner-gluerunner theprojectgirl-vintage-glitter-banner-flags

4. Cut 20″ of 2″ wide crepe paper. Gently stretch it out, and then scrunch it up in rough pleats to give it a pleated look.

5. Use a circle punch (or scissors) to cut a 2″ circle


6. Use a hi-temp glue gun (makes it easy to reposition the crepe paper, but watch your fingers!) to place an ample amount of glue on the paper circle.


7. Place your pleated and crinkled crepe paper on the hot glue to create a fanned out circle.


8. Glue the crepe paper circle to the flag, and then glue a glitter star onto the crepe paper.theprojectgirl-vintage-glitter-banner-flag

9. Punch holes on the sides of each flag and then string through with seam binding. theprojectgirl-vintage-glitter-banner