How to make a kids Fry box costume – Michaels Makers DIY costume challenge

October 1st, 2015


I totally have a thing for making halloween costumes. I love how its like a unconventional materials challenge on Project Runway, and you can just velcro and glue gun your way into the final because it doesn’t have to last for more than a night. Something about this gives me the freedom to just dive in and make whatever I want like our family Yo Gabba Gabba Costumes, or last year’s Mummy costume. This year I was inspired by Studio DIY’s Fries before Guys costume and wanted to make a mini version for my fry loving toddler.


You don’t need a lot of materials for this project. I picked up spray glue, but I ended up using hot glue for everything. The fry box is made from ONE red science board poster, the fries I made from some 2″ upholstery foam and large folded felt sheets from the felt section at Michaels.


To make the box, you’ll need to do some basic measuring of your child. I decided to go about 21″ wide and 16″ tall for the front section. I sketched the basic shape, using the concave area of the front to also make the convex area of the back.

theprojectgirl-fry-costume-cardboardThen I used a ruler and an xacto knife to cut along my straight lines. The curved lines I just went for it (I do have a lot of experience with an xacto knife though, so be careful!)

theprojectgirl-fry-costume-cut  Once cut, I had my front and back pieces. theprojectgirl-fry-costume-box2I layed them over each other and trimmed any difference on the sides to that they are the same exact width. theprojectgirl-fry-costume-box3To measure the sides, I marked the height of the back and the height of the front on another piece of my cardboard, and then cut the front measurement at a slight angle, and scooped up from the front measurement to the back measurement. I did this once, and then traced the finished board onto a second board and cut out a mirror-image version of it.


Then I grabbed my trusty large-format glue gun from Ad tech. I always sing its praises, but I just love using large glue sticks – and you’ll need a lot of glue for this project.


On the frontside of my frybox, I didt want the cardboard to show through, so I cut a stray piece of my red cardboard and glued it on. To glue on the sides, I ran a bead of glue up the length and then held the side piece in place until dry. Once dry, I reinforced with a lot more glue on the inside seam I repeated this on the other side and the front. And seriously this thing is bomb proof  – or toddler proof, iIm not sure which is worse.  Either way, its seriously solid.


For the straps, I measured some ribbon around Leo’s shoulders and glued it in front, cris-crossed it and glued it in back. I used pieces of cardboard to reinforce the glue bonds to keep them from being stressed out.


This whole box process took about 60 minutes. And boy was Leo excited to try it on. He might have worn this box a few hours each day while I was making the fries.


For the fries, I used some 2″ foam that I had lying around. It was green so there was no chance of spray painting, but luckily I found some big 36″x 36″ felt sheets at Michaels. To cut the foam, I used a large xacto knife with a scalpel blade. I drew lines 2″ apart on both sides of the foam and then ran my blade 2 cuts deep on each side. This took forever.


But the results were well worth it. I cut the felt to width. The length wasn’t quite long enough but that doesn’t matter since you cant see the bottom of the fries. I tried a lot of trial and error on getting the edge of the fries looking great. I did find that with hot glue and synthetic felt that the glue bonds to the felt and once dry you can cut off excess felt and have a crisp seam. I ended up using this method two ways. The first was folding the felt over the top of the fry, then gluing the “wings” together, letting the glue harden and then cutting them off. Then wrapping the felt sides over and gluing to the leftover flap, and again cutting away excess once the glue had hardened.


Another slightly easier version of this, is to glue the felt all the way around the fry but leave an extra 1/2″ of excess at the top. Then cut a 2.5″x2.5″ square and hot glue all the way around the opening, making sure that the felt gets plenty of hot glue, and (carefully) pressing the felt square into the wrapped-around felt. Once hardened, all excess can be cut off and your seams look like this:


To glue in the fries, I really just used A TON of glue, and some left-over foam as spaces and reinforcements so that the fries are well supported. theprojectgirl-fry-costume-fries3I was surprised how well the glue holds, but seriously this is rock solid. Both my boys ran around in it for a few hours and its in great shape.

theprojectgirl-fry-costume3 theprojectgirl-fry-costume4 theprojectgirl-fry-costume5

theprojectgirl-fry-costume2 theprojectgirl-fry-costume theprojectgirl-fry-costume-back

I hope you like my DIY kid fry costume, now check out all the DIY costumes from the 49 other Michaels Makers:

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DIY no-glue Mummy Costume

October 15th, 2014

theprojectgirl-mummy-textThis month for the Michael’s Makers challenge, we were asked to create a halloween costume out of materials found at Michaels.
October Challenge Creative

I already knew I wanted Leo to be a mummy this year (more cute pics at the end of the post!), so I just went and found all the supplies I needed at Michaels.


For this mummy costume you’ll need:

White or cream fabric (you can tea stain it to get an antique look)

Freaky Fabric (cream)

Sewing Machine

Pins (tons!)

Jumpsuit Pattern

So why no glue? I really love glue for so many things, but halloween costumes is not one of them. I like my costumes to be sewn and sturdy. Easy to remove and put back on. I don’t want anything falling off or falling apart.

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Our Yo Gabba Gabba Halloween – Muno, DJ Lance, Plex, & Foofa

November 3rd, 2013

Growing up my mom always made our costumes. I don’t think I even knew you could get costumes at the store until I was grown up. So I guess thats just where my mind goes when it comes to halloween. I’d love to just buy costumes and be done with it, but for me, making the costumes is part of the fun and challenge of halloween.

I don’t think I’ve posted pictures from the past two years – I’m all about the experience first and the photo taking second, so excuse these poor photos (I don’t even know how people get their kids to hold still for photos?!?). Anyway when ollie was 7 months old I decided he would be the cutest little gnome (we love gnomes in this house). Ollie always loved wearing hats so I was pretty sure he could pull off wearing a hat as the main part of his costume. He did not disappoint and kept the hat (and beard) on all night long. Here he is *not* looking at the camera.


Because this was my first time making a costume, I kept it pretty simple.  A felt hat just rolled into a cone with a button sewed on for decoration. I used some pillow/drapery fringe trim for the  beard which was sewed into the inside of the hat.

I sewed the blue felt shirt using one of his shirts as a guide for a pattern, and then made a quick belt with some black elastic and a belt buckle. I also attempted to sew some pointy pleather shoes which looked cool but didn’t really stay on.

Here he is trying the hat/beard on as I was making it. Isn’t he just scrumptious?


Such a cute little baby! Look at those kissable cheeks and lips.


The next year I was feeling a bit more confident. We thought he would make a cute little Domo Kun and so I bought some fuzzy brown fabric and just went to town making a 3D rounded rectangle. It worked out great and he was so cute – although he still didn’t quite get the idea of Halloween. Pictures this year were even harder – this is the best one I have!


This year – he totally got the concept of halloween. For the whole month of October he kept asking if we could “get in the car and go to halloween” haha. I kept asking him what he wanted to be for halloween, he didn’t really seem to have a preference, but when he watched Monsters Inc. for the first time, he immediately said that he wanted to be a “firefighter” (actually a CDA agent whom he calls fire fighters) for halloween. So I thought, hey cute… he can be a CDA guy and Leo can be Mike Wazowski and they’ll be super cute. So to go easy on myself, I ordered a yellow rain coat and pants, and figured I’d make a backpack with tubes etc. A few days later it comes in the mail and Ollie would NOT put it on. Not even get close to it. And now he did NOT want to be a “firefighter” not even a little bit.

So back to the drawing board. I kept asking him what he wanted to be and he would say random things/characters/people etc. But he always said a different thing every time.  So I never pulled the trigger on anything. About 2 weeks before halloween I asked him what he wanted to be and he said Muno! For a whole week he kept saying Muno (and added that he wanted daddy to be Plex and mommy to be Foofa). So I told him no changing his mind and I promptly went to the fabric store. I bought fabric for Muno, Foofa (for me), and Dj Lance (for Leo). For the Muno costume I googled Muno costumes (imagine that), and found someone who sewed an awesome Muno costume and had some basic instructions online. This helped me a lot in building my Muno costume though I did a lot differently than they did. The whole time I was cutting/sewing/glueing Ollie was so so so excited about being Muno. I finished the headpiece at night and the next morning when he woke up told him that his costume was done and he could try it on. He was like a kid at Christmas – practically jumping out of his skin and so happy to get to BE Muno.


He kept dancing and saying “wiggle wiggle wiggle stop!” haha I should have taken video!! I did get a cute back-shot when he held still enough to look out the front door.


The balls are styrofoam balls cut in half and covered in fabric and hot glued on.

When Halloween came 3 days later, he couldn’t wait to get his costume on that evening. Here he is posing and dancing. theprojectgirl-muno-costume-montage

And outside getting ready to go!



Not to be too outdone I also threw together Leo’s DJ lance costume.


For both costumes I purchased this simple halloween jumpsuit pattern:

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 8.38.48 PM

It was actually my first time ever sewing from a pattern (those things are HARD to read!), but the pattern was super simple and  the jumpsuit part of each of their costumes took less than an hour to sew.

Here they are both with Grandma who came over to see them and pass out candy while we took to the streets.


Did I mention that Ollie wanted me to be Foofa and daddy to be Plex? So I bought pink fleece and put together a quick outfit (used pajama pants as a pattern, and then just made a bodice by measuring myself). Once Spencer saw all our awesome costumes, he wanted to dress up as well. So the day before Halloween, I ran to the store and bought stuff for his Plex costume and the morning of Halloween, started his costume and finished it a few hours later. It would have been nice to have a little more time to work out some of the details, but I think he turned out great, and the neighborhood kids LOVED seeing a big robot running around.

Here we all are together as an awesome Yo Gabba Gabba ensemble. I’m so glad we got a great group picture and everyone is actually LOOKING at the camera and HOLDING STILL!


Here Spencer & I are in a quick selfie while trick-or-treating.


And a quick shot at Muno and Plex.


And I cant forget our very adorable DJ Lance! He did so great while we were out. Perfectly happy to be on a walk with the family and actually kept his hat on until the very end.



After making those 4 costumes I feel practically like a pro! My sewing machine saw more hours than ever before, and I feel way less intimidated to sew anything including clothes. I also learned just how easy it is to sew pajama pants or comfy pants for kids, so I may just pick up some fleece and sew a bunch of elastic waist pants for the boys this winter and save (a lot) of money.

The whole night was magical and really just wonderful happy moments watching Ollie so confidently run up to doors, knock, say “trick or treat” pick a candy and say “thank you”. He was the absolute perfect age for such an event, and was grinning ear to ear and dancing all the way. We all had the most perfect evening and are already looking forward to Halloween next year, and planning how we could make our costumes even better.

Have you attempted sewing your own/your kid’s halloween costumes? Did your mom sew all of yours like mine did?