Minted Fathers Day Cards & Gifts

May 29th, 2013

fathers_day_table recently asked me to review their Father’s day cards and gifts. Since I happen to love Minted (I did my christmas cards with them last year – awesome!), and have a few fathers in my life, it was a no brainer to share their high quality and well designed products with you!

I have to say that I was bit skeptical about using a site like Minted to buy something like a fathers day card. I figured the prices would be to high, and the cards no better than your standard hallmark card, so why bother with something seemingly more complicated? Boy was I so completely wrong on every account. I checked out their cards and found that all the cards were well designed and super easy to customize. Here are a few that I just adore:



Now you must be thinking to yourself those are so adorable, but they must cost a bajillion dollars. I couldn’t believe that they are only $5.99.

$5.99! For a custom printed with any of your photos card. And I’m not done yet! The cards are also full-color print on the inside with as many photos as you can squeeze in there (they have different layout options that are super easy to drop photos in).

So let me share the cards that I ordered so you can see how precious these are.  Outside cover:


The paper these cards are printed on is super thick 98lb and I selected the Pearlescent paper option, which has just a little bit of shimmer. The quality of the print is excellent and I’m super picky about paper and print quality.

Inside spread:


I almost cried when I opened up this card and saw all these precious moments from the past 6 months. This is definitely more than a card to me, it’s an opportunity to get pictures off my computer and give them a chance to be cherished.

There just isn’t anything cooler than a card with all your own photos printed inside of it.

I also wanted to print a card for my Dad. I chose a simple one because I don’t have any photos of me and my dad (now that I know this, I need to make an effort to take some!).


I did drop a single picture in the inside of our little family (also need to get family photos taken now that Leo is bigger!).

fathers_day_card2_insideIn addition to the cards, Minted also has various Father’s Day Gifts including wall art, customized stationary, and journals. Mr. Project loves to sketch and so I was thrilled when I saw that you could get their journals with blank pages – perfect for sketching. 

I customized his sketch book with his name, and the inside cover  is custom printed with our address if it gets lost. I think this is so awesome, and was excited to find the perfect simple gift for Mr. Project. You can also print photos on the inside and there are several journals that have photos on the cover like this one:


I am so grateful for this opportunity to review Minted’s father’s day products because I know I wouldn’t have tried them out just on my own. And now that I have seen how awesome they are, I can’t imagine not ordering my cards from them every year (and probably for every occasion!).

For my readers, I have a 10% off coupon + free shipping on any Father’s Day Gifts now through 6/11/2013! Enter TPG10SHIP when you checkout.



On an unrelated note, my cute neighbor Katie made the silhouette for my Father’s Day table. I’m going to post a tutorial on that this Friday, so check back to see how you can make this awesome DIY father’s day gift.

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Updates at The Project Girl

May 2nd, 2013

Hi readers! We are working on a full redesign of the site, but I’m not quite sure how quickly that will happen with the whole designing and building a house thing right now. But I did want to point up a few updates that we (Mr. Project) just put into place! And you’ll totally want to read to the end because there is a cute picture there!

Pin-it! You’ve asked for it and we finally got around to doing it. All of my original photos should have a pin-it button show up in the upper left corner when you scroll over the image. For best linking results, make sure you are clicked into the actual post and not just my website in general – this way you’ll actually be able to find the post that you pinned!

Instagram & Pinterest links. I don’t know if anyone’s been asking for it, but I am totally loving instagram, so please add me — I promise I’m worth it —  I post pics of my projects and my cute babies! These links are in the right column >>>>> go click on them! (like me on facebook too!)

Advertising/Sponsorships. I get lots of emails from people who want to sponsor my site, but I never get around to making it happen because it’s such a pain to maintain and update. Well I recently found out about Passionfruit and its soooo easy! So if you have a site/shop/product you want to promote, click on the sponsors link to the right and check out how easy it is to get started. I’ll even throw in a 15% off coupon code for your first ad – first15 (expires June 30, 2013). Also don’t forget to check out my cool new sponsor – Polka Dot Barn (hopefully there will be more than one soon).

Well thats about all the blog excitement I can handle for now. With the new design I’ll have a search bar, and lots of great pages for items such as home tours, downloads, and projects. If you have any other requests/suggestions, just leave a comment.

Here’s a cute pic to end on – my Ollie “driving” the truck and looking so grown up with his new haircut.



House Update – Weekly Wrap-up

April 3rd, 2013

Whew! Where to start…. So last thing I posted was our house for sale on the day we put it up for sale. And the last 5 weeks has been a blur! We got 9 offers in 2 days and only 24 hours to respond. So within the first 24 hours we accepted the first (and best) offer put on the house. We were then thrown into packing, finding a place to live, packing, deciding what we wanted to do with our future, packing, trying to tell Ollie what was going to be happening in his little world, and more packing. Not to mention working, minor repairs on the house, a few trips to good will, and planning our own going away party.

Now 5 weeks later we are *almost* settled into a rental house in Alpine Utah while we work on our plans to build our new house (can’t wait to share!) not too far from our rental. I haven’t even had a moment to wrap my brain around anything too far in the future — I’ve just been living a week (or day) at a time hoping that everything works out. But now that we’re pretty much settled there are so many decisions to make and so many things to do in the next few months. So I really am going to make an effort to blog as much as possible because 1. there is tons to blog about and 2. I would love to have a very concise record of this whole process. Also if you want to follow along, I know I’ll be updating my Instagram and Facebook even more often than my blog – so follow me there for more “in the minute” updates on our house design + build.

Ollie – He’s growing up so stinking fast! He’s so big – 99% for height at his 2 year doctor visit. He talks so much – new words everyday and communicates so well (after a few months of tantrums over not being able to communicate). He loves to read books, play with his trains, entertain his baby brother, and most of all play outside. He is so social and adores his friends and family.

Leo – He just turned 5 months old – which is my favorite baby age. Old enough to interact – young enough to not be able to move. He’s such a happy smiley baby. Loves any attention he can get and loves being in his jumperoo. He’s been sleeping great and in his very own room now – which means momma is sleeping great too!

2 kiddos – Having two is not TOO bad. I think the first 3 months were definitely the worst, but we’ve all adjusted and life has gotten much easier in the past month especially. I’m mostly in charge of Leo and Mr. Project is mostly in charge of Ollie. We always say that leo is work, but not trouble, and ollie is trouble but not work. So pick your poison I guess! I love watching the two of them interact though, and I can’t wait until they start to play together.

Rental House – We’re nearly all unpacked – but have most of our possessions in storage – so thats not a huge feat. Our rental house is nice and new, and big – though not as big as our last house so we have our “office” in the foyer space. Luckily there is a big storage room so that Leo can have his own room. Ollie is now sleeping in a big boy bed and doing GREAT- mostly due to the fact that he can’t open doors yet.

New House – We’ve pretty much finalized the floor plan, just working on some design details. We are meeting with our contractor on Thursday and hope to nail down the budget etc. I’ve been working on room elevations, and Mr. Project has been doing a massive 3D model on sketch-up so that we can see every surface of the house before we even break ground. Its tons of work, but it’s so much fun to work creatively on such a huge project. Here’s a snapshot of the laundry room elevation. Did I mention that we are excited?