Weekly Wrap-up Revisited

September 13th, 2012

So I was going through all my project house posts and I came across my old “weekly wrap-ups” that I used to do. I was so grateful to read and remember some of the small details that I had forgotten. So for my own sake (and memory), I’m going to try and resurrect the idea  and keep it going!

House Projects -

The laundry room is pretty much complete at this point. We’re still anxiously waiting for our door though. I don’t know what’s taking so long, usually it’s only taken us a week or so to get a custom door ordered. The big cabinet still needs shelves, I’ve got to finish my art projects, and Mr. Project has to finish the drywall patch on the ceiling. Once that is all done, the laundry room will be 100% complete. In the mean time I’m actually having fun doing my laundry. I love having the huge work surface and just being able to fold everything really quickly and get it put away. And sometimes I just go in there and hang out for a few minutes and enjoy the pretty.

The newest project that Mr. Project has started is a room divider in the living room.

The end result is supposed to be something similar to this:

(Source and more photo inspiration)

We’ve wanted to do this project for a long time because the space of the combined dining/living room just felt too large and undefined. This makes the space clearly two spaces while adding architectural interest and creating a great focal point from the front door view. I opted for doors on the cabinets to keep small fingers from wreaking havoc. They will have glass in them though, so hopefully the effect will be the same.  Oh and they will have a walnut ledge instead of just being all white, which I think will add some nice interest. We picked up some gorgeous walnut boards from a friend of ours who milled it from his own walnut trees.

Anyway, I’m super excited how it’s coming together. It makes the space feel so much more interactive now. Oh and we’ll be doing board & batten walls in this whole space to make it a bit more elegant. It will be interesting to see how all the furniture gets rearranged once everything is finished.

Little Ollie is doing so well these days. He just turned 18 months old. We took him in for his well child visit and he’s 36″ tall and 26 lbs which is 99th percentile height and 76th percentile weight. The Dr was especially surprised at his height because we are both so short! I guess there are some tall genes hiding in there somewhere and he got both sets of them. No one would have guessed that we’d end up with a tall kiddo! They say that at age 2 you take their height and double it and it’s a pretty good representation of their adult height. Well he’s got 6 more months of growing before we double it and we’re already at 3 feet…. Lets just say that we better train him well when he’s little because it wont be long before he is much bigger than both of us!

He’s into anything creative/artistic right now, including drawing just like his daddy (in church to boot):

And thank heavens for the aqua doodle! No mess, just lots of creative fun:

Apparently he likes to wear a tie while drawing.

And then I snapped this shot at the park and I thought it was too adorable and totally reminds me of that “quintessential senior portrait.” When he’s actually a senior, I’ll have to request a shot just like this one so he can have a side-by-side.

We are having so much fun being parents, and this little guy is such a good good boy.

His current likes:
Food – pretty much everything
Caillou + Nina & Star (okay really anything on sprout)
playing in nursery (that’s my personal favorite)
the snack drawer
trying to help make anything in the kitchen
gummy vitamins
toys that stack
sleeping and napping (another good one)
talking talking talking
snuggling with mommy
playing with daddy
giving hugs (and sometimes kisses)
And of course his 2 stuffed elephants – Ellie 1 & 2:

That’s about it for the weekly wrap up. We’re just trying to get work projects done, house projects finished, and spend time with our cute little boy. Oh and prepare for our new little one who is only 7 weeks away! We might just be crazy, but we’re happy being busy and getting stuff done.

January 2012 – Project 366ish

February 1st, 2012

In an effort to take more pictures and actually do something with them, I tried to take a photo every day in January.  I missed a few days here and there, but otherwise was pretty good. I put together this collage and am hoping to do this every month! Most of the pics are of Ollie of course… he’s the most exciting part of our day.

I think my favorite is the one where he’s kissing his stuffed lion. I love my little boy!

Jen Lately

January 27th, 2012

So I haven’t really posted recently. I have been under this little cloud called “unmotivated” and every time I thought about doing a blog post I would get really discouraged and I would think of all the posts that I have just waiting to be written and get overwhelmed and then I would just hang out on facebook and watch something mindless on TV. Anyone else ever have weeks like that?

So this morning I had a lightbulb moment… I don’t have to do any of those lined-up blog posts, I can post whatever I want! Yeah simple I know, but sometimes it’s hard to get there. So in the shower I had a fun idea for a post: things that I’ve been thinking about lately.

1. Politics

We’ve been talking about politics, watching every (stupid) debate, discussing back and forth our issues with each candidate, and generally groaning about how crazy people are. I really like Mitt Romney, he’s handsome (hey we have to look at the guy a lot!), and hard working, is an honorable human being, and a lot of his ideals fit into my moderate perspective. Newt on the other hand I want to poke my eyes out every time I see him, and he has an ego the size of… well bigger than Texas (been there, done that). I actually like the sitting president though I feel his hands have been tied on so many things both by congress and his inexperience, as well as his desire to make everyone happy. If it were between Newt and Obama I would surely vote for Obama, but for now I’ll keep dreaming and hoping that Romney gets the bid.

2. Oliver and playdates

I’m always obsessed with my little guy, he’s the BEST! He started walking a few days after Christmas (at 9 months!) and is pretty good at it now. We also started play dates – I actually had 2 this week which is crazy! I have found that he loves to poke other babies  in the eyes, and he loves swings. It was a great week! There was also a huge sale at Baby Gap, and I got him a ton of cute new clothes which was sorely needed since he decided to GROW out of pretty much everything else we had. So now he’s in between his old jammies making him look like a stuffed sausage and his new jammies which bunch up on his feet when he walks around. He had his 10 month dr. visit and he’s 21lbs and 30″ tall. that’s 50th percentile weight and 75th percentile height. What a big kiddo!

3. CHA

layouts by Amber Packer

I’m on my way to CHA in the morning. For those not in “the know” it’s the Craft and Hobby Association trade show. My new scrapbooking line (that I haven’t talked about here yet) Miss Caroline is debuting and so I’m going to go and have some fun and see some folks I haven’t seen in awhile and generally just get some inspiration and time away from home (I’m sure I’ll miss Ollie like crazy).  I am PLANNING on doing some good blog updates while at CHA so if you’re into that type of thing visit often!

4. Blog Re-design

Up until this point in blog-dom I have had Mr. Project do the majority of the programming of my blog, but I wanted a few specialty things so we’ve turned it over to a good friend who is also an awesome programmer. We are going full-speed ahead on a new look for the blog, and more important better functionality via search and tags etc. Hopefully that will be up sometime in March. I need to get it in gear as far as working on all the new graphics etc.

5. Young Women’s

I just got called in our ward as the Personal Progress Leader. Or something like that. I’m basically in charge of keeping track of and motivating the young women in the ward to keep up with their Personal Progress Program. It’s been so long since I’ve done anything YW related so this should be very interesting. I’m super excited in some ways, and completely terrified in others. But I’m mostly happy to be able to use some of my talents. For me that is so important when I accept a church calling.

6. Pinterest

Who is NOT obsessed with pinterest?

7. Decorating

I spent some time and money getting some empty parts of the house filled thanks in part to these awesome (and cheap) lamps at target. Now to take pictures…

8.  iPhone 4S Camera

It takes awesome pictures and I always have it on me which allows me to get quick shots of Ollie and his daddy. ALL of my January pics have been taken with it, which means that I really need to dust off the SLR. It also means that I’ve gotten a lot of cute video too. Love my phone!