House Update – Weekly Wrap-up

April 3rd, 2013

Whew! Where to start…. So last thing I posted was our house for sale on the day we put it up for sale. And the last 5 weeks has been a blur! We got 9 offers in 2 days and only 24 hours to respond. So within the first 24 hours we accepted the first (and best) offer put on the house. We were then thrown into packing, finding a place to live, packing, deciding what we wanted to do with our future, packing, trying to tell Ollie what was going to be happening in his little world, and more packing. Not to mention working, minor repairs on the house, a few trips to good will, and planning our own going away party.

Now 5 weeks later we are *almost* settled into a rental house in Alpine Utah while we work on our plans to build our new house (can’t wait to share!) not too far from our rental. I haven’t even had a moment to wrap my brain around anything too far in the future — I’ve just been living a week (or day) at a time hoping that everything works out. But now that we’re pretty much settled there are so many decisions to make and so many things to do in the next few months. So I really am going to make an effort to blog as much as possible because 1. there is tons to blog about and 2. I would love to have a very concise record of this whole process. Also if you want to follow along, I know I’ll be updating my Instagram and Facebook even more often than my blog – so follow me there for more “in the minute” updates on our house design + build.

Ollie – He’s growing up so stinking fast! He’s so big – 99% for height at his 2 year doctor visit. He talks so much – new words everyday and communicates so well (after a few months of tantrums over not being able to communicate). He loves to read books, play with his trains, entertain his baby brother, and most of all play outside. He is so social and adores his friends and family.

Leo – He just turned 5 months old – which is my favorite baby age. Old enough to interact – young enough to not be able to move. He’s such a happy smiley baby. Loves any attention he can get and loves being in his jumperoo. He’s been sleeping great and in his very own room now – which means momma is sleeping great too!

2 kiddos – Having two is not TOO bad. I think the first 3 months were definitely the worst, but we’ve all adjusted and life has gotten much easier in the past month especially. I’m mostly in charge of Leo and Mr. Project is mostly in charge of Ollie. We always say that leo is work, but not trouble, and ollie is trouble but not work. So pick your poison I guess! I love watching the two of them interact though, and I can’t wait until they start to play together.

Rental House – We’re nearly all unpacked – but have most of our possessions in storage – so thats not a huge feat. Our rental house is nice and new, and big – though not as big as our last house so we have our “office” in the foyer space. Luckily there is a big storage room so that Leo can have his own room. Ollie is now sleeping in a big boy bed and doing GREAT- mostly due to the fact that he can’t open doors yet.

New House – We’ve pretty much finalized the floor plan, just working on some design details. We are meeting with our contractor on Thursday and hope to nail down the budget etc. I’ve been working on room elevations, and Mr. Project has been doing a massive 3D model on sketch-up so that we can see every surface of the house before we even break ground. Its tons of work, but it’s so much fun to work creatively on such a huge project. Here’s a snapshot of the laundry room elevation. Did I mention that we are excited?



Leo is 3 months (and 2 weeks… but who’s counting?)

February 14th, 2013

As part of my blog slacking, I haven’t been recording too much info about our cute little #2 He finally had his “2 month”checkup this week and his stats were

15 weeks:

Weight: 14 lbs 3 oz (nearly 2x his birth weight!)

Height: 23.5″

(When he was born: Weight: 7 lbs 2 oz Height: 19″)

So those are the details, lets see what he’s up to these days…

Lots of squeeling, He sounds like a very excited guinea pig most afternoons

Lots of sleeping – He’s been doing 9 hours straight (8-5) for almost a week now, and prior to that 10-4:30

Lots of eating  - my boys love to eat – he does a few cluster feeds in the morning after his long stretch and before he goes to bed to prep for his long stretch. He seems to be a great self-regulator.

Lots of growing – we just put away all the newborn clothes and so he’s wearing mainly 3 month sizes with a few 6 months sizes mixed in (though they are baggy still). He’s got the chubbiest little thighs and rolls on his arms. And we can’t forget his thick neck, chubby cheeks and double chin. He’s just so squishy I want to nibble on him all the time.

Lots and lots of smiling – He is so so so smiley. Ollie never was big into hamming it up, but this kid will charm your socks off. he just loves to smile and give everyone big grins. He especially loves when his brother comes over to say hi.

Lots of brotherly love – Ollie adores his little brother and loves to give hugs and kisses and say “hold” when he wants to hold him. Leo just loves seeing his big brother and smiles so big for him.

It’s interesting how child 2 is so different from child 1. Not just in personality, but also in the way you approach parenting, the amount of time/energy/attention you have etc. It’s just a completely different experience. There is definitely more “vying for the parents attention” from both of the boys. More of “just wear whatever is clean!”  Nothing has to be perfect or scheduled or planned out like with a first child. I wouldn’t change how I was a parent with one child, I think both are just a situation based on different circumstances.

Adding a second has been quite a challenge – changing our schedule, the way we think, how we fit things in, what rolls we all fill etc. I would say the learning curve has been a good 3 months in the making. Just barely are we starting to feel like we’ve got this, and even then there are days (and nights) that you want to end and get a do-over. But thats a big improvement over the first few weeks when I was convinced that we were not having anymore children because it was just too hard to get through the day (and especially night). So it does get better, and quicker than you think. And now, of course, we can’t imagine our life without our little squishy.

Here’s a few (phone) pics from the last month or so ( looking through pics I just realized that I take TONS of shots while he’s sleeping):

I love all my boys!

Goodbye 2012… belated and picture heavy

February 12th, 2013

So my husband is out of town for work and I don’t know why, but I get more done when he’s NOT here. Maybe because I just want to hang out with him once the kids are in bed. Without him here, I can spend more time on my laptop and more time tidying etc. Anyway I was going through my blog last night looking for some pictures to share with a friend, and I really loved reading it! I loved seeing all my weekly updates, about my son and the home renovations. It’s such a great record of our lives, and I’m mad/sad that I haven’t given it the time (or had the time) to blog much since getting pregnant and having a second baby. I need to re-commit and really make it a priority – heaven knows I still waste plenty of time even with 2 kids and a job – so I just need to get into the habit of filling wasted time with blogging instead of wasting it. Like right now – I nursed the baby at 5 am and can’t go back to sleep – I could just surf the internet or I could actually do something worth while! Oh and I’m so sorry about my poor grammar, my brain has officially stopped working since having baby 2 and I can hardly construct working sentences. Please forgive me!! On a side-note I’m now on Instagram – so follow me there – /theprojectgirl

In my blog reading last night, I came across my Goodbye 2011 post and LOVED reading it so much that I knew I needed to do one for 2012 even though we’re 6 weeks into 2013. I guess thats better than 6 months into 2013. Better late than never. So without further ado (sorry about so much ado)…


In 2012…

I became a mom… again

Was way too lazy while pregnant (I think I don’t like being pregnant very much at all)

Was really happy to NOT be pregnant those last two months

Gained and lost 20lbs

Finished renovating our home

Relied on my husband more

Relied on God more

Missed my extended family  a lot

Watched my baby turn into a boy

Purchased a lot of toys (who knew you needed so many?)

Traveled a little

Decorated a lot

Stretched my time within an inch of it’s life

Spent way too much time on my computer/phone/ipad and too little of it with my babies

Spent too little time nurturing my relationship with my husband (I promise I’ll do better in 2013!)

Made a few life-long friends

Learned how much I am loved

Was blessed way way more than I deserve.

Word of the year: FULL

Our home, hearts, and hands are full, and I couldn’t be happier.

Professional Images courtesy of Julia Bender and Kelli Nicole