Family Photos – completely worth it

June 20th, 2013

I posted a few weeks ago about having family pictures taken (and our outfits). We got back some sneaks today and they are so incredibly beautiful!


Our photographer Michelle of Clover & Mustard could not have done a better job. She uses actual film for her photography and it just brings a quality of depth that I miss from digital photography. We’re so happy that she could take our photos and preserve these precious and fast-paced days.


Getting ready and being willing to take family photos can be a lot of work, and cost a chunk of change. But putting in the effort is worth it. Having these photos forever will be worth it.  Whether you’re 7 months post-baby, and haven’t worked out in 3 years, or you are in the best shape of your life, it is worth it to document your family. So don’t wait thinking you’ll take pictures next year or when you hit your goal weight. Just do it now and you’ll thank yourself a million times for it.

I’m also making the vow to actually order prints and hang up picture in our house as part of my “get the pictures off my computer” initiative. I think these will look amazing in our new house.

To see more pics from our shoot – check out Clover & Mustard.


Instagram in the real world – or – getting the photos off my computer

June 12th, 2013



I thought time went by quickly with one child, but with two it’s just zooming past me at breakneck speed. I want to hold onto all these little moments that we have every single day. But they just kind of slip through my fingers. I guess that’s why they say *blink* and they’ll be going off to college.


In an effort to hold onto memories, I’ve been working on taking lots of pictures with my phone. I know I should pull out the DSLR but the best camera you have, is the one you have on you, right? So my photos may not be the best quality or look professional at all, but they do capture us in our everyday moments – which are the ones I really want to remember.


This is one of the reasons that I’m loving Instagram right now. It helps me remember to take these daily snapshots and share them, and when I have some free time, go back and see how we spent our time last month. A photo journal of sorts.

But I don’t just want them in my phone and on the internet, I want to enjoy them in the real world! So I set about finding out how to get these little square images printed. My first stop was Persnickety Prints because they do amazing work and the owner, Chari is fabulous! I found out that they do print just the little squares, and I also came across the idea of printing a huge enlargement that contains a grundle of your instagram favorites:


The Persnickety Prints Instagram page has directions and a link to a free template to create this awesome project. I was all over that and quickly downloaded it and started adding my pics. I uploaded my files, and requested the correct size etc. for printing. The result was this awesome board of sweet memories from the past 6 months:


I thought this would be an awesome father’s day gift, but was so thrilled with how it turned out that I couldn’t keep it a secret! I brought it home and it turns out that the biggest fan is Ollie.  He LOVES being able to see all these pictures of him, Leo, Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, ipad, and his forever lost best friend – “binky”. He’ll sit down with it and go picture by picture talking about each one. instagram_board2

If that’s not an incredibly compelling reason to get your photos off of your computer, than I don’t know what is.

I still haven’t figured out where I’m going to put this gigantic print, I’d love to do one of these every 6 months and just hang them all up in my *future* craft room so I can always be reminded of these days. I suppose time will tell, but for now, I’m eternally grateful for this great idea from Persnickety Prints, and how they helped me finally get some tangible everyday pictures of my family!


Leo is 7 months – and other family happenings

May 30th, 2013

Our sweet Leo turned 7 months today. It seems like a million moments have passed in that time, and yet it feels like they all happened in just the blink of an eye.


How can you resist that face?  Little Leo is just the sweetest little thing ever. Before having Leo, I never quite understood how you could love another little person as much as you loved your first child. But oh man, I’m completely smitten with this squishy, sweet baby. He’s growing so much bigger every day. I swear the speed at which he grows increases daily. Part of me wants it to stop, but most of me cannot wait for all the wonderful months ahead as he grows into his own person.

He really is the best baby, sleeps incredibly well, eats great (as you can see above), is never fussy, goes to sleep on his own, laughs and smiles on demand. I just adore him. He’s started cooing and “talking” especially when he’s hungry. He even loves riding in the car (wahoo!). All in all I couldn’t ask for a better little boy.


At 7 months, he’s fully mobile. He’s crawling EVERYWHERE and FAST – if we don’t keep a constant eye on him, he’ll end up on the other side of the house. And he’s like this silent stealth baby so it’s really hard to find him if you’ve gotten distracted for a minute.  To keep him contained, we’ve set up a furniture and box perimeter to the family room:


His days are spent rolling and crawling around, making a huge mess with all the toys, and trying to escape the family room.

He is also entertained by his big brother. He’ll just laugh and laugh at anything that Ollie does. When Ollie comes into the room his little eyes just light up, and he gets so excited with his entire chubby body. Now that he can crawl, he does his best to follow Ollie around.  It’s so fun to see them together an already best friends.

Speaking of Ollie – he’s SO BIG now. We cut his hair for the summer, and he instantly looked like a boy and not a baby. He’s speaking so much these days, and is good at actually following instructions and staying close to me when we are outside and in public. He likes to pick his own clothes, tell you EXACTLY what he wants to eat, and take baths. I am loving this stage that he’s in right now.


We’re going to get some family pictures taken this week. They grow so fast at this age, I want to have photos of us all together as often as we can. I went to Baby Gap to find some coordinating clothes for everyone, and came away with these bright and fun outfits:


We’re trying a little Emerald, Coral, and Gray. I just love bright colors, so I’m excited that all these fun colors are in style right now. What do you think of Emerald & Coral? Hopefully the photos turn out great! I’ll share them as soon as I can.

If you don’t know this about me, I’m optimistic to a fault… So I’m absolutely sure we’ll take some awesome family photos… however, I tried to take just ONE good picture of both boys on Memorial day and this was what I got:


I love it – not one “good” one in the bunch (especially when Ollie decided he didn’t want to be in the picture and kept closing his eyes to make the whole situation go away). Hopefully our photographer has better luck and my optimism will pay off! Any good tips for getting a toddler and a baby to take great photos?

Oh and as a side note – Follow me on Instagram to see lots of cute pics of my boys and daily adventures – if you don’t have instagram, you should totally sign up – it’s such a fun way to capture and share little everyday moments!