Back to School Clothes – Boy’s Fashion

August 2nd, 2014

Pre-school prep has been rolling on over here. I posted the other day about my Ollie starting preschool in the fall and the tote bag that I made for him. And about a week ago I got the best package in the mail… his back to school clothes! Everything is a size 4 and I’m kind of freaking out that I have a child who now wears a size 4.


Tea Collection is my favorite place to buy clothes for my boys. The quality is so amazing and with two rough-and-tumble boys, I need clothes that are going to last. I buy my oldest a handful of  Tea Collection t-shirts only once a year and he wears them all year long and then they get passed onto my younger son. Those 4-5 t-shirts still look brand new after a year of being worn week after week and they are his only day-to-day t-shirts. Stains come out easily, the fabric is incredibly soft, and I swear every time I pull them out of the dryer they look brand new still.

I also love how cool the designs are, and Ollie picks favorites pretty quickly. His favorite of his new shirts is one with a tools illustration because they are “daddy’s tools!”.


The Tea Collection pants/shorts are just as awesome as the shirts. They have these great knit pants with elastic waistbands that look like nice school pants (instead of sweat pants), and are perfect for my potty-trained child who still has problems with buttons and zippers. And lets face it, who doesn’t like to wear cozy pants?


And now on to the model! My ollie isn’t big on trying on clothes or posing. But he was so thrilled to try on his new shirt with “daddy’s tools on it” that he endured a whole photoshoot complete with hillarious posing.


I also picked up some Native shoes for him which I am also a big fan of. They will be great until boot weather (snow here!). They are easy for him to take off and put on, they wash well, and look brand new years later.

And how cute is this wildcat hoodie?? Ollie saw it on the Tea Collection website and immediately fell in love. It was a bit of a splurge but we are big on hoodies in this house, and I do love a great statement piece. tea-tool-hoodie2 tea-tool-hoodie3

Now he’s all ready for pre school! Isn’t he such a handsome boy?tea-tool-shirt


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Back to School – Preschool Totebag *Free Download*

August 1st, 2014

My little boy is growing up (insert crying here). He’s such a little love and we have such a strong bond, it’s going to be hard to not have him with me all day long. He’s starting preschool in the fall and on his supply list he needs a tote bag not a backpack. So I thought creating a custom tote bag would get him super excited to start school (he’s already thrilled).

We went to Michael’s and grabbed a pack of tote bags and some iron-on vinyl.

This is such a fast and easy project, all you need is a tote bag, iron-on vinyl, a die-cut machine, and an iron.


I cut out Ollie’s name (be sure to do mirror image!), and a monster that I had Mr. Project quickly draw for me (see bottom of post for a free download of this cute monster).  Then I placed them film side up on the bag to get the placement right:


And then ironed on (one item at a time). I also learned after the first one to read the instructions (ha!) and put a cloth between the iron-on and the iron. No irons or tote bags were damaged in the process, but I was a little nervous there for a minute. preschoole-tote-iron

After ironing, I pulled off the plastic liner and saw the final product!


The bag turned out so so cute! Ollie is completely in love with his new bag and even endured me taking more than one photo!

There was even posing!!! this is unprecedented folks, maybe he could be a child model after all.


Now he really can’t wait for school to start. He even told our babysitter that I would make one for her. preschoole-tote

I have a few more Back to School crafts up my sleeve that I’ll  be posting about in a few days. here’s a little sneak peek… I guess I’m pretty excited for school too!preschoole-tote-grouping

And if you have a back to school project, be sure to enter the Michaels #Create2Educate sweepstakes for your chance to win a $50 gift card! There’s a winner every day, so keep sharing your favorite back-to-school craft until August 15th. For more info and to check out other entries, visit



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Unplugged Play – Playing the Sock Game

January 30th, 2014

  It’s hard with a 1 and a 2 year old to figure out new and fun things to do with them especially working full-time. And all too often, a movie is the solution for keeping them occupied. I recently picked up this book Unplugged Play by Bobbi Conner in an effort to find some fun simple activities with my boys.
unplugged-playI like this book for many reasons. One of them is that it’s sectioned by age group. So I can look through just the 1-2 year old toddler section, or the 3-4 year old preschooler group. There are a lot of familiar games, and variations on familiar games, but there are also many new and simple games that i’ve never thought of to play with my little ones.

My son’s favorite game so far has been what we call “the sock game” It’s a  really simple premise. You gather a bunch of big socks, and put little household objects/small toys in them without your child seeing (See easy! All stuff you have on hand).


Then you give your child one sock at a time, and have them feel the object and try to guess what’s inside. Ollie would want to quickly look inside, so I started setting a timer for 1 minute with each sock to give him time to really think about what he was feeling.


During that 1 minute, I also ask him simple questions like “Is it hard or soft?” “Will it bend or is it straight?” “What shape is it?”  “Is it big, or is it small?” etc.


He’s not quite 3 years old and LOVES to play this game. Usually we can do 2 rounds in one sitting before he’s ready to do something else. And I’m always impressed by which objects he can identify by just feeling them.


It’s been great finding simple learning activities for his age, and this book has activities for up to age 10, so I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use out of it for years to come!

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