Simple Candy Bar Wrappers

October 21st, 2011

Hey everyone! As we all know, Halloween is just around the corner! And we know that because the stores are already full of Christmas gear! I think Costco had Christmas lights out in July.

But first things first.

At my house, we give out FULL SIZED candy bars. My husband wants to be “that” house, so who am I to say no? Especially when 30 full sized bars is less than $15 at Costco.

Behold the yumminess….

In order to dress the candy bars up a little bit, I went to Jen’s awesome designs at Design House Digital. Specifically the Spooked line. Vintage Findings would work great for this too. Just depending if you want to go traditional or vintage Halloween.

I printed out a couple papers from the Spooked Collection.

I used Microsoft Publisher to do this. I simply created an 8.5×11 document and inserted the digital papers as a jpg. You could use MS Word or any version of Photoshop for this as well. I am not very well versed at digi scrapping, so I tend to choose the easiest way. I printed the documents onto white cardstock.

I cut each 8.5×11 piece in half the long way, which left them just a little bit short of the length of the candy bars. I made a quick template with each candy bar and simply wrapped and secured with adhesive!

Here are some pretty bars wrapped and ready to go home with some new costumed friends!

Have a happy Halloween everyone!


Halloween decorations part 2… Apothecary style

October 20th, 2011

I’ve never really decorated for Halloween before, so that’s why I’m doing it in phases this year (see part 1 of my Halloween decorations). I’m having to design, make, and acquire everything for the first time, so it takes a lot of creative energy, planning and shopping! The main look I was going for was a more realistic feeling with a muted color palate. I also want to have a lot of small details because I find that those are the most memorable parts of decorating.

I have always loved apothecary jars and I have a small collection of them, so I knew that I wanted to create an apothecary display.  I gathered my existing jars and then purchased a few more at Home Goods (where they are super affordable). to balance out large and small. I also got some tiny jars at a local antique/consignment shop.

I was so excited when I found the antique postal scale and it’s definitely my favorite new piece. Oh and forgive my circus posters in the background… the artwork is phase 3 of decorating so I haven’t quite gotten that far yet!

These two jars sit on the mantle (the sparkly one I use for christmas with those very same sparklies).

The next step was to design my Apothecary labels. I had a lot of fun making these, and I created them with the scale and contents of my jars in mind. And since they coordinate so well with my All Hallow’s Eve digital line, I packaged them up and released them in my digital shop this week:

Once all the labels were designed, I printed them and cut them out.

Then I used my glue runner on the back of each label and stuck them on the jars:

Once all the labels were on, I had to fill up the rest of my jars. I stratigically bought items that I WOULD NOT EAT. Mostly so I won’t eat them and partly so that I can keep them for years to come and can just set up the display really quickly.

These are the fillers I used:

black licorice for the “lizard legs”

chocolate sprinkles for “bat toes”

peppercorns for “eye of newt”

white beans for “tooth of wolf”

black beans for “black locust poison”

gold tinsel glitter for “scale of dragon”

coffee water for “tincture of hemloc”

Not appetizing at all…

So that’s my halloween apothecary collection! Maybe I will add one or two jars every year and eventually have a giant collection! What kind of Halloween decorations do you collect?

Hybrid – Coupon Organizer + Free template

October 12th, 2011

Well hello there!  My name is Angie Hinksman and it’s my turn to share some crafty goodness here at The Project Girl’s Blog.  Thank you so much Jen for having me !  For my first post I thought I’d share with you my ideas for creating a simple way of keeping track of those discount coupons and vouchers.  I’ll show you how to make a two printable Coupon Organizers.

There are two ways you can create these Coupon Organizers.  If you have either photoshop or photoshop elements and are experienced with working with layered templates, I have included layered psd files that you can use to clip your digi-papers into and print out.  I have also included pdf versions that you can use as templates for your traditional scrapbooking papers; either by printing them onto white card and then using as traditional templates or you can print these straight onto your scrapbooking paper.  You can download these templates here.

You will need the following supplies:

  • Your printed Coupon Organizer Documents, printed onto white card – The larger organizer; 1 center/main part and 2 accordion sides. For the small organizer, just one all-in-one document. I’ve used Jen’s Nostalgia 2 papers, available at Design House Digital.
  • For the large Organizer, 1 piece of 12×12 inch card stock (for the dividers and lining)
  • For the small organizer 1 piece of card stock (I’ve used 1 piece of A4 white cardstock)
  • Glue or double sided sticky tape
  • Velcro or magnetic tape (to keep your organizers closed)
  • Scissors, Craft knife or rotary cutter
  • Rolling pin to help your glue stick good and tight!
  • Embossing tool, Ruler or Blunt butter Knife (to score folded edges)

I have set up the psd files so that you can easily ‘clip’ your digi-paper straight into the.  Once you have prepared your digi prints you can just print the finished documents onto white cardstock.  Alternatively you can print the pdf versions onto traditional scrapbook paper by first trimming your paper to fit a standard A4 sized page.

Now you are ready to assemble your Coupon Organizer. First, cut out all of your pieces.  Using the center, patterned piece as a guide, cut out another center piece from your cardstock. This will be the lining of your organizer. Cut the remaining card stock into 3 6 x 3 ¼  inch pieces. These will be the ‘dividers’.

Next fold the ‘accordion sides’ as illustrated in the images below.  I’ve included a ‘Black & White’ version to help illustrate this.

Next, glue the sides of 2 accordion pieces to the sides of the main piece as shown below.  Leave this to dry and then glue the lining to the other side.

Once the whole thing is completely dry (I’d give it an hour or so), fold up your organizer as shown and  add the either your Velcro or magnetic tape, as shown. Finally add your dividers.  You can secure the sides with a little glue at the accordion edges  if you like but it’s really not necessary!

The smaller organizer is even quicker. Simply printout the all-in-on sheet, assemble in a similar way to the large organizer (folding at the dotted lines). Cut out 3 5×2 ¾ inch rectangles from your white cardstock. No need to line this one just fold, glue, insert your dividers and your good to go!

And there you have two easy ways to keep track of those oh-so-useful vouchers and coupons!

Have a great day !