DIY Decoupage Pumpkins

September 28th, 2012

So a few weeks ago I was browsing pinterest and came across these adorable decoupaged Christmas tree ornaments. This is definitely a project right up my alley and I decided to try it early on pumpkins!


So I went to my local Michaels and picked up a variety of pumpkins. I definitely recommend the white ones because you can have a few missing spots and they won’t show up. I’m not sure how the orange pumpkins do yet, but I’ll find out tomorrow!

This is what the final product looks like. I love the scrappiness of it, and its perfect for my more earthy halloween decor.

So the first step is to get your paper. I just grabbed a book that I was planning on donating and cut out a handful of sheets. For the big pumpkin I used about 20 sheets, for the small pumpkin about 4.  I cut the sheets out of the book and then trimmed the margins.

Then I cut vertical strips of varied widths.

Then I cut some of those into shorter strips.

Once I had everything cut and ready to go, I grabbed my Mod Podge and a small sponge brush and went at it.

I recommend using more glue than less. Glue before you put a strip down and then after the strip is on. In my opinion you can’t have too much glue.

This is pretty much how my progress went. I worked on the pumpkin about a quarter at a time and then finished up the bottom quarter after I went all the way around.

I recommend doing it this way because you can keep the smaller area that you’re working on wet and it makes the whole process easier.  Here’s the final big pumpkin again:

I also decoupaged a small pumpkin. This one was much harder because of all the small heavy creases. I used 3/8″ x 2″ strips on this one so it used probably just as many strips as the big pumpkin… just much smaller and harder to handle strips!

I also added a dusting of clear glitter on this one:

And here is the final product mixed with that gilded pumpkin!

I’ve got to do a few more of these (maybe go pick up another big pumpkin), and then I’ll be ready to do all my Halloween decor!

MME Release – The Sweetest Thing

August 11th, 2012

My newest scrapbooking line just debuted at CHA Summer and I am completely in love. I got my package of all the goodies this week and just wanted to unpack it all and go swimming in it! The line is called The Sweetest Thing and is manufactured by the fabulous My Minds Eye. I have to say that it is some of my favorite design work that I’ve done. There are 4 different color sets and I took bunches of pictures, so enjoy all the crafty eye-candy!

Here’s the first set: Honey

Each set has these awesome new enamel dots. They look just like candy and I am completely head over heals in love with them! It’s taking all my self control to keep from putting them on anything and everything around the house.

There are also layered stickers, so cute!

And of course our famous brad cards.

Some cool printed wood + chipboard buttons.

And we can’t forget the titles, label stickers, chipboard, word stickers, stamps, tape, and crocheted doilies!

And if that wasn’t enough… there are still 3 more color sets! See I have been busy!



Tangerine: (love these papers!)

Whew!! What did I tell you… tons of pics! And I cannot forget to show you the matching washi tape:

How fun is that!? Now that you’ve seen most of it, what’s your favorite color set and embellishment item? I’d love to know what you think!

 I’m going to have a big give-away on Monday so that you all can play too! So come back then for a chance to win some of this awesomeness.

And be sure to check out the MME blog for lots of creative ideas on how to use this product. Also if you have already gotten your hands on some of it, I’d love love love to see your projects. Please post a link in the comments section!

Custom iPhone Cover

December 12th, 2011

Over 1 month ago, I finally paid for my first cell phone.
{All the other cell phones I have had, I got them for free.}

I made the hard decision, and got myself an iPhone.  WAHOO!!   :)

Long before the phone ever arrived….well, even before I ordered it….I started looking online for cell phone covers.

I had no idea how many different ones are available, and how hard the decision would be to make to pick just one.

At one point, I was inspired by another blogger who designed her iPhone cover by taking her own picture and uploading it to a site and getting it that way.  After I looked at the site and the costs, I immediately had a different idea in mind.

After a stop by the book store on the campus I work, my idea was put in to action.
I then spent my lunch break crafting.
{I love it when I can do that!}

My idea….get a clear cell phone cover and design my own inserts that I can change out as I want.

Using PowerPoint {because it does a nice job of making ‘pictures’ when I’m at the office} I pulled together some fun digital scrapbook papers and elements and designed my own personal cover……that can be changed in the future.

{The design pictured is actually my second attempt, since I rearranged things because of the wording on the bottom.  I didn’t notice it the first time.}

After I got home, I took a look at the Lost & Found Christmas papers, which are part of Jen’s line.  I had a friend select 4 Christmas papers for me to use, because I couldn’t make up my mind on which ones to use.

To complete your own custom iPhone {or any type of phone for that matter} cover, you will need a CLEAR cover, a digital design or scrapbook paper, a pencil, an exacto knife, and a mat to cut on.

As you can tell in the picture below, I made the digital design much bigger than it needed to be.  I wanted to be sure I had plenty of extra room to work with or mess up.

I traced the cover on to the design, then cut it out.  Cutting out the camera opening served to be the biggest problem for me.

Just be sure that you cut it out the correct way, so that the camera hole will actually match up!  {I messed that up on one of the papers.}

Paper number 1 for the 1st week of December.

Because I have 4 different Christmas papers cut out, I decided that I would change it out every week.

Once Christmas time passes, I will just keep changing up the paper or digital design to what I feel like, as often as I feel I need to.

I think that makes this the best type of cover!

Instead of spending $30-40 per each cover, I spent $20 on one clear cover.

To change it out will be free or just a few cents if I find a fun scrapbook paper.

Another idea would be to insert pictures of your kids {if you have them}, your favorite niece/nephew/pet, scraps of material glued to a piece of paper, etc.

Don’t let the cell phone cover companies limit what you can do with your cell phone.

I think your phone should represent you, not what is available for you to purchase.

Happy Creating!