Craft Blog of the Week! Deena Rutter

April 5th, 2010

Okay, I know I have not done a Blog of the Week in MONTHS, but I’ve been meaning to share my dear friend Deena Rutter’s blog with you for awhile now. Deena is an amazing artist and designer. She also designs paper and digital scrapbooking supplies and fabric — ooh and she’s even done a couple Cricut Cartridges!. In fact she and I just finished designing a paper line for My Mind’s Eye called So Sophie! In addition to all that crazy designing, she makes some pretty cute crafts and projects and shares them on her blog. If that’s not enough reason to visit her blog, she’s also doing an insanely huge giveaway with a smattering of paper, fabric, digital, and those cricut cartridges!

She’s definitely been busy! I also wanted to do a quick interview with her so you can learn more about her and what she’s up to. So without further ado, here’s Deena!

What is your favorite color? O, how I love color.  A deep burnt red seems to have stayed my favorite for quite some time now…

Is there a color that you don’t like to design with? probably black.  I always would rather use a really dark brown.

What is your favorite thing to doodle? Well, if I open up my MANY notebooks ( I collect them and switch between them all way too much), I see lots of swirls!  I also see lots of plans for new ideas for designs and projects. I am actually a much better listener when I am doodling, so don’t be offended if you see me with a head in my notebook while you are trying to talk to me.  Just know I am absorbing everything you say.

How long have you been designing? Officially I have been selling something that I have designed for about 15 years. I started making wallhangings with uplifting thoughts, to hand-painted notecards, then to hand-painted children’s frames.  Stickers, cricut cartridges, and paper collections came next.

Did you want to be an artist when you grew up? Oh yes. Luckily my parents didn’t mind me putting thumb tacks all over my walls with characters I had drawn.  I would have about 50 different drawings up in my room all at once.

What is the most fun project you’ve had? The most fun project I have had was probably Abbey Road for My Mind’s Eye.  They gave me so much creative freedom with it.  That made the designing really come together so easily.

If you could give one piece of advice to people trying to make it as a designer, what would it be? Take risks and don’t be afraid to get out there.  The only reason I get to have this amazing job is because I took one little risk at a time and I tried to improve myself with each step.  Also, be inspired by the world around you.  There is enough creativity in the world to go around.

What is something that you try and teach your kids about creativity? There are so many ways to be creative. It took me a while to realize that my husband, a hard core science guy, was actually really creative at his job.  He has to really open up his mind to think of all the possibilities.  Whatever my children are interested in, I want them to be innovative and creative. I don’t compare my children with one another, so I point out specifics when I notice their unique creativity. I am trying to give my children a framework, and then let them create their own unique worlds.

Do you design on paper first or only on the computer? This one depends on the project.  Sometimes I want a really clean line (like the bird in Happier) so I will design it right in Illustrator.  But other times I want a hand drawn, right off the paper look (like the cutest little Halloween Collection I have coming out later this summer).

Thanks Deena! I’ve seen the Halloween collection and it’s to die for! Here are a few crafty projects from Deena:

Some very Crafty ladies

January 14th, 2010

If you haven’t checked out Design House Digital because you’re not a scrapbooker, you’re missing out on all the great projects you can make with digital kits that are not scrapbook related. There are some very crafty ladies who are posting fun printable projects and tutorials on the DHD blog, and they are too awesome not to share!

You must see this fun tutorial on decorating a cake:

And if you’ve got a party coming up, consider printing digital designs on transfer paper to make T-shirts:

And if that all is WAY TOO Crafty for you, Melissa Esplin has come out with some beautiful blog kits to help you beautify and customize your blog:

Picture 54

We’re constantly updating the DHD blog with fun project ideas, inspiration and tutorials, for scrappers and non-scrappers so be sure to check it out!

My Mind’s Eye Blog

July 6th, 2009

For those of you who are fans of My Mind’s Eye, they have just recently started a blog! Its very awesome and has tons of projects like this beautiful canvas designed by Amber Packer:


It also is featuring MME CHA Summer Sneak Peaks! You know you want to see these. Such beautiful lines! Here are just a few of my favorites:

Abbey Road (Deena Rutter)


Ooh La La (Zoe Pearn)


Boo To You

halloweenThere are tons more sneak peaks on the MME blog, and they should be all popping up at your local scrapbook store in July!