From junk closet to organized

November 2nd, 2015


We have a closet in our Canyon View House that is used for media equipment, but its big enough for lots of storage. Over the last 18 months its become a bit of a catch-all, and about a year ago I bought this drawer unit to organize it.  For the last 12 months most of the drawers have been empty and I never got around to actually organizing them even though more and more stuff got put into the closet. We call this closet the “room of requirement” and my goal has been to make this room really work for us storing all of our office supplies and small items.

closet-organizationMr. Project bought me this Epson label maker and it was just the kick in the pants that I needed to start filling up the drawers and sorting all the items in the closet (along with purging a lot of old stuff that we haven’t looked at in 18 months).


I love my label printer so much. I especially love that it makes me want to put things into bins and label them endlessly. I keep looking around my house to find more things to put in bins!


I just ordered another drawer unit and hopefully I’ll get all the little items in my house all rounded up and segmented soon!

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