Colorful Minc foil wreath for fall

September 30th, 2015


I’ve been wanting to make a super colorful project with all the Minc foil colors and thought a fun fall wreath would be a great project. This was pretty quick and easy with my cricut explore and some free SVG files.


Minc Foil Applicator

Minc toner sheets

mint foil

hot pink foil

rose gold foil

gold foil

teal foil

12″ wreath form

Cricut Explore

Ad tech glue gu

First I cut a bunch (34 to be exact) 3.5″-4″ of leaves on my cricut. I used the minc toner sheets, as well as papers from a minc paper pack. 
theprojectgirl-cricut-leavestheprojectgirl-cricut-leaves-diecutThen I ran them through the minc machine in all the pretty colors of foil. I used gold, rose gold, mint, teal, and hot pink. The Minc papers really do a great job picking up the foil. I thought the foil coverage was really great on all my leaves. 

I bought a simple mdf wreath form from Michaels, and used my favorite full-sized Adtech glue gun. If you don’t have a full-sized glue gun, you really should invest in one. I love not running out of glue every 15 seconds like the mini glue guns. This one switches from high temp to low temp, so its pretty much the best glue gun ever. 

Using my glue gun at low temp, I glued the leaves onto the form. I shaped them as I went for a nice 3D feel.


When it was all done, I added a burlap ribbon bow and loop on the top for hanging. theprojectgirl-minc-foil-wreath-diy

I love how it turned out and I love how bright and fab it feels.theprojectgirl-minc-foil-wreath

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