Lumberjack Kids room Tour – Projects using the Cricut Explore *photo heavy

January 28th, 2015

Welcome to my blog, The Project Girl! This room design is part of a competition! If you love my son’s lumberjack room, I am hoping that you will take a second to go and vote for me on the Cricut Facebook Page (you don’t need a Facebook account). Thanks so much for your help, every vote is greatly appreciated!

The big day is here!!! 6 Weeks ago I was given my Cricut Design Star Challenge FINAL round assignment. The 5 finalists were to re-decorate a room with the help of the cricut explore, $1000 budget, and $500 in Cricut supplies.  Off to the races through Christmas, and New Years, and CHA, and ALT! It’s been a really busy 6 weeks for me, but all the late-nights have paid off and I’m soooo excited to reveal my room makeover to you! I have 2 boys and I was just loving this plaid/lumberjack craze so much, that I created a lumberjack themed kids room! With bunk beds!

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Cricut also asked me to create a video to go with the room reveal. Check it out here (disable pop-up blocker to see):

(this is totally my first video and I edited it and everything. scary!):

Lets back up to the before… wah wah. Cute bedding! but pretty much an empty room. The byproduct of moving 6 months ago. theprojectgirl-lumberjack-room-before

It’s still airy and bright, but so much more pazazz and I love how all the white and black make all the plaid and buffalo check just pop. I also want to take this moment to point out that I designed the duvet covers and used black iron-on to create the patterns on them. They totally MAKE the room, but so many people I’ve show them to think that I bought them!

The desk area is so great. I actually had purchased the desk a few weeks prior to this assignment, and was so incredibly happy that I picked the right color! The brackets I had ordered 6 months ago from West Elm clearance. This room was totally meant to be!theprojectgirl-lumberjack-room-desk

One of the biggest reasons I wanted to do a bunk bed was for the loft space beneath. The perfect place for a little cozy reading of all our favorite baby lit books. My boys love it so much already.



I created what feels like a million projects for this room using my Cricut (I definitely put it through it’s paces). One of my favorites is this log pillow. I ironed on the wood grain, made some end circles, and hoped for the best. My sewing skills are somewhat lacking, but after all these contoured pillows, I think I have a whole new skill!


My boys’ favorite is the saw (easy to throw!).


And my favorite is this stump, complete with Mr. Project and my initials <3


I sewed A LOT of pillows. This last one, I couldn’t believe that the Cricut would cut (neither did my instagram followers). I found this incredibly thick white fur at the fabric store. As I was working on my projects, I thought I would just try to make a bison out of the fur. I didn’t think it would really work, it was just a test (I’m always trying to find something I CAN’T cut on the Cricut). But it totally cut! Amazing I tell you!


And such a cool project too! I’ll post more details this coming week.


I used regular vinyl for a lot of projects too. The Tree is stuck right to the wall. The LOVE is on a birch cut I found at Michaels, and the LUM BER JACK is red vinyl on a small square frame (right on the glass). I also used the pen feature on the explore and had it draw the awesome “Wander For A Bit” art (available in the design space). I found the bison print on Etsy and just had to have it.

I used vinyl on a frame to create this geometric bison (on the glass) with buffalo check fabric (under the glass). And the cricut drew the mountain print below.

To create the clipboard, I mod-podged paper that I printed with my design, and then accented it with a vinyl cut scallop not he bottom. The clouds I cut by hand (thick cork is the only thing I have found that won’t cut, it’s too thick to go in the rollers, so I can’t really blame the machine) and painted white. theprojectgirl-lumberjack-room-clipboard

I really wanted to create an art piece with a big piece of a trunk. This is about 18″ around and it took a bit of work to get it looking like this! I’ll post more about that later, the white is vinyl and a design that I created because my son’s name is Oliver. theprojectgirl-lumberjack-room-trunk

I found these adorable Axe Hooks at West elm and just had to have them for the room. I wanted to ground all the white with a bold vinyl saying and “be brave” seemed simple and poignant for my little boys growing up in this scary world.


And one more REALLY big vinyl to finish off the room. It seems so much bigger in real life, and I love the whimsical stars (from the Cricut Design Space) That make it so sweet.



And speaking of stars. I cut a bunch out of white window cling and placed them on this mason jar Pendant that I made for the reading area. They are super easy to pull off and put back on, maybe we’ll change them out for each holiday .theprojectgirl-lumberjack-room-mason-jar-sconce

And while I’m on lighting. I have to point out this gorgeous sconce that I found at West Elm. Now if that isn’t perfect for a lumberjack room, I don’t know what is!theprojectgirl-lumberjack-room-sconce

And here’s the room again. It’s such a fun fun space for my  boys to play and learn. And I really am dying about those white/black buffalo check curtains (that I sewed! Don’t be too impressed, I haven’t hemmed them yet).


Thanks so much for getting this far on my lumberjack room tour. This contest is now open for voting so click over and vote for my room! For more updates sign up for my newsletter, follow me on instagram, and join my Facebook page.

I’d also like to quickly thank Cricut for this great opportunity, it’s been a lot of work, but super fun and challenging.


Fabric for curtains: $60

Fabric for pillows etc.: $70

Duvet covers: $60

Bison Art: $30

Bed Hardware: $60

Flannel Sheets: $120

Sconce: $150

Frames: $30

Accessories: $60

Red Shams: $70

Diamond Rug: $100

White Rug: $30

Pendant Kit: $30

White Desk Lamp: $24

Total Room Budget: $910

Mr. Project built the beds out of wood that we had lying around. And A lot of items were repurposed or things we had already!







39 responses to “Lumberjack Kids room Tour – Projects using the Cricut Explore *photo heavy”

  1. Cynthia says:

    This looks amazing! I want to have a sleepover. Your video rocks! Way to go Jen!

  2. Amy Robison says:

    I was so sucked in while looking at all these beautiful pictures of your hard work, that I didn’t even notice my kids destroying the room we’re in in. My highest compliment. 😉 this room is seriously amazing. Great job on the bedding and I can’t wait to learn more about how you did that big piece from the log. Love love love this room.

  3. Cari says:

    Love it Jen! You nailed it and I absolutely love the pillows with the iron-ons. Those are awesome as is the whole room!

  4. Laura says:

    Are you kidding me? This is an amazing room, even more so considering how much is handmade. You have some serious skills!

  5. Jen Allyson says:

    You are so sweet! Thanks!!

  6. Martha says:

    It is a lovely and sweet room with a ton of work going into it. I did want to mention that there is a spelling mistake. The wall vinyl should be “Let’s sleep under the stars,” as in “let us.” Just cut a quick apostrophe and it’ll be fixed.

  7. Jen Allyson says:

    Thanks Martha! That should be easy enough 😉 as long as I can climb up on that bunk again haha

  8. you and spencer just completely outdid yourselves! this looks so amazing and I’m loving all the small details that so many forget! xoxo

  9. Mr. and Mrs. Project rock! This bedroom is soooo cute!! Love all the little lumberjack details, great job!

  10. Molly says:

    Jen and Spencer this is all so good!!!!! Cannot believe the pillows, the the wall art and don’t get me started on the bunk beds. Did you list how you made the buffalo print bean bag? I love it.

  11. Rachel says:

    Love the whole room! So creative, and I especially love all the fun pillows!

  12. Jen Allyson says:

    Thanks!! I’m so not great at sewing, so those were definitely out of my comfort zone!

  13. You complete me. I seriously love every single aspect of this. I die over all the buffalo check and the vinyl details. I think my favorite part is all the details that are vinyl but you wouldn’t even know! And the art! Girl you are the boss. xoxox

  14. Rachel says:

    Jen! I’m so impressed, the room looks fantastic and you deserve to win! you’ve got my vote(s). hehe!

  15. Jen Day says:

    You killed this Jen! So much creativity. I absolutely love everything about it!

  16. This room is too cool! Love it! Well done!!

  17. Lynnette says:

    Jen!!! I’m dying. Every detail is just perfect. I cannot get over that stump pillow. Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. Kiki Comin says:

    holy moly, jen! this is all incredible. i love every single detail. 😉

  19. I’m with you–the log pillow is my favorite. Love all of the details and custom artwork. Fab job !

  20. Wow! I’m new to your blog, and so glad I found it. There are so many amazing projects in this room and it looks so great all together too. I love, love all of your pillows!! So well done.

  21. Jen Allyson says:

    Thanks so much!!

  22. LynneZ says:

    I found out about this contest through the Lia Giffin blog and am glad I did. I am so enjoying the room make overs using the Cricut. You really created a wonderful space for your boys. Thanks for sharing. I think I will be following your blog from now on. Good luck with the contest.

  23. Jen Allyson says:

    Thanks Lynne!

  24. This is adorable! Love the entire room and all the details.

  25. Kortney says:

    Simply fabulous! Creative! Genius!

  26. Shannon says:

    Would you be able to share the Design Space cut files for the pillows? Especially the log. I MUST make the log!!

  27. Jen Allyson says:

    If I win they will be in the Cricut Design Space! If not, I’ll see what I can do 😉

  28. Toni says:

    This room is just darling. Love all your details. You did a fabulous job!!!

  29. Jen Allyson says:

    its called hansen i think!

  30. Diana says:

    I can’t believe I missed out on all of this! I had no idea there was another Cricut Design Space Challenge! I love everything you did!!! The pillows, the wall decor, so cool!

  31. Oh my gosh the room is absolutely perfect. I can’t believe how many projects you churned out using the cricut!!

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  33. Alix says:

    Can you tell me the dimensions of this bedroom and the size of the beds? I just love it so much!!

  34. Jen Allyson says:

    10×15, ceiling height is 9 feet and then peaks up to 12 in the middle. The bed plans can be found here:

  35. Natalie says:

    Oh my gosh, I love this room! I am dying to make that log initial pillow! Do you ever plan on sharing this Deign Space cut file? I love everything so much!

  36. jenallyson says:

    I don’t have plans at this time. Thanks!

  37. Project mommy says:

    Hi , just wanted to say I really love the room it is such a fun room for boys to be in. we are thinking of Diy-ing a twin bed for our son who is in toddler bed right now- and I was wondering if you had plans for both of the beds that you made which by the way I think is so creative I just love the way it looks in the set up.please let me know if you have any plans that you’re willing to share
    Thank you very much

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