Cutting vinyl rolls with the Silhouette CAMEO

December 29th, 2014


I recently posted about my new Christmas mantel. I just wanted to quickly post about my process and putting up large vinyl graphics.

I prefer to cut vinyl with my Silhouette CAMEO because you don’t need to use a mat, and you can cut big rolls. I also used this great Silhouette roll feeder that helps feed large rolls of vinyl. It’s pretty awesome.

Silhouette Studio makes it super easy to set up your artwork. For this artwork, I used a font and typed out my words and then sized them to fit the width of my vinyl roll (9″). The final length was just under 10 feet.


I set up my matte black 9′ vinyl in the roll feeder, and fed it through the rollers. It’s important to make sure that your rollers are set to the width of your material. I recommend doing a test cut before you start any long cuts.

Once the vinyl is all cut, I removed all the excess vinyl, and then cut up my roll into three pieces.


Then I applied transfer paper over each of the phrases.


I set up a laser level to set up my baseline and centerline, and then, after removing the vinyl backer paper, placed my first (last) phrase up on the wall.


I rubbed the vinyl against the wall with a scraper to make it stick, and then carefully removed the transfer paper.

I repeated this step for the next two lines and  ended up with a perfectly level large-scale vinyl graphic.

4 responses to “Cutting vinyl rolls with the Silhouette CAMEO”

  1. Amy Robison says:

    I’ve looked at this a million times, so I’m finally writing you a comment to tell you how much I love it! You have so much talent!!!

  2. Jen Allyson says:

    You’re so sweet Amy! We should do a craft night!

  3. Amy Robison says:

    Umm…Ya we should!!! Just tell me when.

  4. Sandra says:

    wow so cute and fab. how i wish i can make this, and Christmas is coming and i really want to have 1.

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