DIY no-glue Mummy Costume

October 15th, 2014

theprojectgirl-mummy-textThis month for the Michael’s Makers challenge, we were asked to create a halloween costume out of materials found at Michaels.
October Challenge Creative

I already knew I wanted Leo to be a mummy this year (more cute pics at the end of the post!), so I just went and found all the supplies I needed at Michaels.


For this mummy costume you’ll need:

White or cream fabric (you can tea stain it to get an antique look)

Freaky Fabric (cream)

Sewing Machine

Pins (tons!)

Jumpsuit Pattern

So why no glue? I really love glue for so many things, but halloween costumes is not one of them. I like my costumes to be sewn and sturdy. Easy to remove and put back on. I don’t want anything falling off or falling apart.

And sewing a mummy costume is pretty easy. You don’t have to worry about wrinkles, hems, or any odd cuts. The whole thing is freyed anyway, so your seams are going to look just fine.

Okay you want to start with a simple jumpsuit pattern. I used this one last year, and again this year (and  probably next year too). It’s basically 10 seams if you don’t do any cuffs.



For the mummy costume, I didn’t do any cuffs or neck liners, I just left my hems raw cut. To start All I did was sew the front seams and the back seams and then sew the shoulders together creating this long shape of the entire exterior of the suit (no sleeves shown – they get sewed on later).

Then I just tore strips of fabric, and then got my “freaky fabric” ready to go too. theprojectgirl-mummy-strips

I cut and pinned strips of fabric onto the costume.


As I worked my way from top to bottom, I added in strips of the freaky fabric, pinning it in place as well. I also tied a few pieces to create some texture.


Just keep pinning, overlapping, tying etc. till you cover the whole thing with strips.

The back side will have an open slit (according to the pattern). I didn’t use velcro, I tore some ties out of the same fabric – about 1″ thick, and 12″ long, and then pinned them to the opening. I figured more loose strips was going to look just fine.

I even had a little “helper” haha who wanted to pin for me. theprojectgirl-mummy-help

Once everything was pinned on, I sewed along all the edges where the pins were (I think i used like 200 pins!) to keep all the strips in place for the final sewing. Do this to the sleeves as well and then sew the sleeves onto the bodice (per pattern).theprojectgirl-mummy-sewing

Then flip everything inside of itself and pin all your seams to keep everything lined up and all your strips inside the costume.


Then just sew along your seams, and turn it inside out! What do you have? An awesome mummy costume made without any pesky glue!theprojectgirl-mummy-complete

I also sewed 2 strips of leftover fabric, and a little strip of Freaky Fabric to create a headband.


Leo loved his costume so much he didn’t want to take it off!
theprojectgirl-mummy-model2But since it’s a whole jumpsuit and sewn, it’s really easy to take off and on.

theprojectgirl-mummy-model1Now we can’t wait for Halloween!

3 responses to “DIY no-glue Mummy Costume”

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  2. Olivia Morrissette says:

    Leo in his mummy costume has MY heart! When I saw his first photo with the talc on his little nose, I had to take a look at your tute. Wonderful idea, with excellent photos and instructions. Quite inspiring, really; I have lots of cheesecloth, and am now rethinking my witch plans. But young Leo . . . what a heartbreaker! Too precious.

  3. Jen Allyson says:

    awe so sweet thanks!! and hopefully all went well with your costume plans!

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