Year of Change Challenge – DIY triangle art

September 26th, 2014


At the beginning of the month, I posted about this Year of Change Challenge that I was asked to participate in this month by my lovely friend Amy. It was super fun to participate and really push myself to do something that I don’t normally do which is DIY art.


And of course I can’t help but do a DIY tutorial, so keep reading for an awesome how-to on this project. 



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So lets start with inspiration. I was looking all over Pinterest for something that I found intriguing that inspired me.  I found this gorgeous triangle art by Crystal Jackson and knew I wanted to re-create this look in the easiest way possible.



Canvas (18×24) (use a coupon to get 40% off!)

Hazel & Ruby DIY Stencil Mask

12×24 Cricut Mat

Cricut Explore

Acrylic Paint

 Gesso I got mine at Michaels, but you can get it on Amazon

Paint Brushes

BIG Paint Palette

If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know that I’m in love with this Hazel & Ruby DIY stencil mask (now back in stock!). I knew it would make this project super duper easy. Basically it’s a re-positionable, re-usable material that you can cut with any electronic cutter and then use to mask off areas that you want to keep the background color/image etc. to show through.

Step 1: Gesso your canvas to give it a base/base color. You can also paint over that gesso if you want a different base color other than white. If your canvas is larger than the mask, you’ll want to give yourself a guideline for placement. I used the full mask sheet as a guide and taped around it with wash tape. (do this after the gesso/base coat is dry).


 Step 2: Apply stencil mask to 12×24 cricut mat (yay for cutting bigger than 12×12),


Step 3: Set your image to cut using Cricut Design Space. I use the Iron-on Setting on the machine since this has a liner similar to that. theprojectgirl-triangle-computer

Let your Cricut do all the hard work!theprojectgirl-triangle-cricut

Step 4: Get stencil mask on your canvas. There are several ways to do this. I chose the crazy method of peeling it off and then sticking it to the canvas by letting it kind of lie on its own and working it a little bit. However, you can use a vinyl transfer sheet, but you’ll need to weed out all the triangles first.


But once it’s on your canvas, you’re pretty much good to go! I like this material because it has just the right amount of give for placement, and it’s really easy to re-position and un-stick from itself even. theprojectgirl-triangle-mask

Step 5: Start painting!


Just do whatever colors and triangles you feel like. Leaving some blank, and some white. I recommend sticking to color families. The best way to do this is mix your colors as you go and start from the darkest color, paint with it, add some white/other tones to make it what you want, paint with it, then repeat.theprojectgirl-triangle-paint-partial

This is what my palette looked like:


And these acrylic paints had really great coverage so I didn’t have to do 2 coats of anything.

Once you do all the triangles, you take your over-lay color and paint it everywhere there are blank triangles. I wish I had gone a little darker with my overlay color.


Step 6: Peel away the mask! You’ll want to do this while the paint is till a little wet or else it will be harder to get off. Technically you can reuse this material, but with all the skinny lines, It was just easier to peel and trash it.

You might have a little bleeding in areas, I probably only had like 5 goobers for the whole painting, so not bad. Just let it dry and touch these up with your base color.



And there you have it! DIY triangle art! It was pretty quick and easy, and I love the end result, especially against my black walls!

If you’ve made it this far (thank you!!), don’t forget to follow my Instagram and Facebook for daily updates on all my projects. And check out the other DIY artwork posts this month.

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