Office update – craft glitter pillow and gold metallic triangle pillow DIY

September 25th, 2014

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I’m working really hard to get my office all designed and be DONE with one room in the new house. I recently posted my inspiration board for this room, and the progress.


After doing the inspiration board I quickly ordered a bunch of pillows and decided to DIY a few of them as well. Well here’s the final bench all pillowed up:


My favorite one is the “Crafters Gonna Craft” pillow. I designed the image, and the vinyl was so easy to use, and it looks AMAZING. Really the glitter looks just perfect and my Cricut Explore cut it beautifully. Okay lets talk about all the pillows really quick and then I’ll get on to the DIY instructions and tips for using iron-on vinyl.


 Here’s my before/after shot. Well I should probably go back further to when I had no lid on the seat, but I’ll spare you. It wasn’t pretty nor fictional. But Mr. Project made a top for me, and then I got on with my pillow-loving self. 




I don’t have a lot of time to sew something like pillows. I try to reserve my project time for things that require some out-of the box creativity. So I found most of these pillows on Etsy for pretty good deals:

Black Aztec Pillow

Geometric Coral Pillow

Gold Triangle Pillow (DIY)

Turquoise Chevron Pillow

Small Blush Geometric Pillow

Crafters Gonna Craft

Black/white chevron – I DIYed this using 3 clearance napkins from west elm. Total cost was $2.54!

Pink Ikat – From 4 Chairs Furniture in Utah

Coral Greek Key Pillow

Black Splatter Pillow (shown below)

Now lets talk about my favorite pillow in the whole wide world (which I am offering a limited run on Etsy for those not big on DIY)




Old Gold Glitter – Heat Transfer Vinyl

Cricut Explore

Regular Cricut Mat

Cricut Weeder Tool

Pillow cover or fabric to sew one (this one is 12×20)

Pillow Insert

The most amazing Iron (55% off right now!)

STEP 1: Put your iron-on glitter vinyl Shiny-side DOWN on your cricut mat. Cut on the setting for vinyl+ (this stuff is pretty thick because of the glitter). Cut your design


Step 2: Cut around design, not right on cutlines, just close. This will make it easier to peel away excess vinyl and leave some with backing for small future projects.

Step 3: Carefully peel away all the large areas of vinyl. Watch where your small cuts and bends are because you can easily tear or peel them (which you don’t want to do!). Then using your weeding tool to get all the small spots.

Step 4: Prepare design for application. I cut my design like this to conserve on vinyl usage. So once I was done weeding, I cut through the clear liner to separate the words.


Then I laid the words out on the pillow form and arranged them how I wanted them placed. theprojectgirl-craft-glitter-2

Step 5: Iron On the design. For best results, Iron on the words one at a time. I started with the middle word placed where I wanted it. I placed a thin cloth (I use a cotton dinner napkin) over the word to keep the transfer sheet from melting.

Then place the next word, Iron, and repeat with the 3rd word. theprojectgirl-craft-pillow-flat

And there you have it! I gorgeous and fun pillow using this amazing glitter heat-transfer vinyl! Here’s a detail shot so you can see the glitter up close. It’s perfect, and the explore cuts the tiny parts of the words perfectly. theprojectgirl-craft-glitter-upclose

I love that you get the glitter look with NONE of the glitter mess. And I have to say that Mr. Project HATES glitter so much he’s banned it from our house (not that that means anything haha), but  he saw this pillow and eyed it warily because of the glitter. But seriously folks, this glitter does NOT come off. Mr. Project even tried to scratch it off, and it wouldn’t shed even a speck.

I don’t know how well it washes, so I recommend spot washing only. 

And like I said before, I’m creating a limited run of these “Crafters Gonna Craft” Pillows and am willing to do a custom version if you want something like “quilters gonna quilt” etc. Just message me on Etsy. theprojectgirl-craft-pillow-etsy-2

I love all my pillows!! I have to show you this picture because my Gold Triangle pillow is missing from it. 
What happened was I wanted to create this gold metallic triangle pillow using Vinyl Expressions Gold Metallic Heat-transfer Vinyl (awesome). But I was having issues with getting the vinyl to transfer to the material that I had chosen for my pillow. It was a little too textured I think. So I gave up. But then I had to do something else in my craft room that kind of had some down time here and there, so I started again, and found success doing a few key techniques. The end result is pretty spectacular, but I do NOT recommend this project for new crafters. It looks simple, but there were definitely some “I think I completely ruined it!”  moments along the way. theprojectgirl-gold-triangle-pillow

But if you’re still interested in creating your own, here are my pro tips:

1. Cut equalateral triangles – this will make it so they don’t need to be oriented one way or another.

2. Once your triangles are cut, remove them from the transfer sheet.

3. Create a baseline for middle row of triangles using a ruler. This will keep your first row straight and then you can eyeball placement for the rest.

4. If you sew, I HIGHLY recommend adhering the triangles onto your pillow’s front panel BEFORE you sew your pillow. Working with a flat piece of fabric is going to considerably decrease the difficulty of ironing on the material.

5. Use a GOOD IRON and run it HOT HOT HOT. Actually you can run it  HOT HOT, but if you have problems with any of the triangles adhering, then crank that baby up and just go for it. I ran my iron super hot and didn’t have any issues ruining any of the triangles, although I thought I had ruined the whole thing MANY times and I think one of the triangles did get a little melted, but you can’t even tell.

6. There will be lots of fingerprints, some weird texture stuff happening, a few warped edges from possible melting. Just endure to the end! I was nearly terrified the whole time that it was going to look like a hot mess (literally ha!), but overall the material was incredibly forgiving, and the end result looks near perfect – especially from far away.

7. The most important part is to make sure all your triangles are stuck down extremely well. No pealing edges etc. Cut a few extra triangles in case you need to rip one off if it’s just not working for you.

8. Be sure to do some math before you cut your triangles. My pillow form is 18″ square and my triangles are just slightly under 3″. This makes for a good 6×6 repeat.  I also cut half triangles for the ends for a more finished look.

I don’t want this to sound like the vinyl material was the issue. I do think it’s a little more difficult to use (needs more heat for longer)  than a regular iron-on vinyl, but I think the fact that I was hand-placing the triangles (instead of using a transfer sheet with a weeded design), and the fact that I was ironing them onto a pre-made form added some additional issues that could be avoided with a different design.

Overall I think if you do some smaller scale test projects with the iron on gold metallic vinyl, then you’ll be best equipped to handle a more difficult project.

The result is pretty fun though. I love how the gold brightens up the space and makes the pillows all a little more playful.


*Vinyl material for this post was provided by All projects, pictures, and opinions are my own.

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