DIY Fall Hydrangea Topiary Tutorial

September 15th, 2014



I created this topiary as part of my Michaels Makers project this month. That post was getting pretty long, so I created this separate tutorial to show how to re-create this project.

Supplies (contains afflilate links):

2 Burlap Hydrangea Spray

4″ styrofoam ball

Acrylic Paint (match to hydrangea)

Foam Brush

Topiary (the one I purchased was on clearance. You could also make your own with a terra-cotta pot, some floral foam, and the stem from the hydrangea spray)


Ad tech Lo-Temp glue gun

xacto knife or awl


Step 1: If you are altering an existing topiary, wiggle and pull off the existing top. You’ll end up with a spear-type end. If you’re making your topiary from scratch, you’ll need to fill your terra-cotta pot with floral foam (hot glued in). Then cut 8″ from your floral spray stem with wire cutters. Glue the stem into the floral foam and you’re good to go!


Step 2: My foam balls had a small 1/16″ hole  in the bottom. I was able to just shove the stem into it really tight. I didn’t use glue, but I recommend using glue if you have a more dull point going into the foam ball, or if it seems loose at all. For this whole project you’ll want to use a low-temp glue gun. I prefer a large format glue gun one like this one from Ad Tech because it accepts the large and extra-long glue sticks.


Step 3: Paint  foam ball to match hydrangea blossoms.


Step 4: Use an xacto knife or Awl to create a small hole.


Fill hole with a drop of hot glue:



Step 5: Shove stamen with hydrangea bloom into the hole. Repeat. I suggest placing the blooms about an inch apart, and then the next row stagger the holes so that they are in between the holes on the previous row.


Keep going down the whole ball. If there are areas that seem sparse, add in additional blooms.


Step 6: Add Leaves. Cut leaves off of hydrangea spray stem. Create hole and glue stem into underside of the ball. I used a small quilting pin to  pin the leaf to the ball so that had the placement I wanted. Repeat for as many leaves as you want.

Step 7: Add ribbon. I just looped up the ribbon and pinned it into the ball.theprojectgirl-topiary-finished


And here you can see the topiary with the rest of my fall decor. Check out my Fall Buffet Decor post and my Fall Chalk Art post to see the rest of the projects!


Disclosure: This post was sponsored as part of the Michaels Makers program. I received free product in exchange for this post. All ideas, opinions and wording is entirely my own and I had a lot of fun too! I am also a brand ambassador for Ad Tech adhesives and love using their high-quality adhesive products.

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