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September 10th, 2014

Fancy Christmas Apron A

Fancy Christmas Apron

by Diane and Audrey of The Cloth Parcel – Check out their blog for quilt and craft ideas, quilting and sewing techniques and tutorials, and previews of upcoming products!

When we think of Christmas, one of the first things that comes to mind is holiday baking.  We are always taking pictures of fun holiday traditions, so why not look fabulous in a cute holiday apron while you’re at it?  This apron is generously sized with an added pocket to be functional as well as beautiful.  The waist ties can be tied in back, or wrapped around the back and tied in front.  We know you’ll love this apron as much as we do!

Supplies Needed (from Lost & Found Christmas from Riley Blake Designs):

-1 3/4 yd. Black Damask

-1/2 yd. Green Trees

-1/2 yd. Red Snowflakes

-1/3 yd. Black Snowflakes

-Various scraps for apron pocket

Begin by cutting the pocket lining fabric to 8” x 8” (we had to piece ours, but this won’t show).

Fancy Christmas Apron 0

Cut 8 strips of different fabrics 1 ¾” by the width of the fabric.  Sew them all together and press each seam.

Fancy Christmas Apron 1

Using your lining piece as a guide and your ruler markings, cut the pocket front 8” x 8” on a 45 degree angle.  (photo 2 & 3)

Fancy Christmas Apron 2 Fancy Christmas Apron 3

 With right sides facing, sew the pocket pieces together using a ¼” seam allowance.  Leave a 2 – 3” opening on the side for turning the pocket.

Fancy Christmas Apron 4

Turn the pocket right side out and press, making sure to press opening seams to the inside.

Fancy Christmas Apron 5

Set the pocket aside.

To cut out the main piece of the apron, lay the folded fabric on your grid cutting mat and follow the dimensions in the picture.  For those without a large cutting mat, each square is 1”.  You can draw out a grid on a large piece of paper to get the same effect

Fancy Christmas Apron 6

We have given this apron extra width so it will wrap nicely around your waist, unlike those skimpy postage stamp aprons.  If you are petite, you may want to take an inch or two off the width.

Position the finished pocket on the apron body according to the layout in the picture, 6” from the bottom and 3” from the center.  Be sure to put the opening on a side where it will be sewn shut.

Fancy Christmas Apron 7

 Pin the pocket in place. Fancy Christmas Apron 8

Sew pocket to apron on three sides with a narrow top stitch, catching the opening in the process.

Fancy Christmas Apron 9

 Hem the curved sides of the apron by turning under ¼” twice and sew with narrow stitch and press.

Fancy Christmas Apron 10

 Cut out two neck ties 3” x 25”

Fancy Christmas Apron 11

and two waist ties 4” x 35”.

Fancy Christmas Apron 12

Before sewing the ties, place a safety pin near the end of each tie on the right side of the fabric.

Fancy Christmas Apron 13

Fold the tie in half lengthwise with right sides facing.  Sew across the end (with the safety pin inside) at a slight angle, and along the edge using a ¼” seam allowance.  Leave the other end open for turning.

Fancy Christmas Apron 14

Turn the tie by pulling the safety pin along the inside and out of the opening on the end.

 Fancy Christmas Apron 15

Complete all four ties using the same method and press well.

Fancy Christmas Apron 16

Cut the top facing for the apron by using the apron top as a guide.  Cut the sides ¼” to ½” larger than the apron and 3” wide.

Fancy Christmas Apron 17

Press hems in the sides and bottom of the facing to match the size of the apron top.  Before sewing the across the top of facing, make sure to pin the apron neck ties to the wrong side of the apron fabric.  Place the right side of the apron facing over the ties, also to the wrong side of apron fabric.  Sew across the top using ¼” to ½” seam allowance.

Fancy Christmas Apron 18

Press the seam across the top of the apron open.

Fancy Christmas Apron 19

And turn to right side of apron and press down across the front.

Fancy Christmas Apron 20

Stitch the facing in place, using matching thread, with a narrow seam allowance.

Fancy Christmas Apron 21

Turn the apron sides under ¼” and then another ¼” and press.

Fancy Christmas Apron 22

Place the side tie under the pressed side hem

Fancy Christmas Apron 23

then fold over and pin to hold.

Fancy Christmas Apron 24

Sew the side hem and tie in place and double stitch over the tie to hold securely. (photo 24b)

Fancy Christmas Apron 24b

Cut two bottom ruffle pieces 6 ½” by 30”.

Fancy Christmas Apron 25

With right sides facing, sew the two pieces together at one short end.

Fancy Christmas Apron 26

Hem the sides and bottom by turning under ¼” and then another ¼”.  Sew and press.  Sew a long gathering stitch across the top (raw edge) and pull one thread to gather into a ruffle.

Fancy Christmas Apron 27

Arrange the gathers of the ruffle to fit the bottom edge of the apron.  Sew the ruffle to the bottom of the apron and press.

Fancy Christmas Apron 28

If you don’t have a serger, you can use a zig zag or any finishing stitch on your machine to control raveling.

Lovely! Bring on the holiday cooking and parties!

Fancy Christmas Apron AFancy Christmas Apron Back Ties
Fancy Christmas Apron C Fancy Christmas Apron Pocket Detail







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