First Day of Pre-school

September 4th, 2014


Look at my handsome, happy, capable PRESCHOOLER! He’s not a toddler anymore, definitely not a baby, but a real big boy. I cannot believe that he’s old enough to go to preschool. I hope that he thrives, and learns, and grows so much from this experience.


I just can’t believe that 3.5 years have passed since he was that tiny baby in my arms at the hospital. Somedays it seems like yesterday and some days when we’re wrapped up in the wonder and busyness of today, it seems like too long ago to remember.


All I know is that it’s been the best 3.5 years of my life. He’s such a light to me. The sun that wakes me up in the morning, and the moon that makes me marvel at the world at night. Whether he’s driving me crazy with requests for more snacks, or looking up at me with wonder, he’s always my little buddy and completely connected to my soul.


I’m so happy that he’s growing and learning so much, but I am also sad that this brings a new chapter in our lives where he wo’nt be around all the time and we won’t all be together as a family most of the day, like we used to be for so long. I’m going to miss him. But I’m excited to watch him turn into the person he’s supposed to become. Go get ’em Ollie!

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