Creative Ways of Using Your Paper Stash

August 20th, 2014

Hi everyone, Samantha here with my first blog post for Jen Allyson Digital Designs. I am so excited to share a few of the techniques I used on one of my most recent pages featuring Jen’s beautiful Truly Madly Papers and Flourishes.


Idea #1: Create a cut out in a paper layer by using shapes. It’s a great way to add interest and a little dimension to your layout. Remember to add a shadow – just a small one – the paper with the cut out.



Idea #2: Want to use a lot of papers, but don’t want them to overwhelm the layout? Create paper strips! Use the Rectangle Tool and clipping masks to create just the size paper strip that you want.


Idea #3: Stack your papers at different angles and sizes! Not only is this another great way to add a lot of papers to your layout, but you can also highlight papers with stronger or more bold patterns by having them peek out from behind more neutral patterns or colors. The little pop of color that the bolder papers add will really drawn your attention in to the layout. If you look back at my finished layout (at the beginning of this post), you’ll see the red poppy paper just peeking out in a few places, and the triangle design, too. These stronger colors are balanced by the more neutral smaller designs on other papers.



Idea #4: Reduce the opacity on one of the papers to make it appear as vellum! By creating your own vellum look, you open the door to so many opportunities to extend your paper stash. Think about it for a minute. Create a small rectangle instead of a longer paper strip (from idea #2, above), just a small one, clip a paper and reduce the opacity (of the rectangle layer) … voila! Washi tape!


I hope these ideas will inspire you to stretch your paper stash a bit further. Are you game for a challenge? How about grabbing some papers from Jen’s digital scrapbooking kits (and she’s got all tastes covered, from the traditional to the graphic to the floral), and incorporating one or more of these techniques in a papers-only layout? That’s right, no elements, just papers.

Happy Scrapping 🙂


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