Creative Office Gallery Wall and Burlap Canvas Project

July 15th, 2014

I’m so excited about my Michaels Makers project this month. A few weeks ago I received a surprise package in the mail. I opened it up and it was full of so many fun “raw” items from Michael’s new RAW BAR line of products. I love all things burlap, so I was drawn to the 6×6 burlap canvas and immediately knew what I wanted to create.


Since we just moved into our house, all our walls are bare. This little burlap canvas was just the push I needed to create a gallery wall in my office.


When I saw the canvas I knew I wanted to use the Hazel & Ruby stencil masks because they are pretty much the easiest way to make cute crafty projects.  I had a sample of their brand new “cut your own stencils” and used is to cut this “Joy” (that I hand-wrote on my computer and turned into a digital cut file) on my Silhouette cameo.


I placed the stencil mask directly on the burlap (it’s adhesive on the back), pressed around the edges to keep the paint from bleeding, and then painted over the “Joy” using a white acrylic paint.


Then all I had to do was peel off the mask, and there you have it, an adorable little canvas and the burlap is pretty much perfect for any decor. How easy was that?? Hardly any work at all.


Okay lets move onto the gallery wall. So my office had nothing on the wall, just a big white space waiting to be decorated. Inspired by this little burlap canvas, I gathered things from around the house, old frames, picked up more items and frames from Michaels, and even painted a few things. This is what I put together:


Each of the items on the wall has a story. Spencer drew this illustration of San Francisco for me 5 years ago when we lived in San Francisco.


These two prints are prints that I designed that are available in my Etsy shop. I love them because they inspire me to dream and believe in myself. gallery-wall-2

I’ve been searching for a great place to put this stag. As I was placing things up on the wall, Spencer ended up breaking the back of this stag mount. So in order to be able to hang it, he had to cut a plaque out of wood and adhere it to the plaque. We both love it way more now, and the funny story about how it got this way. Also I love that Spencer was able to hand make something for my gallery wall.


I’ve been carting around this big white canvas for more than 5 years now through at least 5 moves, and as I was assembling this wall, I knew it would be a great focal point. So I pulled out my trusty gold foil paint and hand-wrote “truly madly deeply” on it. I love that it’s just a simple piece and took only a few minutes to make.


This gorgeous monogram (N for our last name) made with a laser cut monogram and filigree turned out so much better than I could have imagined.


And here is a simple watercolor pattern that I painted just for this wall to bring some color to the space.


Everything came together so well and showcases so many things that hold meaning to me. It’s the perfect space to get my creative juices flowing.


Michaels is debuting their Raw Bar line of products on August 8th, I can’t wait to see what additional items they have in this line for lots more projects around the house. 

Raw Bar Logo

Here are all the other Raw Bar projects this month from the other Michaels Makers:

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9 responses to “Creative Office Gallery Wall and Burlap Canvas Project”

  1. Annick says:

    Hey there Project Girl!

    I found your page because I’ve been browsing Michael’s website for the past few hours and just as I was getting ready to sign off I discovered the entry about Raw Bar. Out of all of the Michael’s Makers, I was immediately drawn to your pic because it said your project had burlap in it…and I saw picture frames.

    1st of all I’ve been DYING to do something with the zillion pictures (in frames) that I ALREADY have, as well as doing something with the many posters that I’m GOING to frame. I have 2 empty walls in our front room, and I keep telling myself that I’m going to make some sort of gallery. Seeing your wall may just give me the push I need to get it started.

    2nd…I LOVE LOVE LOVE Burlap!!! I was JUST in Michael’s yesterday buying a burlap covered journal (with natural craft paper pages) so your little burlap project really caught my eye.

    I can’t WAIT to see Michael’s new Raw Bar line…I tend to buy and collect a LOT of “natural” materials. I guess it mirrors my personality: simple, down to earth, no additives or preservatives (LOL!)

    Anyways…I can’t wait to dive into your website when I get back. Running up to Michael’s to stock up on their newest sale items!! 😉

    Have a great day and I will DEFINITELY be back!!!

    Thanks so much!!

  2. Jen Allyson says:

    Thanks for the sweet comment! I’m glad that I could inspire you to (hopefully) get your gallery wall done once and for all! I highly recommend the 3M Velcro picture hangers because it’s so fast an easy to hang stuff up and not permanent incase you end up not liking the arrangement etc. I can’t wait to see the rest of the Raw Bar stuff too! It was fun getting a sneak peek, but I’m sure they’ll have tons of gorgeous burlap, wood, and cork items.

  3. Showed my daughter your website. She was as blown away as I always am. She was impressed that I know you. But then so am I. 🙂

  4. Jen Allyson says:

    Awe you are both so sweet!

  5. […] of the project I’ve been working on is my art gallery wall above my office […]

  6. aisha zeshan says:

    Hi Jen,

    Absolutely LOVE every single piece here! Brilliantly arranged, and of course more beautiful because of your personal story behind each piece. Your page on etsy is just as amazing! Continuing my browse there, and looking forward to visiting back here for more!

  7. aisha zeshan says:

    p.s. what kind of gold foil do you use? I’d like to try some out. Please let me know what you’d recommend. Thanks!

  8. Jen Allyson says:

    Thank you so much Aisha!

  9. Jen Allyson says:

    For the paint or the prints?

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