Michaels one-click projects – 4th of July Party

June 13th, 2014

I was recently asked to be part of the Michael’s Makers team of bloggers, which basically means that I get to create and post projects on my blog once a month for Michaels, and I get to be part of a talented group of crafty women. I was thrilled to be asked to be part of this team, but when I saw what an amazing group of bloggers they assembled I was blown away that they asked me.
This month I chose to create these cute 4th of july projects with the help of the new Michaels.com one-click projects feature (which is ingenious).
Michaels just recently launched their new online shopping website (long awaited for internet shopping junkies like me). One of the best features of their new site is the Projects section, where you can see projects and, with one click, add pretty much all the items needed to your shopping cart. Brilliant.
Surfing through the projects available, I came across a ton of great holiday projects, including many 4th of july themed projects. And because I love to plan a good party, my two favorite projects were these USA Mini Cupcakes, and Silverware Holders.
I was able to easily add the items to my cart and then I only had to buy a few more items to be able to tackle these projects. 
Like a cake mix, coconut, and berries! This was actually my first time making mini cupcakes. And let me tell you, I don’t think I’ll ever make regular sized cupcakes again! They are so cute, and each cupcake uses like 1/3rd as much batter as a regular cupcake, so you get a bajillion cupcakes out of one cake mix. Perfect for my two little boys (the size, not the quantity hehe).
 I also love that part of the project is displaying the cupcakes in the cupcake tin. So if you are taking this to a party, not only can you make several trays worth out of one cake mix, you have a super easy way to transport and display them.
Did I mention how quick and easy this was? For the coconut, I recommend icing one cupcake at a time and then dipping in the coconut, and then placing gently back into the tin. I also baked my cupcakes the day before – which you don’t have to do, but my tin was definitely cooled down by then.
These turned out so cute, I love desserts that are also decorations. And speaking of decorations, everything I used for this little mini party set up was so quick and easy. More about that after I talk about the cute utensil holders.
I’m so glad I found this project for the utensil holders. In all my party craftiness, I’ve displayed utensils a hundred different ways, but I’ve never put them in a bag. This was so quick and easy, I just used a glue runner to put glue on the ribbon and then wrapped it around the bag. Stuffing in the napkin, utensils, and straw was just as easy, and in the end you have a really cute display of utensils that look so fancy. I also love how the bags are kraft and feel very summer barbecue-esq.
And what better way to display them, then in a vintage flour sifter with a red handle?! I knew buying that sifter would come in handy one day!
All of my decorations are also from Michaels. I found the cute little mini fans there – 5 in a pack! The cute red/white/blue star confetti, the flags, and the patterned bowls were all in their 4th of July holiday section. Just a few little details make all the difference for a party display. And my favorite part of the decorations, was this mini bunting banner (bunting bunting??) that I made.
I found a roll of red/white striped crepe paper streamers also at Michaels. I didn’t know how I was going to use it, but I knew it would be perfect for something. I got it out and started playing around with it, and got the idea to do a little patriotic bunting.
To make the banner, first I cut a little rectangle of card stock about 1″ wide by .75″ tall, then I covered the rectangle with about 4 large glue dots (not hot glue, just a roll of glue dots). Then I cut an 8″ length of the crepe paper and gathered it along the top creating a semi-circle. I pressed the semi-circle down on the glue dots, making sure to get as much of the crepe paper to adhere. I used a small glue dot to stick the star confetti in the center. I cut some jute the length of my 5 finished buntings, and then used 3 glue dots on each bunting to adhere it to the jute, folding over the tops of the semi circles to cover the jute string.  I just love how it turned out, I think it ties in everything nicely.
 I had a great time making fun stuff and getting all prepped for 4th of July. If you have time, check out the new Michaels website. It works from your tablet and smartphone too! Maybe you’ll find a project that inspires you and you wont even have to leave the house.
You can also check out what’s trending on Michaels Pinterest page by scrolling through the “Favorite Pins” section.
And if you’ve made it this far… your reward are some Outtakes With Ollie! I set up my mini party at night while he was sleeping, but took the pictures the next morning. As I was taking pictures, Ollie comes in the room and says, “WHAT the heck IS this?!!… THIS… IS… AWESOME!” hahaha so cute. Then he said “Mom, take a picture of me with the cupcakes!” Such a cutie!
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  1. Super cute ideas Jen!! Love Ollie : )

  2. libbywilko says:

    Love the desserts too, they look scrummy!

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