CHA 2014 – My Mind’s Eye booth- photo heavy

January 11th, 2014

CHA is the Craft Hobby Association trade show held annually in Anaheim, CA. The company that I design scrapbooking products – My Mind’s Eye – has a booth there, and I usually attend with them and help plan/decorate the trade show booth. At the trade show various craft companies release new products and write orders with various vendors and retailers.

With that intro… I flew into LAX on Thursday with a few designer friends, and we headed straight for a fun day in Santa Monica.


Which, awesomely, included the ferris wheel on the Santa Monica Pier.  Looking at this gorgeous beach and ocean view.


I even took a selfie from way up high.


We also ate a ridiculous amount of italian food. Calories don’t count on work trips, right?

The next morning I was up and at the MME booth. I put together the product boards, and hand-painted a lot of illustrated gold frames.


Here’s a closeup of me painting away! My back was killing me after I finished.

CHA2014_frames5_theprojectgirlBut my layout wall turned out awesome! I love this idea and I’m totally going to do this somewhere in our new house to put layouts up and also kids artwork.


This is the whole wall (missing 2 layouts). Love it!


Okay so a few quick shots of the new product that I designed:

Charmed – Record it – mini line. This has a journal card pack, framable 8×10 art pack, a 6×6 pad, washi tape, and enamel dots. All gold and shiny. This line just makes me want to roll around in the gold goodness. 

I also have a big line being released called Now & Then. This line has 4 color schemes – a little something for everyone. And was designed as a sequel to my popular Stella & Rose.

Here is the Izzy colorway. I love the orange and green in this line, and it even has some metallic silver. Great for boy layouts… and since I have 2 boys, I’m always trying to represent. CHA2014_nowandthen_izzy_theprojectgirl

The Dorothy colorway is bright and fun with magenta, teal, and a metallic bronze accent color. I love the flair and the mixed bag skus.CHA2014_nowandthen_dorothy_theprojectgirl

The next colorway is Mildred. My favorite of all the four. Even though I have boys, pink is still my favorite color. This one has gorgeous gold accents. CHA2014_nowandthen_mildred_theprojectgirl

And lastly, Milo with greens, blues, yellows and silver accents. Another great line for boy stuff. I love the silver anchor paper in this line.CHA2014_nowandthen_milo_theprojectgirl

Here’s a closeup of the flair and enamel shapes in the Izzy color way:CHA2014_nowandthen_theprojectgirl

Lets get back to the booth for a minute… Here’s the My Mind’s Eye sign that I painted last week. And our cute back table display.CHA2014_mymindseye2_theprojectgirl

I love the homeyness of the booth. Something so comforting about it.CHA2014_mymindseye_theprojectgirl

My Friends Gennifer & Jeryn created the adorable banner using the Now & Then line. CHA2014_booth_mymindseye_theprojectgirl

Cute details including gold mason jars and a gold counting machine. We might have gone crazy with the gold spray paint!

And the whole booth from afar. Come sit and chat!CHA2014_booth_theprojectgirl

I can’t forget about our adorable gold pillows! I need these for my house!

All of the Record-it lines have frame-able art in them, so we decided to do a real frame wall showcasing some of the cute artwork.

It turned out so cute, I might have to do the same thing in my house. All the frames were spray-painted for consistency.CHA2014_frames_theprojectgirl

And here are the two frame-able art pieces from my Charmed. CHA2014_framedart_theprojectgirl

Lost & Found Record it was released a few months ago, but this is the first show where it’s being displayed. I am so in love with this line and all the sparkly glitter.



The rest of the Record It lines are displayed on our columns.


From top to bottom, Follow Your Heart (by Rhonna Farrer):

All Things Chalk:


Pretty Things (by Juliana Knipp)



The other column from top to bottom:

Here is Happy (by Celeste Knight):CHA2014_hereishappy_theprojectgirl

Charmed (by Jen Allyson (me!))


And Just Splendid (by Gennifer Bursett)


And then finally we’re releasing a Chalk Studio 2 with some cute bright colors!


Thanks for taking a quick peak at our booth and new releases! I’ll work on getting my day one pics uploaded and posted soon!

2 responses to “CHA 2014 – My Mind’s Eye booth- photo heavy”

  1. Jen – first, LOVED the work you did with the MME booth. It was one of THE best at CHA. Second, calories NEVER count on trips – business or otherwise. Third, I had a fabulous time meeting you and getting to talk with you. Thank you for being an inspiration, both in the crafting community and with home improvement ideas! You are a rockstar! 🙂

  2. Jen Allyson says:

    Awe thanks Krissy!! And thanks for commenting on my blog. Now that you’ve done it once, you’re going to be addicted… I just know it.

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