The Project House – Construction Week 17

December 27th, 2013

Even with this week being Christmas, a lot still got done on the house (mostly due to Mr. Project working at the house every day except Christmas).

Doors were mostly installed we have 3 different styles in the house. Here is a narrow 3-panel door looking all fly. This is the “media closet” in the family room. I just love long narrow doors. 

All the 6’8″ doors in the house are this 1-panel style. Super simple and a nod back to the early 19th century. They are going to look beautiful all painted up and with pretty door knobs.


I wanted light to flow through the hallway. So I had a skinny french door made for the reading room. Right now it has a film on it to protect the glass. but after everything’s painted, the panes will be clear and really let the sun shine. We have 3 sets of these in the house and I love how much character they have.


Mr. Project has been HARD at work on lots of finish carpentry projects around the house. Each of these could warrant a blog post, but things are moving so quickly, I think it would be impossible to keep up. So we’ll get a quicky update post now, and maybe after we’re moved into the house,  I can break down some of these projects into individual posts.

After the drywall was done, the first thing he tackled was the fireplace wall in the Family Room. This was one project that I didn’t expect to do until after we were moved in. But because of how it’s all put together, it was best to get it done now before paint and flooring.


This truly was a massive undertaking. I wanted him to plank the entire wall. But I didn’t want the perfection of MDF, I wanted the character of wood. The knots, the grain lines, to make it feel like a very organic space. So he bought rough lumber, planed it all, and cut it down to size – this part alone took nearly an entire day. AND it’s kind of silly, because I’m going to paint the whole thing. Which is sad… it’s so beautiful all natural wood. But we are planning a similar style for the upstairs fireplace that will be natural wood, so I didn’t want repetition there.

theprojectgirl_mantel_detail_shelvingWith all this work, Mr. Project was lucky to have some help from my Brother-in-law and one of our new neighbors for parts of this project. Even with all the help, it took him a good 3 days to finish.



He mitered all the corners (making the job twice as hard), and hung all the planks. I designed the space to have recessed shelving and the cabinets below were specifically designed to house subwoofers and AV equipment for the TV.

Because of the speakers, we decided to do a mesh inlay for the cabinet doors to let the sound come through. This is the rough-stage that the cabinet doors are at, but you can get an idea of the final look. There are 2 doors, with 4 mesh panels. 

The cabinets and shelves will be painted white, and the planking will be a light/mid gray color.  Here is a far-away view of the room, and you can also see the start of the Room Dividers (ala our last house) that will be going up.


Once all that work was finished, a haggard Mr. Project moved onto the next project… paneling out the reading room bench.


I wanted the space to feel special and enclosed, and now it totally does. He built the entire thing out with MDF, and used kind of a different technique to build the bench. I’ll see if he wants to blog about it once things settle down. I just love how it turned out and how phenomenal it looks (especially in person).

I’m just going to take a little break from talking about this week, to jump back to next week. I didn’t get a picture of the guest room closet for last week’s update. So here’s how that turned out. Nosing is still needed, but otherwise it’s done.


And I didn’t get great shots of the master closet either. So here’s 2 in-progress shots. There are 16 drawers in here!theprojectgirl_closet2

It will look even better once all the nosing is up!theprojectgirl_closet1

Okay back to this week… We got the V-groove Tongue and Groove delivered. This is for several ceilings in the house, and I’m so excited to see that unfold. 

And almost last but not least… After the reading room, Mr. Project went to work on the Linen Niche. I die.


He pre-built the cabinets, and just needed to fit and install them. Then he planked the space in between with the backside of left-over flooring from our last house, and added the “floating” shelves. All thats left is a piece of crown molding at the top.  It is just spectacular in person. Really I have no words to describe it. And the sad part is that it’s in our hallway so there is no way I’ll ever get a really *great* photo of the space. I guess it’s just something that needs to be experienced. This is also going to be painted. I’m currently thinking an ice aqua color… but not entirely sure yet.

Okay really last – I can’t believe Mr. Project has done all of this in just a week. He’s more amazing than words can convey and just as hard working. The door paneling that I mentioned last week. He had to wait for the doors to be installed, but then finally was able to make our vision come to life. I just love how they turned out… of course I haven’t seen them in person yet… but I will today! They are going to be so cool with the light in the ceiling and of course all painted white with a black door.

theprojectgirl_recessed_doorSo that’s this week’s update. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next 7 days! It’s amazing to see it all start to come together, and all the little details that we imagined – that set this house apart from so many others.

These next few weeks are going to be incredibly exciting. So stay tuned to my blog for weekly updates. Also I update my Instagram and Facebook page nearly every day with happenings at the house. So add me if you’re on those platforms and want to see it all come together.


3 responses to “The Project House – Construction Week 17”

  1. alicia king says:

    your house is looking so good!

  2. Jeana says:

    I can’t believe how lucky you are to have a husband who can do all of this amazing work. I can’t wait to see it all finished.

  3. christy says:

    This settles it! I’m starting my own renovation project ASAP. I’ve been fooling around with the idea, and have been reading your blog from time to time ( i love all the advice and fun projects), but seeing your renovation and the beautiful work you’re doing. I’ve been doing some research and have been looking at [redacted] to take care of some organization. I don’t want my stuff getting cluttered and in the way of all the fun stuff i want to do to my bedroom. Have you ever used anything like this? I’ve budgeted for it, but i want to know if anyone else has tried this as well. Keep up the great work!

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