The Project House – Construction Week 16

December 20th, 2013

Okay folks, things are getting REAL over here. After moving so slowly for the past 4 or so weeks, this past week has been kind of nuts. I’ve only seen Mr. Project a handful of hours, and I’m frantically shopping for final hardware, light fixtures, etc. Every hour seems like only a handful of minutes as we go full speed ahead on our last 4-6 weeks of the build.

I am now updating weekly as there will be tons to document each week. So here is the week 15 update. I’ll list all the links for the past updates at the end of this post if you want to see our progress over the last 4 months.

At the end of week 15, drywallers were feverishly finishing mudding the walls and texturing the ceilings. The siding guys were getting pretty fast but still had a few unfinished areas.

I mentioned the pine soffits in the open gables, and I was able to get a close-up shot this week:


These are all tongue and groove pine planks. They will be stained dark and weather sealed. This is one of my favorite features on the exterior. I just love how unique (for our area), and how much character and richness it will bring the front porch and the rear deck.

theprojectgirl_exterior_frontI love this side view, you can see the metal roofing, the pine soffits, and the garage features from here.



Another view of the pine soffits:


The rear exterior got Board & Batten where the walk-out basement is.


And even more exciting was the paneling that happened on our windowed bump-out:


A cool little feature that adds a little flavor to the mix of siding and board & batten. The entire exterior will be painted white – the color you see is just the color of the cement board and medex trim.

Moving to the inside… Drywall is getting closer… I took all of these shots to use as “before” shots for built-in areas of the house.

Family Room:




kitchen fireplace:

Dining area (note the ceiling texture here is finished):




The best part of the drywall was it being FINISHED. Because then, Mr. Project could get in and start installing stuff! This is the bench at the end of the hallway. It will be painted white and have a thick walnut top and an awesome pendant light above.


The boy’s closets (mirror images of themselves), were installed. Mr. Project pre-built the cubbies to save time during the install.


The master closet was a big job. Took nearly a whole day to get it in. I don’t have a final picture, but I’ll get one during the day. We had to change the master design from the original one based on some updated measurements and an attic access hole. But in the end I really like how it turned out. There are 16 drawers in here. yay for drawers!!theprojectgirl_master_closet

Here’s Mr. Project and his in-house set-up. Getting it done (like a boss!). I’m not sure that our builder fully understands how awesome he is… but they will soon enough. Everything he builds is top notch.

theprojectgirl_mrprojectThe living room has this niche that we built into the plans for a (very tall) bookshelf. Mr. project pre-built the bottom unit – which will have 2 paneled doors.


The top he built in place and lined the back with wood planks left over from our home renovation. It looks stunning in person, and once the face frame is on all the shelving, and everything is painted white, it’s going to be so striking.


I’m thrilled that he was able to get to this built-in. This is one that I thought we’d have to wait for a year before he got to it. At the rate he’s going, the only built-ins that won’t be done for move in is the mud/laundry room, the guest room window seat, and the basement hall twin bookshelves. He’s truly my hero.

Today (Thursday 12/20), we were anticipating our door delivery. All morning, I was waiting waiting waiting for news that the doors had arrived. A snowstorm came through, and I lost hope that the doors would be delivered. Almost at the end of the day though, they came through and dropped off all of our interior doors, and installed the remaining exterior doors – including this gorgeous front door that we designed:


I love this door so much. So Southern Living Magazine! It’s just so pretty and perfect. I still have to pick a paint color, any suggestions are welcome! Right now I”m thinking like a lead gray, navy blue, or dark (desaturated) teal. I’ll definitely choose from the Benjamin Moore Historical Colors for this. Those are pretty safe for exteriors, and pretty much everything else.

The interior doors were also delivered. It’s the best feeling to see items delivered that are EXACTLY what you wanted from day one. The 3-panel doors are for our 8 foot doors (we only did these in the main hallways to save $$). These doors are so elegant, and unique. They are also going to all be painted black.


Mr. Project put together this 3D rendering of the door detailing. We had all the doors recessed 18″ from the hallway to create a sort of portal or mini-vestibule. These will be trimmed out and a recessed light (or 2 lights in the case of the master double doors), will be installed above each door. They will look a lot like this:


The single-panel doors, which I also love for their very 1920’s feel, will be on all the 6’8 doors in the house. So all the closet doors and the basement doors as well. I’m still trying to decide if I’m going to paint those black or just go with white.

So that’s a week in our world. Moments moving so fast. Excitement is building as we see it come together. Having Mr. Project there working on the house is hard, but an incredible feeling to know he is personally making this home a beautiful place for us. I’m sure this next week will be equally exciting. So come back in a week to see how much further along we are. I believe the oak flooring is going to be installed, the doors, case, and base will all be installed as well as whatever else Mr. Project can get done. Thanks for checking on our progress!

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