The Project House – Construction Week 15

December 13th, 2013

It’s been a boring 3 weeks since my last update. The house feels like it’s been going at a snails pace – during this time, most of the work has been done on the outside.

Siding continued…


Board and batten over the garage door and in the breezeway that you can kind of see here:


The shingle roof and standing-seam metal roof made some serious progress.theprojectgirl_exterior2I’d say that’s getting pretty close to done on the front!



And the roofing on the back got finished up as well. Love that metal!


The brick columns were built (before it froze), and then it snowed and snowed and snowed.


The beams also were covered in cement fiber board so that they can be painted white.


They continued siding around the side of the garage.



We had 4 of these awnings installed on the exterior of the house as an architectural detail. Our siding guy is ready to be done with them though, because each of them is completely wrapped in medex (weatherproof MDF), including a “fake rake” to make it look like the rakes are exposed. This way the maintenance is greatly reduced to your standard painting.




Here’s Mr. Project inspecting the work. You can also see the faux vent at the top of the gable. theprojectgirl_exterior_side2

The rear of the garage has an open gable with more board & batten and 3 cute windows.



Another awning over the man-door out the side of the garage. This one actually has a function of keeping you dry if you’re trying to get in the garage.

And the siding continues!


And we finally hit the house again!



They’ve gotten a little further in the rear of the house, but there is so much snow, I haven’t ventured back there!

Now you’d think in all this time that a lot would be happening inside the house… no such luck. The temps dropped so much that we needed to heat the whole house in order to do the mud/tape work. But we didn’t have the gas trenched/hooked up yet. And that took some time… about 2 weeks. So the inside kind of just sat there. Annoying… but kind of nice to have a little intermission from decisions.

Finally a week ago, the heat was a go, so mud and tape started. Here’s the mud room (ha!):



The utility hallway:


The vaulted family room:


The other hallway:theprojectgirl_drywall_hall2

Master Bedroom:


View towards the master windows:


The reading room looking up to the loft space:


The pantry:


These photos are a few days old. They’ve made some progress since then and are just a little further along with mudding and sanding. Hopefully drywall will be done by Wednesday, and we can start with tile, wood floors, door install, and trim work.

Speaking of door install… we got one of our single-panel doors installed and just love it:


It’s fun to see something that is pretty close to being a final fixture in the house. A little paint and a nice door knob and thats one thing thats done! (it’s the little things that keep us going.)

Of course during this small respite, Mr. Project has been enjoying all the extra time to get cabinets done. He’s been able to build the linen niche cabinets. These gorgeous “x” doors are just amazing in person. He wasn’t too excited to build these, but we both can’t believe just how beautiful they are. They will coordinate with our front door, which also has 3 X’s.


These are the lower cabinets for the linen niche. These are done now, but I don’t have a final picture.


My very kind and hard-working brother-in-law has come down a few saturdays to help in the shop. Here the shop is quite abuzz with activity. With his help, Mr. Project was able to get all the closet cubbies and drawers built.


Including this sizable unit for my craft room closet. (cannot wait to have access to my craft supplies again!)


He built this cubby set for the playroom closet. Organized house here we come!



And I can say that with complete enthusiasm because, let me tell you, we are living in CHAOS!


We’ve got piles and piles of boxes and 25 cabinets all in this rental which was too small to begin with. No surface is free of clutter or boxes or coats. I clean several times a day, and there is just no containing the mess because nothing has a real home. I really cannot wait to unpack all of our stuff and have a place for everything and everything in it’s place. I LOVE organization, and I feel like I’m living in the most disorganized fashion with absolutely no control. It’s enough to make me go crazy. But I KNOW there is the light at the end of the tunnel. And my hourly mantra is “5 more weeks, 5 more weeks”  of course it was “6 more weeks, 6 more weeks” for about a month there while we were stalled. lol. But whatever it takes to get through without ending up in the loony bin, right?

So that was our last 3 weeks. The pictures make it seem really exciting, but we feel like we’re crawling along compared with how fast everything was before. We met with flooring subs today, and I think from this point out, things are going to go incredibly fast. I wasn’t looking forward to the holidays slowing us up, but it might be nice to have tiny breaks for Christmas and new years during this go-go-go time. Whew! We’re approaching the finish line, so fun and stressful at the same time! I’ll try to update weekly from here on out to keep up on all the little things happening.



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  1. Hi! Well, it looks like you are super busy 🙂 I just about flipped out when I saw that there wasn’t a 2014 calendar for sale. Is there any chance you are selling it somewhere else? I have LOVED it this past year and can’t find anything else like it on the web. 🙁 My fingers and toes are crossed 😉 thanks

  2. Jen Allyson says:

    I AM doing one!! I’m doing a re-design on it so it’s taking a bit longer than I planned to finish it up. I’m working on it this weekend though, so should be done very very soon!

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