Brass is back!

December 12th, 2013

If you didn’t know that gold is trending (trending BIG), then you’re probably hiding in somewhere or at least you’re not on instagram, I have to say that I might be completely obsessed myself. Of course that means that gold & shiny Brass hardware is back in style. I have been planning antiqued brass hardware in parts of my kitchen. But as much as I love gold, its a little hard for me to just JUMP back into shiny brass hardware (hello 90s!) But a little bit of warm bling never hurt anyone. So I’ve picked out and ordered a few unique hardware pieces that I’m going to use in my own home. The first three will go in my Linen Niche, and the label holder will be going on my craft room cubbies.

Now I just have to decide if I’m going to paint the linen niche white or black, and what I’m going to paint the craft room cubbies. Decisions decisions!! I’m always scared to pick out paint!

So what do you think about the GOLD trend, and how do you really feel about BRASS hardware?

1. Van Dykes – Restorers 3/8 Inch Offset Cupbord Latch

2. Amazon – Round Flush Ring Pull 

3. Amazon – Large Recessed Chest Handle

4. Amazon – Brass Label Holder 

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