The Project House Construction – Week 12

November 22nd, 2013

I cannot believe it’s been a whole month since I updated last! So much has happened in the last 4 weeks. It’s been hard to update because a lot has been internal work – electric, HVAC, etc. And so all the pictures (or lack there of) are just more framed walls. But this last week and a half, we’ve made some really great (visible) strides.

Okay let me start where I left off… All the interior walls and ceilings were framed, and the exterior including roof was all sheeted. With the roof now on, the HVAC and plumbing could be finished. The subs got in and out really fast and got everything buttoned up and ready for the 4-way inspection and then drywall.


All of our laundry dryer vents were these recessed boxes that will keep the vent hose from taking up any extra depth in the room.


While all of that was happening, the windows got delivered! Yay!







And the next day, the windows were all installed. The house really started to come alive at this point.

We tried to keep the windows interesting (but not too expensive) by having most of the opening-windows be single-hung instead of sliders. If we had more money in our budget, I would have loved to do casement windows. Maybe on our next build! We saved some money by having fixed windows for some of the smaller windows and in the dining space. Also originally we wanted black/bronze colored windows instead of white, but the price came in 2x as high as the white windows… for the exact same windows! So we went with white. theprojectgirl_windows4

(reading room)

(laundry/mud room)theprojectgirl_framing_windows

(dining section of the kitchen)

And here is the front of the house with all the pretty windows.

And the side/rear side. Just a few missing downstairs. I just love all my windows.


I was chatting with the neighbors and got this picture of the home from a slightly different angle. It looks really nice from this angle. Also if you notice, the roofing has begun – it’s not much further than this still. But all the shingles and metal strips have been delivered.

So I really should have updated at this point, my excuse is that this was a few days before halloween AND Leo’s birthday, so I was just overwhelmed getting all of that done (and I still need to post about those two events as well!!).

The next thing that happened was final framing changes/fixes. Lots of just little things here and there to prepare for the 4-way inspection. They also put up our garage door/window awnings.



Here is the garage awning going up. Apparently I didn’t take any pictures of  the window awnings. This awning will have open rakes and a metal roof.



Also in preparation for the 4-way inspection, the siding guys came and put the paper up on the house. With the windows, siding paper, and roofing paper, it really starts to take shape! This was actually the day we had our 4-way inspection, and we passed with flying colors!

The next day, on the inside, insulation started going up. We did blown-in insulation on the exterior walls, and batting on interior walls and attic areas.


And as soon as the insulation was mostly done, the drywall got dropped off.


And the fiber-cement siding got dropped off as well. 

And before we knew it, drywall was going up!


So much happening so fast… And the final result…

theprojectgirl_drywall2 theprojectgirl_drywall3 theprojectgirl_drywall4



The whole house is drywalled!! Well at least the drywall is hung. We’ve got to get doors and turn on the heat to get the mudding happening (it got very cold all of a sudden).  It really is crazy how fast we got to this point. And now it’s scary, and exciting all at once. We’ve got so much to get done, picked out, and purchased in order to get this all finished up.

Back again to the outside… we had 2 weeks of really warm weather, so they wanted to pour our concrete so it would cure without any freezing issues. picking our concrete shape etc. was pretty stressful. But I’m happy with how it turned out.


We have a driveway! and front steps! And then happy days are here… the siding installers started on the front of the house. We had them panel out the bump-outs.


And then they started hanging our siding. The siding planks are 12″ tall, it’s hard to tell here how dramatic they look, but they are really big and bold. I love them so much. I wish we would have just done siding on the whole house!theprojectgirl_siding

Under the front gable, we put board & batten.


And the siding is on the rest of the front areas, and will wrap around the side and back, with just a few accent areas to break it up. theprojectgirl_siding4theprojectgirl_siding3

This was pretty much one day of work for the siding crew. I can’t wait to see the whole thing all finished up.


So this is where we are at as of today. The weather is supposed to be nice next week, so hopefully the  siding and roofing will get finished or close to finished.

It’s amazing how much has been done in a month. And daunting how much is still left to be done. It’s so much fun to see it come together. And now I feel like it’s really going to happen and it’s really mine, but I just have to manage my excitement until we can actually move in and make it really ours.

2 responses to “The Project House Construction – Week 12”

  1. Cari Skuse says:

    That is awesome, Jen! You must be so excited seeing all your hard work and decisions coming together. It really looks great. I love seeing your updates and I look forward to more.

  2. January says:

    The house looks amazing on the blog and in real life! Its all coming together beautifully. I’m so excited to see the interior as you go, especially the kitchen and all Mr Projects handy work.

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