The Project House Construction – Week 8

October 20th, 2013

My week 6 update ended with the basement and main floor being framed, but no trusses/roof on yet. The house sat for just a few days, and then on Thursday the 10th, the trusses were delivered:


We rejoiced because we weren’t expecting them until the 15th. So awesome to save a few days in the whole process instead of lose them.

So on Friday the 11th the framers showed up first thing in the morning and started preping, and by noon they began to put them in place.


It was awesome seeing the house start to really look like a house.


And on Monday they started sheeting it all up (which is great because winter is on its way!)


The roof has this farmhouse break angle across the whole main roof and along the single car garage roof. That part of the roof is all going to be standing-seam metal. The gables, shed roofs, and awnings are also standing seam metal.


We try to not take Ollie to the construction site too often because he likes to run around and explore (can’t wait until we actually live there so he can spend his days exploring). But when we do take him, he’s just so cute, he wants to collect rocks, and go up and down the stairs. We have a giant gravel pile, and he’ll bring his digger and just play and have tons of fun in the rocks and dirt.


He was so adorable on this little ladder, but he wouldn’t look at the camera but just kept laughing because he wouldn’t look. So of course I began laughing with him. I love his little personality, and he just gets sweeter and cuter every single day.

They made quick work of the roof sheeting, and got on the shed roofs as well.


Love the detail on the side of the house – these windows are the library/reading room.

Along the back – you can’t really see this from this angle, but there is a shed roof over the dining room.


And here the front side view with the shed-roof over the transom – and you can see the roof angle change here.


Once the trusses were put on, the inside of the house looked like this:

theprojectgirl_truss_insideWe had all (well all except a few where the furnace will be) of our trusses scissored or vaulted, so that we could play around with the ceiling heights in most of the rooms. The framers were amazed that we wanted to drop ceilings and have flat ceilings because around these parts people just love vaulting ceilings and having “plant shelves” above rooms and closets. We have a few vaulted spaces, but mostly just elevated flat ceilings. After the framers finished sheeting the roof, they started in on the ceilings and the small framing details.

Here’s the hallway ceiling now framed flat:


We vaulted the kid bedrooms, and we plan on having a wood beam at the center of the vault:


The master ceiling is crazy. We weren’t expecting a huge girder truss in the middle of the room, so we had to improvise and keep it open in the front (transom) and then straight across in the back.


The ceiling in the reading room was 16 feet high, so at the last minute, we decided to take advantage of the vaulted ceiling and create a loft space above the hallway and open from the library. The space is actually really big – about 8×10 and about 5′ high. While the kids are little, we’ll probably just use it as storage, but once they are old enough to enjoy it, we can have some sort of access (spiral staircase??)and it can be a reading loft – an awesome place to just get away. Who am I kidding, I’ll probably use it as a place to get away with my kindle as soon as we move in.


Today, we walked through after a weekend of being out of town, and saw our double-sided fireplace all framed out. It looks amazing in the space. So gorgeous and the perfect size/presence in the room. I love how it goes up into the vault. I also love how it separates the family room and the kitchen, but they are still open to each other, just not all the way open.


The fireplace guys also installed the basement fireplace. I’m still working on the design of this fireplace wall. But I’m excited to see how it turns out! The whole basement is really going to be just perfect.


So after 8 weeks, thats where we’re at! The rough plumbing is all done. The HVAC in the basement is complete, and they should finish up the main floor this week. We’re meeting with the electrician on Tuesday for our walk-through… Which means that I have one day to finalize all my fixtures and placement. So stressful! I swear lighting has been the hardest part of designing the house. Every light fixture has it’s own personality and finding the ones that fit just perfectly and blend with adjacent fixtures is incredibly difficult. Oh and did I mention doing so under budget (not happening)? I’ve got most of them chosen and purchased, but there are a few spots that I’m still trying to figure out.

I imagine the electric and HVAC will be done and we’ll be ready for the 4 way inspection by the end of October. And November will bring drywall! Which also will bring trim work and built-ins (Mr. Project get ready!). And while all that is happening, hopefully roofing, and siding!

Now that the ceilings and roof are in, it’s really starting to feel real. Now that I can see and feel all of the rooms, I can imagine living there and really see in my mind how the spaces come together. Everyday I’m so excited by the progress, but also stressed about what we need to get done and all the decisions leading up to being done. And pretty much no matter what we do, this home build is just FLYING by.


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  1. Mary R says:


    I love all the progress photos. When we built our house years ago it was stressful but something I would love to do again. Just putting on our master bedroom/bath/office addition was right up my alley.

    I love the ceiling height as well – after living with vaulted and high ceilings for years I think I would be claustrophobic living in a normal house.

    Excited for you!

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