The Project House Construction – Week 6

October 6th, 2013

My week 4 update ended with the main floor framing being completed, and the garage framing started.

We are still waiting for our Trusses to come in (hopefully this week), however, The front and rear gable are all stick framed in:



And the garage is now framed up as well.


From the inside of the garage you can see Mr. Project’s shop (kind of hidden back in the breezeway)


Also all of the internal walls are all framed out. This is a view of the main hallway.


A view into the family room and kitchen. If you look close you can see PLUMBING sticking out of the ground.


Pretty much all of the plumbing is done. now, just have to put it through the roof once all the trusses are on.


The plumbers even got all the bathtubs in – here’s our master soaker tub and they did a dry fit with our beautiful bath faucet (that we got for a killer deal).


And my pretty view out the windows above the tub:


Here’s the kid’s bathroom bath installed as well. It’s so fun to see actual stuff in the house!


The entry space looking towards the front porch (which they should pour tomorrow).


A cool shot of Mr. Project’s Office – all the studs are supporting the ceiling while they pour the concrete over the top. We call this the Sketch Bunker.

This week we also got our window wells for the front part of the basement. We only have 3 windows that are buried!


Thats pretty much the progress on the house itself. Tomorrow should bring concrete pouring of the deck/porch areas, and HVAC starting in the basement spaces.  We’ve measured for all of our cabinets and built-ins, so I’ve got a lot of final planning to do on the design front. The build is going so fast, we’re both so nervous about getting everything done/bought/picked out etc. in time! Lighting and paint colors are what stress me out the most.

Speaking of designing though, Mr. Project is hard at work building the cabinets for the pantry space. Here’s the sink part of the pantry with a pull out garbage, and 4 cute little drawers. We decided to do a V-groove style door on all the doors in the pantry. I wanted the space to feel a little bit more country than the rest of the house.


Here’s the rest of the grooved drawer fronts waiting to be put on:


And here’s the rest of the base cabinets waiting for drawer fronts:


I’ve always wanted these fancy pull-out baskets. They are perfect for storing produce, and extra perfect for a pantry space.


I’m still trying to decide what color to paint the pantry cabinets… Right now I’m back and forth between a golden yellow and an aqua blue.

Here’s some yellow inspiration photos:

 And some blue cabinets:
Or maybe I should just go crazy and do this awesome jade green:
What color would you paint your pantry if it had cabinets and open shelving?

7 responses to “The Project House Construction – Week 6”

  1. libbywilko says:

    What amazing progress! I love the bath tap and the lovely pale blue/green/grey colours for the pantry I think it would look beautiful with white dishes on the shelves.

  2. January says:

    I was driving home yesterday and I think I spotted your home. I was so excited! I can’t wait to see the progress unfold.

  3. Jen Allyson says:

    awesome! I’m sure it was our house 😀

  4. Jo Mathis says:

    Jen- are the v-groove drawer fronts and cabinet doors made from MDF?

  5. Jen Allyson says:

    Yes, Mr. Project used a v-groove router bit and 3/4″ MDF sheets for the drawer/door fronts in the pantry.

  6. Jen says:

    Does the pantry get any natural light? If so, if it gets South light I would do the yellow or blue, but if it gets North “grey” light then I would definitely do yellow. I don’t know about you but dreary grey makes me feel the same. Can’t have that in a pretty pantry! I swear we are sisters…I am doing the produce baskets as well! Love!

  7. jenallyson says:

    It has two big windows on the south-west side — plus it gets sun from the north east through the other side of the house if all the doors are open (which they should be – they are pocket doors that will mostly always be open). Are you having a large pantry? Also I am 95% sure I’m going to go with a blue. I don’t think the yellow fits in as well with the rest of the house color scheme. Just a little too warm feeling. I have a million paint samples though so I’ll test it before I make a final choice. And we are totally sisters!!

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