Halloween Decor DIY – Stenciled Tea Towel

September 14th, 2013


Being in (very) temporary housing with almost everything we own in storage it’s kind of hard to get the motivation to create projects and decorate for holidays. However, I just can’t stand the thought of not decorating at all for Halloween, Fall & Christmas. And I definitely want to do some fun (and easy) bloggy projects for my readers as well. I’ve mentioned my crafty landlady Katie who previously created a father’s day silhouette project for me. She has been so kind as to help me create projects and she’s back again with an awesome Halloween DIY project. She made this amazingly cute spooky Tea Towel which I am considering just keeping because it’s pretty sweet. Here are the few quick steps:


All you need is a Tea Towel – this one is from IKEA (awesome), a tree branch stencil (Hobby Lobby), black fabric paint and paint brushes.


Using washi tape (or any removable tape) to position the stamp just right, I carefully painted in the stencil using a small detail brush.



Once the stencil dried I peeled it off, and extended some of the beaches so they didn’t look like the stopped so suddenly.



I just eye balled the trunk, and wanted more branches off to the side so i made sure the stencil was dry and placed it over my tree so i could make some more beaches coming off the trunk.



Once it was all done I wondered about putting a saying on it like, Happy Haunting or spooky, but I loved how simple it was so i just added a small stamp from MME that said Happy Halloween!



Such a cute way to bring halloween decor into your kitchen or table.

halloween_tea_towel_11Or you could do this to a table runner, placemat, table cloth etc.

Well I hope you enjoyed Katie’s project. She also created an adorable pumpkin, and I’ll feature that in a few days.

Here’s my last year’s Halloween Apothecary Mantel and my Decopage Pumpkins DIY if you’re looking for more Halloween inspiration.

3 responses to “Halloween Decor DIY – Stenciled Tea Towel”

  1. Raven says:

    Hello! I just wanted to say hello and thank you for posting all this great design inspiration. We have a connection–our hubbies went through the Industrial Design program at the Y around the same time and know each other–and I’m really enjoying your posts. We’re building a house, too, so it’s fun to watch the progress on yours!

  2. Heidi Smith says:

    Hi Jen!
    Sorry to bother you again! I asked you a couple months ago how you treated your wood countertop in the home that you just remodeled. You told me that you used Waterlox. Do you by chance remember, was it the Original Sealer Finish? Or did you use the Original High Gloss Finish?
    Thank you so much for your help!!!

  3. Beja says:

    I just got a Silhouette. Can’t wait to try painting on fabric. And I love these Ikea towels!!!!!

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