Barn doors – to paint or not to paint… that is the question

September 24th, 2013

In preparation for our framers, I combed over our floor plan to make any last minute internal framing changes. Initially we had the playroom downstairs with just an opening instead of a door – I want to be able to hear whats happening down there – and sometimes kids get rowdy with doors. Anyway we decided to go ahead and frame it for a door and then thought barn doors would be a fun solution for when we do want to close the space off (guests staying in the room, or kids grounded from the toys!). We’ll make sure they aren’t easy to move – so a grownup has to close and open them. I still wanted a large opening, so we framed for a 60″ space. This leaves me space on each side for barn door – something like this:

west elm barn doors

(via west elm)

I personally love the pop of color that you can get from a feature like a barn door, This citron is gorgeous:

tracery interiors(via southern living)

But a subtle gray is beautiful too:

(Seattle General Contractors)

And I always say that aqua/turquoise is the answer to any question… These doors can be both playful and elegant, right?
meyer davis studio inc blue barn doors indoor interior(via meyer davis studio)

Or a lighter more beachy blue looks super fresh and homey.

(Viridian Homes)
And here is an even brighter version, which I definitely LOVE. I’d say something like this is a front runner for me:
(via slate design)
I like the boldness of the red, but don’t think I could go that bright!
(Echelon Custom Homes)

Now this is an old fire door (what I wouldn’t do to get my hands on one of those!), but it could be somewhat replicated by finding an old chippy door – or going crazy with a sander.  I love the wall in the back with the traditional green chalkboard. I can’t get away with that in our main living space… but maybe on the other side of the doors inside the playroom. Where does one even find old-timey green chalkboard paint??

via country living(via country living)

And since I’m completely in love with black painted things right now, I know a set of gorgeous black doors would really pop in the space. I’m doing all of my interior doors black though – so it’s a bit redundant. Still love it in this photo though.

(Melinda Faranetta)
And then there are all those other colors – these melon doors are so sweet, and who knows a perfectly chosen shade of orange or emerald might be just what the room needs!
But…. the house is going to be somewhat rustic – a lot of reclaimed wood. I know Mr. Project would prefer wood doors. This one is great – just simple vertical planks with supports. A barn door like this would look amazing on any wall of the house.
(Fiorella Design)
This one is framed out, and the wood is oiled to bring out all those rich hues.
(Nampa Doors)
This one is just super simple – we could use our pallet wood for it. I love how the thicknesses of the wood changes from one row to the next and how smaller pieces are patched in etc. This is probably my favorite.  Very industrial looking.
 (The Ranch Mine)
Or for something a bit more refined and stable-esque, these ones are just the right mix of rustic and elegant.
Bonin Architects & Associates)
So which doors do you prefer? I definitely prefer a bright fun painted door, but the rustic/industrial doors also get me pretty excited. I’m going to have a really hard time choosing!

The Project House Construction – Week 4

September 23rd, 2013

Construction exploded this week. I can’t believe it’s only been a week… and we even had a one day delay because of a late wood delivery. Are you ready for this…

At the end of week 3, this is what we had:


And at the end of Week 4, this is what we have:

theprojectgirl_frame10That is only 3 days of framing! 1 day of concrete pouring, 1 day of sitting around because of the wood delay,  2 days of weekend, and 3 days of framing.  This is happening so fast. it’s amazingly fun to watch the progress. The framing quality is excellent too – Mr. Project is super picky about all workmanship. We love our framers, such a nice crew, and very good at their jobs.

Here’s some progress photos starting with our concrete pour. Seems uneventful right… wrong! We had a huge rain burst (including hail) hit about 20 minutes after I took this picture. I don’t know how they did it, but the cement guys managed to smooth it out and make it work. Then the garage was poured shortly after the rain came, and another storm blew through. We stopped by again after the second storm and the garage slab was all pocked from the rain, but they managed to smooth it, and now it looks perfect. It was a nail-biting kind of day. I’m so glad it worked out in the end!


Two days later (one of which nothing got done), we went to the house at 9 am to meet with our foreman and beheld this beautiful site:


We couldn’t believe how much work they had done in just 2 hours! We also couldn’t pull ourselves away from the build and stayed to watch them put up our big steel beam (we’re going to have it exposed).


And eventually they also got up the sheeting and the trim board that goes around the joists.


And here they are dropping the joists in – these guys are crazy just walking on walls.

The next morning we stopped by around 9:30 and they had the floor all finished, and had started raising walls on the main floor.


By the end of the second day about half of the walls were framed up including my kitchen wall of windows!


And by the end of the third day, all of the exterior walls on the main floor of the house were up. And the best part is that it’s monday, so they’ll have 4 more days this week to get booking on this baby!


Here’s those windows closer up. Love the view of the golf course and mountains in the background so much!


And here is my pantry! Because of some interesting things with the trusses, we get a 12′ ceiling in the pantry (thats a lot of shelving!). So I get to also have a beautiful big window with a transom over it. I’m just going to love being in this room.


And here’s the last thing they are framing… the Garage & Mr. Project’s workshop. I’m most excited to see how this looks at the end of day tomorrow!


Here’s the front all framed and sheeted.


I really couldn’t have imagined it would be this far a week ago. It’s really starting to feel real, although I don’t quite believe it’s our house yet. I’m loving the whole process, and our builder is simply amazing, we couldn’t ask for a better experience. If it keeps moving this fast, I may have to update more often for the next few weeks!




Halloween Decor DIY – Paper Decorated Pumpkin

September 17th, 2013


Katie made another cute halloween project for my blog. I provided her with the My Mind’s Eye Happy Haunting line, and she did all the magic to make this adorable pumpkin! The best part is that she started with this crazy green pumpkin that she bought on clearance last Halloween.


I got the pumpkin from the 80% off sale at hobby lobby last year, spent $1.80 on it, knowing i wouldn’t keep it green. In preparation for decorating the pumpkin, I painted it black



The stem wasn’t big enough to wrap ribbon around so I cut two holes to fish the ribbon through.



Then I grabbed all the cute MME Happy Haunting papers & embellishments and played around with them a bit.


I decided to keep it simple and cut strips of the striped paper and wrap them around the pumpkin.


I used the enamel brads to stick the strips down with. and just fanned out the paper till i covered the whole pumpkin.



I put some hot glue on the bottom of the pumpkin where the stripes fell so they would stay down in place.


I wanted to decorate the top so I got some Basket Box and Bag shred from the Dollar store, and hot glued it to the top for some fun texture.




For the tag i just found the skull base that i wanted and just started adding from there, all MME stuff from the Happy Haunting line.


Then I assembled it all and tied the ribbons up top. A super simple project, but an beautiful halloween decoration.


Thanks Katie!! I adore this pumpkin and just had to place it on my Halloween table:


Here’s the rest of my table – This will probably be my only Halloween decorations this year due to our temporary housing situation. But next year I’m totally going all out!