Urban Kids Bathroom Style Guide

June 17th, 2013

In designing the house, I try to give each room it’s own personality and style all while trying to keep things cohesive. The boys bathroom I wanted it to feel simple and raw like a farmhouse, industrial, and somewhat juvenile – since it is a little boy’s bathroom. And I really wanted it to stand out as a fun/character room in the house.

Here is a rendering that Mr. Project drew up for me:

Here is the basic layout of the room – A simple Jack & Jill bathroom that puts emphasis on the vanity area.


This room has so many star features. I know my favorite is going to be a full wall of glass subway tile. I found this gorgeous “arctic ice” colored tile at BuildDirect and designed the room’s color scheme around it.


Arctic Ice Glass Subway Mosaic – BuildDirect – $8.80 Sq/Ft

I originally designed the room with one long mirror, but found a KILLER deal on this single-sized mirror from Restoration Hardware Kids. So I’ll put one of these over each of the sinks, and I’m sure it will still look marvelous.


24×34 Industrial Rivet Mirror – Restoration Hardware Baby & Kids $99 (killer deal, grab them while they are hot!)

The faucet is pretty simple, I love all things Axor and Hansgrohe – I think it will work with the sink perfectly. 

Single Hole Lavatory Faucet – Hansgrohe $126

And the sink I got at my go-to place for vessel sinks – Overstock.com. I ordered them right away though because you never know what they’ll have when you are ready to actually buy things. This is a great sink for the boys – it’s on the smaller size 16″ square, and has the fun round detail where the faucet will go.
overstock_vessel_sinkSquare Vessel Sink – Overstock.com $89

For the counter, I’m just going to have Mr. Project make a big slab countertop. It could be wood, but I may just have him do a faux wood laminate/melamine for durability.

I absolutely love gooseneck barnlights, and in red (or yellow) they are just perfection. I love the idea of bringing in a bright red barnlight as an unexpected element in a kids bathroom. Gooseneck lights are crazy expensive though! I just don’t know if I can justify $400 in lighting for this room. Here’s two different styles from Barn Light Electric (both over $200):


Red Gooseneck Light – Barn light Electric $215

Red Barnlight Sconce – Barn LIght Electric $223

I found this one $70 cheaper – not quite so bad at $149:


Red Gooseneck Signlight – Affordable Quality Lighting $149

But I might just end up getting this really cheap $49 dollar barn light from Home Depot and Spray painting it red… anyone with me on this? No gooseneck, but close enough! Plus I think you may be able to buy the gooseneck arm and change it out.


Silver Farm Light – Home Depot $49 + can of spray paint

Home depot also has this more compact style:


Barn-style Sconce – Home Depot $41

Has anyone spray painted a metal light fixture before? How did it work out for you? What do you think I should do?

For the floor, I wanted something that required very few grout lines – so 12″x24″ tiles it is! I also love how contemporary these big slab tiles are. BuildDirect has lots of different colors, textures, and styles in this size – at amazing prices. I went with this Charcoal Gray to keep things simple. I’m using this tile for several of the tiled areas in the house because I love it so much.


Charcoal Gray Solid 12×24 – BuildDirect $2.29/SQ FT

There’s nothing quite like a simple white subway tile, but I wanted to find it in a larger more unconventional size for the shower surround. I scoured the internet for some larger subway tile, but it was all ridiculously expensive. When I stumbled upon this 4×12 tile, I was super excited! It’s elongated from the standard 3×6, and it’s a simple way to update the subway tile that I know and love. I may replace one row of the shower surround with 4″ of the Arctic Ice Glass tiles to mix it up even more. BuildDirect has this 4×12 at a very budget-friendly $1.99/SQ FT.


White 4×12 subway tile – BuildDirect $1.99/SQ FT

Well thats my plan for the boys industrial bathroom. What do you think? Be sure to weigh in on the light fixtures. I need to find some courage to whip out the spray paint!

8 responses to “Urban Kids Bathroom Style Guide”

  1. KJ says:

    I vote to paint the lights. If you don’t love it, you can upgrade later, once all the projects are done (if there ever is such a thing). Spray painting lights is super easy, one of the few things I’ve mastered. So if I can do it, anyone can.

  2. sally says:

    I recently bought this fixture from Lowes http://www.lowes.com/ProductDisplay?partNumber=269908-2121-269908&langId=-1&storeId=10151&productId=1240043&catalogId=10051&cmRelshp=req&rel=nofollow&cId=PDIO1 because I didn’t want to pay barn light prices. My DH is a custom automotive painter and he painted the light kandy red for me and it’s fabulous. I love it because it’s got a clear coat so it’s extra shiny!

  3. Jen Allyson says:

    Thanks Sally! Maybe I’ll end up going with something like that. Killer price! I’m sure your’s looks awesome.

  4. Patricia says:

    I had a very dated gold chandelier with lots of crystals in our dining room. When we renovated I spray painted it rusty brown. Love it with the crystals. Painting it was no problem.

  5. Jackie says:

    I say, go with your gut. Because you are pinning, you are obviously just like the rest of us, you have a desire to design on a budget. I personally like the Barn Style Sconce from Home Depot and spray paint. You could always change the color later and if you decide to change the style of the bathroom, you won’t have that much invested. Last but not least, you won’t be compromising style for cost.

  6. Lion says:

    I’m a little partial to Barn Light Electric because the gooseneck lighting is American made. DIY is cheaper, but if you don’t have an automotive painter to give it a properly sealed finish it can end up looking, well, cheaper.

  7. Jen Allyson says:

    Great to know on the American made! I think I may end up splurging on these after all!

  8. Jen Allyson says:

    Lion, I did end up going with the BLE ones because they are american made. Thanks for the info!

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