Custom House Renderings

May 1st, 2013


We’ve been busy working out the minutia of the house plans lately. We have to finalize everything to send off for design committee approval and then engineering so that we can get permits. Mr. Project worked on digital rendering of the house in hopes of putting our best foot forward where it comes to the architectural design committee.

V.1: We’re going all white with a dark bronze standing seam metal roof. The white is cement board siding and board/batten in certain areas. The cream that you see represents limestone veneer.


V2: We made a few adjustments – After looking at a million houses, I decided that I didn’t LOVE the full metal roof as much as I thought, I liked the idea of variation in the roof materials, so we decided to go standing seam metal on the accent roof areas, and black shingles on the main areas.  I also liked the idea of trimming out all the garages in white and just having the stone around the outsides and top.


V3: After a last-minute drop in on our builder, we decided to extend the depth of our garage. So we had to do some roof design finagling to make it happen. To make the roof not look really odd, we added a fake dormer above. Though looking at this, I’m thinking 4 24×24 windows would look better than the 3 elongated ones… I’ll have to think about that for a little bit. We also increased the height on the transom in the bump-out.

I think we’re finally there, and hopefully can submit tomorrow for pre-approval, and then next week for full-approval once it’s all engineered. That means we wont be able to change our minds though! So stressful, but fun and exciting as well. Wish us luck!

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  1. libbywilko says:

    These look great , like the new window ideas.

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