House Update – Weekly Wrap-up

April 3rd, 2013

Whew! Where to start…. So last thing I posted was our house for sale on the day we put it up for sale. And the last 5 weeks has been a blur! We got 9 offers in 2 days and only 24 hours to respond. So within the first 24 hours we accepted the first (and best) offer put on the house. We were then thrown into packing, finding a place to live, packing, deciding what we wanted to do with our future, packing, trying to tell Ollie what was going to be happening in his little world, and more packing. Not to mention working, minor repairs on the house, a few trips to good will, and planning our own going away party.

Now 5 weeks later we are *almost* settled into a rental house in Alpine Utah while we work on our plans to build our new house (can’t wait to share!) not too far from our rental. I haven’t even had a moment to wrap my brain around anything too far in the future — I’ve just been living a week (or day) at a time hoping that everything works out. But now that we’re pretty much settled there are so many decisions to make and so many things to do in the next few months. So I really am going to make an effort to blog as much as possible because 1. there is tons to blog about and 2. I would love to have a very concise record of this whole process. Also if you want to follow along, I know I’ll be updating my Instagram and Facebook even more often than my blog – so follow me there for more “in the minute” updates on our house design + build.

Ollie – He’s growing up so stinking fast! He’s so big – 99% for height at his 2 year doctor visit. He talks so much – new words everyday and communicates so well (after a few months of tantrums over not being able to communicate). He loves to read books, play with his trains, entertain his baby brother, and most of all play outside. He is so social and adores his friends and family.

Leo – He just turned 5 months old – which is my favorite baby age. Old enough to interact – young enough to not be able to move. He’s such a happy smiley baby. Loves any attention he can get and loves being in his jumperoo. He’s been sleeping great and in his very own room now – which means momma is sleeping great too!

2 kiddos – Having two is not TOO bad. I think the first 3 months were definitely the worst, but we’ve all adjusted and life has gotten much easier in the past month especially. I’m mostly in charge of Leo and Mr. Project is mostly in charge of Ollie. We always say that leo is work, but not trouble, and ollie is trouble but not work. So pick your poison I guess! I love watching the two of them interact though, and I can’t wait until they start to play together.

Rental House – We’re nearly all unpacked – but have most of our possessions in storage – so thats not a huge feat. Our rental house is nice and new, and big – though not as big as our last house so we have our “office” in the foyer space. Luckily there is a big storage room so that Leo can have his own room. Ollie is now sleeping in a big boy bed and doing GREAT- mostly due to the fact that he can’t open doors yet.

New House – We’ve pretty much finalized the floor plan, just working on some design details. We are meeting with our contractor on Thursday and hope to nail down the budget etc. I’ve been working on room elevations, and Mr. Project has been doing a massive 3D model on sketch-up so that we can see every surface of the house before we even break ground. Its tons of work, but it’s so much fun to work creatively on such a huge project. Here’s a snapshot of the laundry room elevation. Did I mention that we are excited?



4 responses to “House Update – Weekly Wrap-up”

  1. Nancy Wyatt says:

    Sounds awesome!! Looking forward to following your journey!

  2. libbywilko says:

    How exciting ! Can’t wait to see how the plans and building progresses.

  3. Marcy says:

    Please share. We’re at the beginning stages of a process very similar!

  4. alicia king says:

    hey jen! you ARE in UTAH! whooo hoo! so excited for you!

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