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August 27th, 2012

I’ve had a few people ask for some sort of weekly schedule to organize all the carpools and before/after school activities and/or child care situations. I know a mom of 4 who is just constantly on the go when school starts taking kids to and fro and making sure everyone is accounted for and taken care of. I can’t believe how incredibly complicated her weekly schedule is! Of course when dealing with such a complex schedule, it’s hard to make a one-size fits all type of schedule form. So I tried to simplify as much as I could. I created 3 columns – Carpool schedule, Before school schedule, After school schedule. If only one or two applies to you then you can cut off the others and just keep your weekly carpool schedule in your house binder. You can also fill this out and keep a standard weekly schedule in place – or you can print one out weekly to make sure your on top of all the variations in schedule during the week. Hopefully keeping it simple means that it’s a workable form for most anyone who has a lot to do during the school week.

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Click on the image above to download a PDF version of my printable carpool schedule. The downloadable PDF in this article (and across my entire site) is free for personal use only. If you would like to blog about this free download, please accompany any images from my site with a credit and link back to this article. As a courtesy please do not link directly to a downloadable file but rather to this page. At this time, no customizations of this or any of my forms are available. Forms are a free download AS IS. Also since you’ve made it this far, please subscribe to my RSS feed and facebook page so you can find me again! And don’t forget to tell your friends!



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