MME Release – The Sweetest Thing

August 11th, 2012

My newest scrapbooking line just debuted at CHA Summer and I am completely in love. I got my package of all the goodies this week and just wanted to unpack it all and go swimming in it! The line is called The Sweetest Thing and is manufactured by the fabulous My Minds Eye. I have to say that it is some of my favorite design work that I’ve done. There are 4 different color sets and I took bunches of pictures, so enjoy all the crafty eye-candy!

Here’s the first set: Honey

Each set has these awesome new enamel dots. They look just like candy and I am completely head over heals in love with them! It’s taking all my self control to keep from putting them on anything and everything around the house.

There are also layered stickers, so cute!

And of course our famous brad cards.

Some cool printed wood + chipboard buttons.

And we can’t forget the titles, label stickers, chipboard, word stickers, stamps, tape, and crocheted doilies!

And if that wasn’t enough… there are still 3 more color sets! See I have been busy!



Tangerine: (love these papers!)

Whew!! What did I tell you… tons of pics! And I cannot forget to show you the matching washi tape:

How fun is that!? Now that you’ve seen most of it, what’s your favorite color set and embellishment item? I’d love to know what you think!

 I’m going to have a big give-away on Monday so that you all can play too! So come back then for a chance to win some of this awesomeness.

And be sure to check out the MME blog for lots of creative ideas on how to use this product. Also if you have already gotten your hands on some of it, I’d love love love to see your projects. Please post a link in the comments section!

27 responses to “MME Release – The Sweetest Thing”

  1. judi says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. The colors are lovely!

  2. MamaBug says:

    Gorgeous, Jen!

  3. Tina Walker says:

    Jen! I LOVE these collections…I can’t stop playing with them. Probably some of my all-time faves!

  4. Kate Cannon says:

    I love them all, but if I had to pick one, it would be the honey. I really like all the tiny elements.

  5. Sandy H. (slcspagirl) says:

    I love ALL of them, but have become partial to Honey and Lavender…but that is like asking which one of your kids do you like better!!! I want them all 🙂 Great job, Jen!

  6. libbywilko says:

    Oh Jen , I love the lavender set… But I actually really like all the colours you chose. They are so pretty, <3 them.

  7. Ellen H. says:

    Can I role into the papers with you ? 😀

  8. Sarah says:

    Love all the colorways and the enamel dots are divine!

  9. Jen your so freaking talented I can’t stand it!

  10. These are so very lovely!!!! I can’t wait to get my hands on them!!

  11. Amanda M. says:

    Adore the tangerine and bluebell!! Where do I find these to buy??

  12. Jen Allyson says:

    Amanda, they carry the full line at Two Peas –

  13. alicia king says:

    love everything as always jen 😉

  14. Pauline says:

    They are all gorgeous! I think if pushed to choose then I’d pick the honey colours, but see myself being able to use them all! Favourite embellishment…’s got to be the enamel dots, I think I will need several packets….oh this could get expensive!

  15. Dolly says:

    WOWEE and YUMMY! That must be the most inspiring feeling ever! if I had that all sitting in front of me I think I would have to lock myself away and make a TON of layouts just playing! MME is my favorite, I might faint at the sight of it all in one spot like that! LOL

  16. Sue Antonelli says:

    I Love your look. I’m do alot of crafts, I’m an artisan, I guess you’d call it and you’re things are so inspiring!

  17. Heidi S says:

    I love the washi tape-yellow, blue, grey my favorite colors right now!

  18. Leslie H. says:

    Those colors are delicious and the design gorgeous!

  19. Patricia says:

    These are awesome! love the color combinations!

  20. kori says:

    I love the doilie stamps. Honey is my favorite set.

  21. Sara says:

    Love the washi tape! its my new found love……have yet to play with it much……..think it would be very pretty on cards as an embellishment or on scrapbook pages too!

  22. Robbin says:

    I love ALL of it! I actually have a few pieces of the Lavendar line…cannot wait to use it all up…you know, so I can buy more!!!

  23. Emily says:

    OMG!!! I was drooling over your laundry room reno and then I find out that you designed my two favourite paper lines this year?! What?! Knock me over with a feather…LOL Honey and Tangerine are all over my desk right now… Honey is amazing – I’m not a pink kind of girl but the shades you chose, I just love and they mix so well with everything… Love the peony-like floral, woodblock floral, and lace… And you mixed in some mod in there too…

    Feel like I’ve just *met* a celebrity… Have to tell myself to hush now…LOL

  24. Jen Allyson says:

    You’re too sweet! I’m so gad you like the new lines. I’m thinking about using the tangerine papers as art in the laundry room. I Just have to figure out the best way to do that…

  25. Janna says:

    I am your newest follower!!!!! First off I am in love with Mr.Project…er I mean…did I just type that to the world???! 🙂 For real tho – I AM in love with your laundry reno AND the dining/living room. TO DIE FOR!!! Your house is beyond dreamy!!! But mostly I am in love with something actually within my reach like all these gorgeous lines you designed – they are so so amazing! Where can I get my hands on all those Washi tape? I’d love some asap;) Well, I’d love the whole line in every color, but seeing we just got on the Dave Ramsey budget last month I’m not seeing that happening anytime soon either, but I think I’ve got to at least get a hold some those Washi asap!! Keep the inspiration coming – it’s all lovely!! so lovely!

  26. Jen Allyson says:

    You’re too kind! I always send people to two peas in a bucket for my products because they stock EVERYTHING that I design, but other online and LSS will carry it too. Here’s a link

  27. Julia says:

    Your crochet doilies are adorable! What kind of thread do you use on them, and would you sell or offer free download of their pattern only? I appreciate and enjoy all your projects!

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