Project House Mantle Plans

February 21st, 2012

Since the kitchen has been finished, we’ve taken a little break from house projects. This has been a nice respite after 7 solid months of house projects. It’s also been nice to just enjoy the house. We love our little house and how comfortable and beautiful it is.

We’re really done with most of the work (yay!) with the exception of a few things…

The fireplace mantle.

It’s boring and was just old dirty brick when we bought the house, here’s a before:

Once we were finished with the majority of the renovation, Mr. Project took out the wood stove and primed the existing brick:

Which took a much longer time than we thought it would… and a lot more primer. Then we dove into painting it a dark charcoal gray…

And apparently decorating it for Halloween.

This is how it’s looked (minus the Halloween decorations) for the past 7 months.

But we have a vision for what we want it to look like… we want to create a big white mantle and then built-in bookshelves next to it. I drew some rough sketches, and Mr. Project translated them into this illustration:

So… if all goes well in the next several weeks, we’ll have a beautiful hearth area which will turn the existing blah fireplace into a beautiful focal point in the house.

Next up after the built-ins are the closet organizers. Right now we’re living with a $15 ikea clothes rack. I’ll be so excited when I can actually organize my closet and unpack my coats!

So that’s what we’re up to on the house. Hopefully I’ll be able to update sooner rather than later.

9 responses to “Project House Mantle Plans”

  1. libbywilko says:

    Can’t wait to see how each step of the fireplace renovation progresses , the plan looks great.

  2. LauraBeek says:

    I love the drawings for your mantle and book cases. They are similar to mine except that my fireplace goes all the way up the wall. You can sort of see them here. One of these days I’ll figure out what to actually put in the book cases.

  3. Jen Allyson says:

    Thanks Laura… now I want to put stone all up to the ceiling!!

  4. ummm.FABULOUS. i am obsessed with our mantel, it’s my favorite thing in the house to decorate!

  5. Jen Allyson says:

    I know! I can’t wait to get mine all pretty looking so that decorations can be even more awesome!

  6. Rhonda says:

    You and your husband are so talented! Got my “So Sophie” today; thanks again!!

  7. Gennifer says:

    Oh, look. Candles on the candlesticks. Bag.

    Can’t wait to see it… looks gorgeous. I think you forgot columns for the speakers, though.

  8. alicia king says:

    your house is looking good!

  9. Alex is great- a handsome lookin’ book too. I’ll have to yack about it/review it in an upcoming show perhaps (I’m doing a upcoming mini book review segment on a few books that have been sent this way- in order to hopefully toss some people the way of several VERY hardworking authors). Just shot 3 MORE episodes of the show too- now its all a matter of finding time to edit them down….can’t wait!

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