Kitchen Backsplash Reveal

January 3rd, 2012

It’s amazing how much of a huge difference a backsplash makes. After the countertop went in we lived without a backsplash for about 3 weeks. And I thought the kitchen looked pretty darn good. And then once the backsplash went up it was like 10 times better and finally felt like a finished space.

This is what it looked like when the tile guys came with their much-awaited boxes of tile:

And here is how it looks now!

The tile had to be custom glazed – which sounds really fancy – but it just means that the company that makes it is really small and don’t keep any inventory on hand. So we had to wait nearly 5 weeks to get the tile order in. The tile that we used is from Status Ceramics and the collection is Elements, the color is Borage Crackle (I hate it when I have to search all over the internet with my mad detective skills to find a source for materials). Price wise it was really affordable. I don’t know the exact cost since we paid for the marble counter-top and installation etc. all in the same invoice, but I think it was somewhere around $14/sq ft, which I think is pretty amazing for such a gorgeous tile. ** after talking to some people who have priced similar tile out – its closer to double that cost – I guess my math was REALLY bad when I looked at the invoice**

I would say that this close-up shot is more true-to-color than the others. The color has a sea-foam tinge to it though it is still decidely pale aqua – just closer to green than blue. I think it might just match the color “light silver sage” by Restoration Hardware perfectly.

Cute glass jars! (you might recognize those from my halloween display)

They did a great job on the border where we met the wall and corner.

Can I just say that I LOVE my kitchen. It’s even better than I imagined in my head and I just love spending time there… and I don’t even mind keeping it clean! And with that the kitchen is 99% done. We are still missing the glass doors on the cabinets as well as the bar stools. But for now I am completely and blissfully happy! Everytime I look at it, I still can’t believe that Mr. Project built all of those cabinets from scratch. He did such an amazing job and saved us about 85% off the retail cost of similar quality cabinets.

If you are seeing this all for the first time (or just want to take a trip down memory lane) You can see more info on the kitchen as it progressed:

Kitchen reveal with lots of old links

A work in progress update

Original Kitchen plans

13 responses to “Kitchen Backsplash Reveal”

  1. Gennifer says:

    SO gorgeous, and totally worth the wait!

  2. DoggiNo says:

    Looks amazing !!

    Are you going to seal the grouts to keep them nice and white ?

  3. Lori says:

    so pretty! I love the crackled look. We have that same sea-foam green color in our master bed/bath.

  4. Jan in Alberta says:

    Wow, Jen. It’s totally perfect. Love it! It’s so CLEAN it could be in a magazine. Make that SHOULD be in a magazine!! I’m lucky if I can find my kitchen, never mind see the countertops. =)

  5. Jen – I LOVE LOVE your kitchen. I adore your countertops and that backsplash is awesome. If I lived there, I’d be in the kitchen all the time (maybe not cooking, but I’d be still be there nonetheless!). I really want a kitchen with dark floors and white cabinets and countertops – maybe one day when we buy a house!

  6. Kaleen says:

    I just recently came across your blog through Pinterest– love love love it! So full of great ideas and tips! I scrolled down a bit and saw the most adorable pics of your little one (who I guess is not so little anymore?). I also had my first baby, a boy, last year (June) as well. He is getting too big and although we are at a super fun stage right now, it makes me a little sad. 🙂
    Anyway, I’m so glad I came across your blog! Looking forward to seeing what you have in store this year!

  7. francie says:

    I LOVE this backsplash. I actually live in Seattle and just went to a local showroom that carries this tile. They priced it at $48/sq. ft!!! I expected somewhere around $14 after reading your blog, so I was floored. Just wondering if you have more info on it or can recommend your place to call and price? Yeesh…I was excited to get it since I’m local, but not for that price. Thanks!

  8. Beth T says:

    Hi there, so I absolutely love your backsplash and I am using Status Ceramics because of you!! I wanted to let you know that the price was a lot more than $14 per square foot. It is well over $35 per square foot. for the tile. I do love it though….thanks for posting. Can’t wait for my new tile.

  9. Jen Allyson says:

    I heard that from someone else too! I guess I didn’t do math right when I got the quote! We got it all bid out with the countertop so that’s probably why. Luckily I only had to tile a small space because I’m SO IN LOVE with the tile that I wouldn’t have been able to choose something cheaper!

  10. susan says:

    Beautiful! I just found your blog looking for some Status tile images.

  11. What a beautiful installation. Great pictures also. Floor, cabinets, appliances and tile back splash all come together with great design and color choices. I hear that Status Ceramics tile company has over runs and seconds at greatly reduced prices. Call for appointment, recommended.

  12. Ryan C says:

    It’s so rare that we actually get to see our tile installed. The design is stunning and the installation looks very well done. Thank you so much for sharing photos of your beautiful kitchen–we’re thrilled to be a part of it.
    Status Ceramics

  13. Casey says:

    Hi Jen! I know this is an old post but it is new to me! First of all — beautiful kitche!!! Can you share who the vendor is that you bought your Status Ceramic tiles from? Or did you buy direct? The tiles retail at $39/sf. Even at my designer pricing, it is still $28/sf. Please consider editing your post to avoid leading people on or share your connections!! 🙂 Thanks!

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