Master bathroom sneak peak

November 22nd, 2011

It’s been awhile since my last bathroom update because all of Mr. Project’s extra energy has been going towards building the kitchen.But since the kitchen build is pretty much done, and my folks are coming to visit, we turned our attention towards the master bathroom.

The shower and toilet are working and the room is finished, but we don’t have a mirror or sinks etc. This is what it’s looked like since we moved in:

There are more pics on my Master Reveal.

And here is my original idea board:

A few things have changed in the process. And as we were drawing out the plans for the vanity, I just wasn’t feeling it. So we decided to scrap some of the ideas and go with something a bit more unique.

I liked the idea of a white plank wall, but we already had the tile, we talked about chipping out the tile, but in the end decided to keep the tile and do the plank wall above it. The sinks remain the same, but we made the vanity a more modern “floating” vanity with a wood counter and wood front. This is where we are at right now:


Not quite there, but close enough to get an idea of where we’re going. The vanity is finished, but the drawers need to be stained to match the top. The sinks need to be installed and the plank wall painted white. Also we scrapped the medicine cabinets and are now doing one long mirror to keep the horizontal flow. I’ll update with a final reveal once we’re done!

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  1. patsi says:

    too funny. i have the same exact tiles in and shower in my bathroom!

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